Link Tank: Jeopardy! Still Doesn’t Have a Permanent Host

The popular game show is still host-less, the best tips and tricks for Halo Infinite, Tom Holland clarifies his previous statements, and more in Link Tank!

Ken Jennings

We’re well into the 38th season of the iconic quiz show Jeopardy! but the series has yet to select a permanent host.

“This iconic American quiz show still hasn’t decided on a permanent host. What is Jeopardy!? Once again, Sony still has pushed off inking a permanent Jeopardy! host, announcing that interim hosts Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings will remain behind the podium for the remainder of its 38th season. ‘We are delighted to let you know that Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings will continue to share hosting duties through the end of Jeopardy! Season 38, and Michael Davies will remain as executive producer,’ the show’s producers announced via Twitter.”

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If you saw Black Widow, that surprise appearance at the end of Hawkeye probably wasn’t all that shocking, but here’s all you need to know about that character joining the show.

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“Did Marvel fans just meet a new Avenger? The mid-season Hawkeye trailer teased a mysterious figure dressed all in black with night-vision goggles, and in Episode 4, that mask was removed to reveal…”

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Spider-Man himself Tom Holland clears the air about his comments about not wanting to play the web-slinger into his thirties.

“In an interview with Extra, Holland was asked about his future now that Amy Pascal said she had more movies for Peter Parker, and he clarified his comments and went on to talk about Spider-Man as a character. ‘This is a perfect example of how to like everything you say is always misconstrued and no one actually speaks the truth,’ Holland says before going on to talk about how he wants to see other iconic Spider-Man characters take on the mantle, not that he won’t still happily play Peter Parker.”

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The Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg has reportedly been cast as the lead in the new mysterious Star Wars show, The Acolyte.

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“Of all the Star Wars shows coming to Disney+, one remains the most mysterious. It’s set in a time period most fans don’t know and it’s not about a preexisting character, at least we think it isn’t. What we do know is that the show has its star: Amandla Stenberg. Stenberg has reportedly been cast as the lead character in The Acolyte, which is being developed by Russian Doll co-creator Leslye Headland.”

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You haven’t started the campaign for Halo Infinite yet? Here are all the best tips and tricks you need to know.

“You may have spent the past month playing Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode, but the campaign, out now for Xbox and PC, is a wholly different beast. As in previous Halo games, your ostensible goal is to aim your gun and shoot at a zealous battalion of aliens. But Halo Infinite bucks precedent by throwing an open(ish) world and a snazzy kit of inspired gadgets into the mix. Here are the 27 best tips, tricks, and secrets you should know before diving in.”

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Are you looking for something romantic to watch on Netflix? Check out some of these movies.

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“Netflix released some of its best original movies in 2021, and fans of the romance genre were certainly spoiled with a range of titles to choose from. Between tear-jerking dramas to heartwarming holiday romantic comedies, here are five of the best romance movies to stream on Netflix right now.”

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