Link Tank: It’s Wonder Woman Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! We’ve got a fairly Wonder Woman-filled Link Tank to get you through the day.

As per our report, Etta Candy will be featured in the Wonder Woman solo movie, so take a moment to learn why Etta Candy is “one of the most incredible female characters in comics.”

With the Wonder Woman solo film approaching, delve into the making of the first major female superhero and “stop feeling uncomfortable with the circumstances of her creation,” which has a polyamorous history.

Throughout the decades, Wonder Woman’s look has changed. CompleteSet highlighted five action figures that are “particularly interesting and occasionally odd.”

And just in case you missed it, make sure you check out the first footage of the Wonder Woman film slated for 2017.

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Ignorant about the Oscars? Here are 10 videos that will help you get caught up on the award show’s 88 year-history.

The Chicago area is going to host a three-day festival, dubbed Ferris Fest, to honor the 30th anniversary of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Yes, there even will be a live recreation of the beloved “Twist and Shout” sequence.

While we continue to anxiously await new episodes of Sherlock, check out this short story that is one that might not be so common to find in the Sherlock Holmes universe, as Mycroft — not Sherlock — is the starring Holmes brother.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department is demanding Apple’s help to unlock at least nine more iPhones, but Apple still continues to pushback saying it would create a snowball effect on requests to unlock phones.