Link Tank: Is There a Tie For First Place at the Weekend Box Office?

The weekend box office race is in a dead heat, Chris Hemsworth on his future as Thor, why The Umbrella Academy might end after season 4, and more in Link Tank!

The weekend box office race still has yet to be decided, with the reported numbers between Top Gun: Maverick and Elvis appearing like a tie for first place.

Elvis and Top Gun: Maverick are in a dead heat for No. 1, with both Warner Bros and Paramount respectively calling each film at $30.5M for the weekend. If you boil this face-off down to admissions, box office analytics firm EntTelligence is calling the weekend in favor of Top Gun Maverick, with 2.5M admissions to Elvis’ 2.4M admissions.”

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Thor: Love and Thunder drops in theaters next week, and here are the Marvel properties you should watch in preparation for the film.

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“We’re in the final countdown to Thor: Love and Thunder! The red carpet premiere has happened, advance tickets are on sale, and there are only two weeks left until the movie hits theaters. That means that if you want to see it, but you’re not caught up on your Marvel movies, you don’t have much time left to do your homework. Don’t worry, though—you don’t have to watch the entire Marvel catalog to understand what’s going on. Here are the absolutely essential movies to watch before Thor: Love and Thunder.”

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Speaking of Thor, Chris Hemsworth says he’s not ready to put down the hammer just yet and would love to play the character for many more years.

“Chris Hemsworth isn’t ready to retire his role as Thor Odinson yet. The actor hinted that his retirement may not come so soon, amid comments of the actor claiming that Thor: Love and Thunder ‘might be (his) last Marvel movie.’ Hemsworth, who is no longer under contract with Marvel Studios, has recently told Deadline that he loves playing Thor, ‘I’ll do it until someone says get off the stage.'”

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The hidden cameo at the end of Obi-Wan Kenobi finally addresses their return to the Star Wars galaxy.

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“If you’ve seen yesterday’s finale of Obi-Wan Kenobi, there is a zero percent chance you missed the massive guest star who appeared in the episode’s finale moments. If you’re wondering what it took to bring them back to Star Wars after so long, they’re happy to explain—and why they were so happy to return.”

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If things go according to plan, Netflix’s show The Umbrella Academy will conclude its story after season 4.

“Netflix’s weirdo superhero family show The Umbrella Academy just released its third season a few days ago, but showrunner and creator Steve Blackman says the end of the show is in sight… assuming Netflix lets The Umbrella Academy go out on its own terms, rather than senselessly canceling it early to save money (as if Netflix would ever be so cruel). Speaking with The Wrap, Blackman said that he has a hypothetical fourth season all planned out—Netflix has yet to officially pick it up for another season—and after that he’s ‘not sure where we’d go.'”

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Earlier this year, Pokémon Legends: Arceus took the world by storm by switching up the classic formula of the series. Here’s why all other Pokémon games moving forward should follow suit.

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“It’s clear that throughout its 26 year-long run, the Pokémon games have maintained a level of consistency that plenty others wish they could replicate. Truth is, this steady pace comes at a cost: the low-key quality of life buffs found in every entry often fall by the wayside come next time. As the months draw closer, Game Freak should spend that remaining time looking to January’s Pokémon Legends: Arceus as the gold standard of Pokémon gameplay, particularly when it comes to harmonizing their individual systems and mechanics—and with a Pokémon Scarlet and Violet fast approaching.”

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