Link Tank: GameStop Projected to Close Up to 450 Stores in 2020

GameStop store closures, the Dune trailer explained, Nikola Motors, and more news in today's Link Tank!

GameStop is on track to closing up to 450 stores in 2020, far more than the company’s earlier projection of closing only 300.

“Retail is suffering badly due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s forced GameStop to close even more stores than it planned this year. Last year, the games retailer closed 321 stores classed as ‘underperforming’ by CFO James Bell. It followed tumbling hardware and software sales by the company, and that was before anyone had heard the word ‘COVID-19.'”

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Check out the trailer for the new Dune movie explained by someone who doesn’t know what Dune is.

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“The trailer for Dune came out yesterday, and the Internet went wild with articles explaining in minute detail every single frame and reference gleaned from those dense, dark, artsy three minutes. I, however, have never read Dune. I have never seen any adaptation of Dune.”

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AmazonBasics products are exploding and catching fire, according to a new CNN investigation.

“CNN reporters identified more than 1,500 reviews about AmazonBasics electronics and appliances from U.S. customers since 2016 that complained about the products bursting into flames, melting, causing electrical malfunctions, and other safety-related issues.”

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With Election Day just a month and a half away in the United States, here’s a look at elections that were decided by one vote or fewer.

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“On Tuesday, December 19, 2017, Democrat Shelly Simonds won a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates by a single vote in a narrow-as-narrow-can-get victory. Though a court quickly tossed out Simonds’s victory, and she eventually ended up conceding to her Republican opponent.”

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Startup car company and Tesla competitor Nikola Motors has entered a partnership with General Motors.

“Nikola Motor Company, a startup car company working with hydrogen-fuel cell technology, has announced a partnership with General Motors. The multi-billion dollar deal could radically change the future of Nikola, allowing the smaller company access to GM’s considerable infrastructure and resources.”

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From Interstellar to Inception, here are all of Christopher Nolan’s movies ranked from worst to best.

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“The trajectory of director Christopher Nolan’s career is often framed in terms of scale: bigger budgets, bigger ideas, and bigger headaches for audiences trying to untangle the plots of his increasingly convoluted puzzle-movies. In addition to shooting sequences of his action blockbusters with IMAX cameras and screening them in the 70 mm format, he’s also become an outspoken advocate for the moviegoing experience, a global pastime that’s been put largely on pause during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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