Link Tank: Fun Facts About Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands facts, why you should watch The Christmas Setup, Joe Mangeniello on Dungeons & Dragons, and more in today's Link Tank!

Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton’s 1990 movie Edward Scissorhands turned 30 last week. Check out some fun facts about this classic gothic masterpiece.

“Tim Burton’s goth masterpiece (gothsterpiece?) Edward Scissorhands is turning 30. Get your Robert Smith hair going, put on some black leather, and let’s see what you know about one of the most iconic films of the 1990s.”

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Cheesy, lighthearted, and gay, The Christmas Setup is the perfect queer holiday movie you should watch in 2020.

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“I didn’t go into The Christmas Setup thinking I would tear up. I went into Lifetime’s first gay-focused holiday romance with the expectation that it would be as sweet and heartwarming as hot chocolate, but not expecting much more because this was, still, a Lifetime movie.”

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From Among Us to The Last of Us Part II, check out I’s tribute to their picks of the best games of 2020.

“The strangest year in recent memory saw the release of dozens of genre-defining and groundbreaking titles spanning a variety of platforms. From small indie darlings like Among Us and Hades to blockbusters like The Last of Us Part II, some of this year’s outstanding games challenged us with tough questions, while others provided a comforting escape in difficult times.”

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Do you have a fitness enthusiast in your life? Here are the best tech gifts to buy for them in 2020.

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“The gift of health is truly the best gift. This gift guide has some fitness tech that takes into account the mind, body, and soul of the recipient. There’s an orb to guide meditation, some help for those who have trouble sleeping, a cycle for those who miss SoulCycle, and more.”

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Netflix’s new action-thriller Ava may not be a great movie, but it’s one that entertains fans of the genre well enough.

“While Ava might look like a high-octane gun-fu throat-punch in the mold of John Wick or Atomic Blonde, the movie is both stranger and more frustrating than its marketing material suggests. It opens predictably enough, with Chastain putting on a chipper Southern accent and picking up a man at an airport before shooting him in the backseat of her car.”

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Watch actor Joe Mangeniello answer the internet’s burning questions about Dungeons & Dragons.

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“Joe Manganiello is an actor and a huge nerd. He’s got one big love: Dungeons & Dragons. He’s very ready to talk about it, too. In a video recently released by Wired, Joe Manganiello takes on the internet’s questions about Dungeons & Dragons, putting his expertise as a dungeon master to use in a supremely entertaining fashion.”

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