Link Tank: Could The Punisher Return in the MCU?

This fan-favorite character could be making his way back into the Marvel Universe, Halo Infinite is redefining the series, Keanu Reeves has a holiday movie he wants to forget, and more in Link Tank!

We’ve heard all about Kingpin and Daredevil returning to the MCU, but what about The Punisher? Jon Bernthal weighs in on Frank Castle’s potential revival.

“It’s been nearly 3 years since Netflix canceled The Punisher, along with its entire Marvel slate of programming. And while some Netflix characters, like Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, are being reincorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, others are unlikely to join the family-friendly Disney/Marvel brand.”

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1917 star George Mackay transforms himself into a wild animal for one of the year’s craziest thrillers called Wolf.

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“It’s a Sunday afternoon, and the acclaimed British actor (1917, Captain Fantastic) is hunched over in his seat, modeling the stance of a wolf crouched down to lap water from a stream — or at least giving it his best effort. Elbows back, wrists curled, fingers bent, back arched, head lowered, and shoulders raised, MacKay has slipped into this painful-looking position with a grace that’s both astonishing and slightly alarming.”

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A new character poster for Morbius gives us the best look at Jared Leto as the doctor-turned vampire.

“It’s been a little tough to figure out just what kind of vibe that Morbius is going for. Is it a tragic tale of a doctor desperate to save his life and losing his soul in the process? Is it a solo vampire story in the modern-day, something we haven’t seen in movies in quite some time? The answer turns out to be…well, both of those, but also a bit of a throwback to the early 2000s era of superhero movies.”

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Halo Infinite might change the way we look at Halo games forever.

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“Jaime Griesemer, a former game designer at original Halo creator Bungie, famously once said that the Halo games consist of ‘maybe 30 seconds of fun’ that are repeated over and over again in new ways with new locations and situations, culminating in hours of familiar enjoyment that doesn’t necessarily repeat itself. The series’ first game, Halo: Combat Evolved, came out 20 years ago this year, and while Bungie has moved onto the Destiny games, and Halo is now run by Microsoft subsidiary 343 Industries, those ’30 seconds of fun’ haven’t changed much in the four mainline sequels and two spin-off games since.”

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You can now buy a Gucci-themed Xbox for a pretty penny.

“With over 10 million subscribers, Hikakin is Japan’s biggest YouTuber. He recently bought himself a $10,000 Gucci-designed Xbox Series X. I’m not sure which is more amazing—that he bought the Gucci Xbox or any Xbox at all. Japan has long been a tough market for Microsoft, but recently this has been changing. And now, Japan’s biggest YouTuber has purchased the super-limited, super-expensive Gucci collab Xbox Series X.”

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Do you remember the 1986 Christmas flick Babes in Toyland? Star Keanu Reeves hopes you’ve forgotten it entirely.

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“The premise was loosely based on a 1903 operetta of the same name that had been commissioned by stage producers Julian Mitchell and Fred Hamlin. The duo had pulled off a hit with a stage production of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in 1902. In an attempt to recapture that success, they hired Oz composer Victor Herbert to create the score. Their version of Babes had its characters (named Alan and Jane) navigate a fantasy land with the aid of popular (and public domain) storybook characters like Humpty Dumpty and Little Miss Muffet.”

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