Link Tank: Blue Lights Season 2 Now Available on Britbox

Check out Blue Lights on Britbox, a new Will Smith sci-fi film, Jessica Alba’s return to the screen, and more in the Link Tank!

Nathan Braniff and Katherine Devilin in Blue Lights
Photo: BBC

A favorite police drama, Blue Lights, is available to watch on Britbox, and season 2 just dropped!

If you enjoyed Blue Lights season 1 on Britbox, you can now catch more episodes on the service. About the series, co-creator Adam Patterson says, “We felt like a cop show was a really interesting and a brilliant vehicle to look at any aspect of society. You can literally go anywhere! So if you want to tell a story about a place, but more importantly about really interesting characters, the cops are a brilliant Trojan horse to go into any aspect of the city. So that’s why it really works for us.”

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The Nacelle Company has revived several IPs for their new toy collections, and founder Brian Volk-Weiss shares how he was able to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

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Fresh off the success of Bad Boys: Ride or Die, Will Smith is set to return to big screen sci-fi for the Sony adaptation, Resistor.

“While plot details are under wraps, the 2014 novel is a sci-fi thriller that follows physicist Jon Grady and his team who have discovered a device that can reflect gravity — a triumph that will revolutionize the field of physics and change the future. But instead of acclaim, Grady’s lab is locked down by a covert organization known as the Bureau of Technology Control.”

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Director Jeff Nichols was frustrated by bad reporting of behind-the-scenes release schedule changes for awards contender, The Bikeriders.

“Nichols described the process as ‘carrying this thing that’s very delicate and you want to get out in the world in the best way you possibly can.’ He remembered thinking, We’re all just trying to save this industry. We’re on the same team. ‘But that wasn’t the case. That’s not what it felt like,’ Nichols said.”

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Long absent actor-turned-entrepreneur Jessica Alba returns to a starring role in Trigger Warning, but was it worth the wait?

Trigger Warning has all the makings of a shrewd contemporary Western, as well as housing career-defining opportunities for two women spotlighting their formidable talents… Yet the filmmakers frustratingly fail to dig into the familiar territory they’re traversing. What should serve as a warm welcome for Mouly Surya (helming her first English-language picture) and a kick-ass welcome back to lead roles for star Jessica Alba turns into a congealed mess of squandered potential.”

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Stranger Things season 5 is “out of control,” according to its newest star, Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays the big bad Vecna.

“Even Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) says the final season of Netflix hit Stranger Things is totally ‘bonkers…’ Season 5 has already been teased to rival blockbuster films in terms of episode length, cost, and scale. Still, the Stranger Things universe is expanding so rapidly it can’t be contained to the series.”

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