Link Tank: The Best Star Wars Posters of All Time

Star Wars posters, Adam Sandler movies ranked, how the Hulk movies led to the MCU, and more in today's Link Tank!

Star Wars, Poster by Howard Chaykin

The Star Wars franchise has some of the most beautiful posters in movie history. Here are the top 15.

Star Wars has some of the most gorgeous posters in the history of cinema. Part of that is because of its beautiful iconography: lightsabers, spaceships, aliens, etc. Another reason is each film has been released and re-released so many times, there are way, way more poster versions to choose from.”

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Dan Levy speaks out against Comedy Central India on Twitter for censoring a gay kiss in Schitt’s Creek.

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“Dan Levy, the co-creator of Schitt’s Creek who won four Emmy Awards for the numerous hats he wore on the show (including writer, director, producer, and starring as David Rose), took issue with a clip posted on Twitter by Comedy Central India.”

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This month of horror, learn about these urban legends and the real-life origins that gave them life.

“Among the many markers of a quality sleepover, these three are paramount: lots of junk food, very little sleep, and at least one terrifying urban legend. If you grew up in Maryland, that legend may have involved a certain murderous half-goat, half-man aptly christened the Goatman.”

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Etsy has announced that its platform will start pulling down all merchandises related to QAnon effectively immediately.

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“E-commerce site Etsy is removing all merchandise tied to QAnon because the pro-Trump conspiracy theory is causing potential harm. Merchants have been selling QAnon T-shirts, necklaces, and stickers via the website, but on Wednesday Etsy said it would begin pulling down the products, according to Insider, which was first to break the news.”

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From Bedtime Stories to Uncut Gems, here’s every Adam Sandler movie ranked from best to worst.

What happened? That’s the question you may end up asking yourself when surveying Adam Sandler’s mega-successful and comedically questionable career. When the fresh-faced comedian emerged in the early ’90s with Saturday Night Live bits like Canteen Boy, ‘Lunch Lady Land,’ and Opera Man, he was the silliest, most childlike star of the show’s notorious bad-boy crew.”

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Marvel’s Hulk movies don’t have a great track record, but they’re partly responsible for why the Marvel Cinematic Universe is as compelling as it is.

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“A double feature of Hulk and The Incredible Hulk sounds like a terrible idea. It’s common knowledge neither film is a shining example of the superhero genre, and while The Incredible Hulk is considered one of the worst films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ang Lee’s Hulk is known as one of the worst superhero films ever. But together, they expose the two extremes of MCU movies, and how the Marvel learned from its mistakes to find the perfect balance.”

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