Link Tank: The Best Individual Movie Scenes of 2021

Some scenes set themselves apart in 2021, Jim Carrey was almost Buddy the Elf, Kevin James is starring in a questionable sports biopic, and more in Link Tank!

Bus Fight Scene from Shang-Chi

The bus fight in Nobody, the bus fight in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and more of the best scenes from 2021 films (not all of them are bus fights).

“Today, we’re getting a little more granular on this rapidly elapsing, pandemic-shaped year for the cinema by looking at the movies within the movies: those unforgettable moments that served to either fortify the greatness of the films that contained them or offer a silver lining for the less-than-great ones they momentarily improved. These were the best scenes of the year, and they hailed from blockbusters and indies, musicals and action flicks, our absolute favorite films of the year, and a few that just made us laugh or wince or cheer for a couple of blissful minutes.”

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Do you enjoy cleaning your house or creating a garden in real life? Probably not. So why is it so dang fun in video games like Animal Crossing?

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“Time to do a deep clean of my wardrobe, plant a prize-winning flower patch, and rearrange all the furniture in my house. Except, not really. Dishes pile up in my sink and my laundry covers the floor as I do my chores from bed – they all just happen to be virtual. Anyone who was at least a bit Online last March was swept up in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons release hype, a game that mostly consists of running about, cleaning up a whole town, getting a mortgage, and building various bits of infrastructure.”

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Do you want something nostalgic to gift this holiday season? Maybe one of these retro gaming consoles will do the trick.

“Modern video games and consoles offer a narrative experience that rivals Hollywood blockbusters, but today’s games also require a lengthy amount of time to play through. Sometimes you just want to dive into the action, and your favorite 8- and 16-bit games of yesteryear are perfect for that. Retro gaming is more popular than ever, and finding the perfect retro gaming gear can be overwhelming, so we’ve done the hard work for you.”

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Did you know Dumb and Dumber star Jim Carrey was originally eyed to play the role of Buddy the Elf before Will Ferrell eventually got cast?

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“Everyone knows the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! But the second-best way is to enjoy Elf. Revel in the giddy glow of this modern holiday movie classic with a slew of secrets from behind the scenes.”

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Netflix released the trailer for Home Team, a comedy about New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton during the season he was suspended for his involvement with the bounty scandal.

“Hands up, everyone: who out there was asking for a Sean Payton biopic? Nobody? Understood. Fortunately, that’s not what this movie is. Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions’ latest Netflix creation is the movie HOME TEAM, a comedy about Payton’s yearlong Bountygate suspension from the NFL in 2012 that he spent part of being the offensive coordinator for his son’s sixth-grade football team.”

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Sometimes games just get released before they should. Here are the most busted-up games of 2021.

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“Let’s be honest: 2021 saw a number of games get released in a pretty shameful state. None were nearly as busted as the catastrophe that was—still is?—CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, but this year’s crop of broken games was atrocious all the same. And though some eventually got patches that fixed various issues, there’s no undoing the fact that the games on this list weren’t ready for mass consumption at launch. So let’s look back, shall we, at some of the most busted games of 2021.”

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