Link Tank: Are Star Wars Prequels Better Than Sequels?

Star Wars prequels vs. sequels, how to work while traveling, the pushmi-pullyu, plus more in today's Link Tank!

Star Wars Prequels vs. Sequels

Are the Star Wars prequels better than the sequels? Our friend over at The Mary Sue seems to think so.

“The verdict on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in, and like the trilogy itself, the reactions have been mixed and all over the place. Critics rated the first two movies of the sequel trilogy highly, but many were less impressed by The Rise of Skywalker. Viewers’ mileage may vary, of course, with many finding it a satisfying end to the trilogy and its characters. Surprisingly, viewers’ ratings for the sequels are overall far higher than those that were given to the prequels, at least on Rotten Tomatoes, but that sentiment deserves a second look.”

Read more at The Mary Sue.

It turns out that sugar has effects similar to cocaine and other drugs on the brain, according to new research.

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“Humans have an intimate relationship with sugar — from birth to adulthood, we crave the sweet stuff more than almost any other food. But our love of sugar may go beyond that of a simple craving — maybe it’s time we looked at sugar like an addiction.”

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The pushmi-pullyu is not in the new Dolittle movie, although this creature certainly deserves to be.

“I’ve been tipped off, however, that the pushmi-pullyu (pronounced “push-me-pull-you”) is not in the new adaptation, Dolittle, out Friday — and I have serious doubts about the value of a remake that would exclude the two-headed cryptid, one of the few elements still capable of delighting from a source material that hasn’t stood the test of time.”

Read more at The Week.

One of Star Wars’ most recognizable posters has quite a story behind it.

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“Directors Erik Sharkey and Kevin Burke hope that piques your interest because they’re making a documentary about artist Greg Hildebrandt. Hildebrandt and his twin brother Tim rose to prominence in the 1970s when they became two of the most prolific fantasy artists in the world. Sadly, Tim passed away in 2006, but Greg is turning 81 this month and io9 got a chance to speak with him—not just about his overall career, but the 36 hours it took for him and his brother to make one of the most memorable Star Wars posters ever.”

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Everyone wants to be a digital nomad in the age of the Internet, but how do you actually balance a work life with traveling?

“game to work while constantly on the move. The term ‘digital nomad’ is a bit irritating, but nonetheless that is the concept we have gathered here today to discuss. If you’re fortunate enough to have a job that’s amenable to you working remotely, then your options for traveling while you work are basically limited only by internet connectivity, money, and imagination. We can help.”

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Google’s Chrome is planning on phasing out third-party cookies within the next two years.

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“For decades, the online ad industry has relied on third-party internet cookies to track our web browsing activities in an effort to serve up relevant ads. But now the ad-tracking technology is facing possible extinction at the hands of Google, which is aiming to ban third-party cookies from Chrome within two years.”

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