Link Tank: Andy Serkis Is Narrating an Audiobook of The Lord of the Rings

Andy Serkis is recording an audiobook, Skyward Sword finally has a moving camera, tips for being a writer, and more in Link Tank!

The Lord of the RIngs Gollum
Photo: New Line

Gollum is coming back! Well, sort of. Andy Serkis is narrating an audiobook of The Lord of the Rings.

“In May 2020, Andy Serkis—who played Gollum in both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies—returned to Middle-earth for an epic read-aloud of The Hobbit that lasted 11 hours straight and raised more than $400,000 for COVID-19 relief efforts. After this so-called #Hobbitathon ended, Serkis went on to record an actual audiobook edition of the novel for HarperCollins UK.”

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Wait, Black Widow is how high? Here are the top 10 movies in the MCU according to the fans.

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“Marvel has pulled off an incredible feat for the past 10-plus years, making a string of blockbusters that critics and general audiences adore. Of course, critics and other viewers don’t always agree, and the highest-rated MCU movies aren’t always the ones that top fans’ personal lists.”

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First a Golden Globe, now an Emmy nomination? Is there something we’re missing about Emily in Paris?

“When Emily in Paris received multiple Golden Globe nominations, we were all befuddled. People’s enjoyment of the show seemed to be an entire of the hate-watch variety. It was a fun show to mock and as someone who binged it in one day while down with the flu, I can tell you it’s a great sick day show–meaning pleasant, mindless banality. But did anyone actually think the show was good? Of course not!”

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From The Scorpion King to The Land Before Time, these are some movie franchises you probably didn’t even know existed.

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“The Marvel Cinematic Universe can’t hold a candle to The Land Before Time. There are movies that under normal circumstances would come and go, and barely be remembered—but these decided to stick around a little bit longer. io9 has collected some of the strangest films to spawn full-fledged franchises.”

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Do you want to become the next great fantasy or science fiction writer? Here are some tips and tricks you need to know!

“Writer’s block. Oh, that detestable villain! For any struggling authors out there, rest assured that your beloved science fiction and fantasy authors have encountered the same problems and overcome them. Here is a collection of essential writing advice from sci-fi and fantasy writers to help you craft a beautiful story—and remember, like every writing rule, you are allowed to break these as you see fit.”

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You can finally move the camera around in the HD remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but it’s not all it cracks up to be.

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword looks to be saved from its status as the series’ red-headed stepchild thanks to a bunch of quality-of-life changes in this week’s high-definition Switch port. Nintendo has been happy to trot these out periodically, with the newest reveal being a free, fully controllable camera. Sadly, it has a slight drawback.”

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