Link Tank: Best Afrofuturism Books For Your Reading List

Best Afrofuturism books to read, looking at Aggretsuko Season 3, the difference between the new iPad and iPad Air, and more!

The Deep by Rivers Solomon book cover art

Afrofuturism is an essential part of the science fiction experience. Check out these nine books that best captures this amazing genre.

“As Okorafor described during the 2020 Igbo Conference, Africanfuturism is specifically rooted in African history and culture — in other words, it does not center the West. Whether you are beginning your journey with Afrofuturism or looking for some deeper cuts to expand your knowledge, here are nine Afrofuturism books to add to your reading list!”

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Iconic Black sitcom Girlfriends recently arrived on Netflix. Take a look at how the show holds up after two decades.

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“The series, created by Mara Brock Akil, told the story of four friends living and loving in Los Angeles: Joan Clayton (played by Tracee Ellis Ross), Maya Wilkes (played by Golden Brooks), Lynn Searcy (played by Persia White), and Toni Childs (played by Jill Marie Jones). The show was added to Netflix recently, and I spent the weekend revisiting the first two seasons and seeing how it held up.”

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The west coast of the US is once again ravaged by wildfires. Here’s how you can help the victims.

“Wildfires continue to ravage millions of acres across California, Oregon, and Washington, and strong winds forecasted in some of those regions could aggravate the blazes. To prevent future fires, we need to focus on combating climate change through policy reform and sustainable living. But for people directly affected by the fires, their current needs are much more urgent: food, shelter, and funds. Here are five organizations that can help you help victims.”

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With Aggretsuko Season 3 now on Netflix, here’s a look at how this anime took on a new significance during the pandemic.

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“Back in February, Oni Press’ Aggretsuko comic very presciently delved into a plot in which the world was ravaged by the ‘C-Virus.’ It turned those exposed to it into zombie-like creatures, making it impossible for Retsuko and her colleagues to venture into their office safely. While the comic was a sendup of the Resident Evil franchise, both the comic and the latest season of the animated series have taken on a different significance these days.”

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While we wait for the premiere of No Time to Die, here’s how you can watch every other James Bond film.

James Bond movies are always in style. The espionage franchise about the iconic British MI6 has been churning out sexy, thrilling action flicks — some better than others — since the ’60s and cycled through six different actors, but the spy movies remain as classic as ever.”

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If you’ve got questions about social distancing, these medical experts may have already answered them.

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“People across the globe are engaging in social distancing by staying six feet apart from anyone outside their “quarantine bubble.” But although this public health precaution is now a fixture of daily life for some, confusion remains – especially when it comes to social distancing outside.”

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Apple is releasing new iPad and iPad Air tablets this year. Here are the differences between the two, broken down.

“Apple just updated two of its top tablets for 2020. The $599 iPad Air received a major makeover, but is it worth nearly twice the price of the $329 iPad? We haven’t seen either slate in person yet, but let’s take a look at the specs and see how they stack up on paper.”

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