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While there has been a push to get more women into STEAM-related fields (which is to say science, technology, engineering, art, and math), we still have a long way to go. Women make up roughly half of the American workforce, but are particularly underrepresented in STEM fields, with only a quarter of the science and engineering workforce composed of women.

While these changes need to be actively encouraged at the institutional level, they also need to be supported at the cultural one. We’ve started to get more representation of women as scientists, engineers, and mathematicians on the big and small screens, but, too often, those depictions are masculinely-coded, suggesting that, in order to succeed as a woman in one of these “masculine” fields, women have to downplay their femininity. It’s why characters like Arrow‘s Felicity Smoak or Black Panther‘s Shuri can feel so inspiring—they are pop culture examples of characters who are both brilliant and feminine.

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Glow in the dark dress of the constellations
From Svaha: “The wondrous night sky has inspired generations of humans to imagine what lies beyond. We made this dress as an homage the amazing Cartographer of the Universe, Margaret Geller. She has spent her lifetime dedicated to the unthinkable task of mapping the universe to understand the patterns of galaxies we see today!  This black, astronomy-inspired dress was designed to capture the magnificence of the stars at night. The dress features a glow-in-the-dark constellations and stars all-over-print design and features functional pockets.”

Svaha, a female-owned clothing company with a mission to encourage and inspire girls and women to embrace STEAM and encourage people of all genders to shatter gender stereotypes, recognizes the demand for geek fashion that doesn’t operate along a gender binary. Originally launched in 2015, when co-founder Jaya Iyer was looking for science or technology-themed clothes for her daughter and “got sucked into a black hole of gender stereotypes.”

Vaccine/herd immunity dress from Svaha
From Svaha: “Vaccinations not only protect one’s self, but they also prevent diseases from being spread to those with low immune systems, unable to be vaccinated. If a high enough number of the population is vaccinated, the few who aren’t physically able to receive the injections are spared, which is the premise behind “community immunity.” Let’s join together, and make the importance of vaccinating herd around the world!”

What began as a Kickstarted company with the original mission of making gender-inclusive nerd clothing for kids has since expanded into adult clothing as well. Last year, Svaha launched their STEAM Angels collection, made up of clothes that both expresses a love of science and other STEAM-related fields and is feminine.

Dare Mighty things Rachel dress and T-Shirt from Svaha
New from Svaha: “The patterns on NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover parachute, is a binary code where Red is for 1 and White is for 0. When decoded, the code reads “Dare Mighty Things”. The design on the outer ring of the parachute shows the coordinates for JPL: 34°11’58” N 118°10’31” W.

“When I see someone wearing a Svaha dress and excitedly telling people what the design means (latest example being our Herd Immunity Dress) and then show them that the dresses have functional pockets, this is what makes me proud of what I have created,” says Jaya Iyer, the co-founder of Svaha.

Planet dresses and shirts from Svaha
From Svaha: “Do you love Math and Space? We have the perfect design for you. We made each planet represent a digit in the value of Pi. When there is a blank space, it represents zero. The Pi digits sequence begins from the planet that’s hanging out away from the others. The designs represents the first 101 digits of Pi! Now, get solving the puzzle!”

Svaha has some other, very cool projects in the works. They recently entered into a new partnership with the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) and are working with former NASA astronaut and textile artist Karen Nyberg to create new fashion designs based on Nyberg’s time on the International Space Station.

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