Brock Lesnar Continues to Beat Roman Reigns on Road to WrestleMania 34

Roman Reigns was beat up by Brock Lesnar ... again. This doesn't bode well for WrestleMania 34.

WWE is trying its hardest to make people feel bad for Roman Reigns, having him get “suspended” and then beat up by Brock Lesnar last week on Raw, and this week, his “suspension” was lifted and beat up again by Brock Lesnar.

Give them credit, they’re really trying. But when Paul Heyman announced that “Roman Reigns is not here” in his in-ring promo, which of course turned out to be false, the crowd popped. When Reigns showed up in the crowd to confront Lesnar, the crowd seemed uninterested in it all, popping again when Lesnar cleaned Reigns’ clock on the outside of the ring.

They’re really trying to frame Reigns as the loose cannon; last week felt like they were trying to position him as the anti-authority figure (i.e. Steve Austin), but they’ve done far too much damage over the last four years.

Reigns vs. Lesnar is going to be a car wreck of a match. You can tell by their brawling the last few weeks on Raw that it’s going to be incredible physical, and I’m sure it’s going to be a really good match. But WWE’s insistence on pushing Reigns as a top babyface is going to backfire.

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There’s rumblings that this match probably won’t close the show, and WWE can’t afford it to. Last year, Reigns closed the show by beating the Undertaker, and fans weren’t exactly left with a positive taste; everyone thought Undertaker was retiring, which left the show on a somber note.

Reigns going over Lesnar in the main event is going to, at best, receive a mixed reaction. To the WrestleMania ticket buyer — mostly “smart” fans who paid a lot of money for their tickets — he’ll get booed out of the building … again.