Babatunde Aiyegbusi Makes WWE Debut at Greatest Royal Rumble

The former pro football player is actually bigger than Braun Strowman and showed up at the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble.

So, who is Babatunde Aiyegbusi? He made his official WWE main-roster debut on Friday at The Greatest Royal Rumble, and if you saw the show, you realize that Aiyegbusi is enormous. He has Braun Strowman size — in fact, he might even be a little bigger.

Aiyegbusi entered the Greatest Royal Rumble at No. 37 and soon after came face-to-face with Strowman when he entered the match a few spots later. The two had a face-to-face for a moment as the ring cleared and Strowman ultimately eliminated Aiyegbusi from the match.

Aiyegbusi has a bright future. He’s just 29 years old and is a former football player, where he played semi-pro in Europe for a few seasons and then took part in training camp with the Minnesota Vikings in 2015 before getting cut and ultimately signing with WWE.

Aiyegbusi is listed at 6-foot-10 and 355 pounds, and he looks to be all of that, if not more. Strowman is, by far, the largest member of the main WWE roster, but Aiyegbusi rivaled him on Friday. It’s unlikely that Aiyegbusi will stick around on the main roster for long. After training for the last two years at the WWE Performance Center, he just recently began making his presence felt in NXT as the bodyguard for Lio Rush. Think of him as the Diesel to Rush’s Shawn Michaels.

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For a little more than a year, Aiyegbusi has been making the rounds on the local NXT house shows around Florida. In fact, Friday’s match was his first wrestling match outside of the state of Florida.

WWE will have big plans for Aiyegbusi. You can tell just from his size, and that they were willing to debut him on such a big show. You can agree or disagree with the politics behind WWE taking Saudi Arabia’s money — I happen to disagree with it — but there’s no denying that this show was a big deal to WWE. They treated it like a upper-tier show on WWE Network, and even though they needed to fill out a 50-man Royal Rumble, it says something that WWE was willing to debut Aiyegbusi on such a big stage for the company.

And truthfully, given his limitations at that size and the fact that he has only 30 matches under his belt, Aiyegbusi didn’t look bad.