Marvel Reveals New Spider-Man Series

Usually, Peter Parker can't catch a break. Now it's more literal as he's set to star in a new series called Non-Stop Spider-Man.

Marvel never really needs an excuse to release another Spider-Man title. He’s their bread and butter. A lot of the time they can just do a regular Spider-Man series and just tack on a new adjective. Sometimes there will be a gimmick to it, like having him team up with other heroes, emphasis on his Avengers status, teaching at the X-Mansion, or having “mature” adventures that include the Absorbing Man turning into cocaine. But hey, he’s a great plug-and-play hero. You can have six Spider-Man titles a month if you force it enough.

Well, we’re getting another series and based purely on the creative team, it already sounds kickass. In June, we’re getting the first issue of Non-Stop Spider-Man, written by Joe Kelly and drawn by Chris Bachalo. Marvel promises this series will be “the comic book ride of your life featuring Spidey’s best villains and his most amazing feats.” That’s quite a way to pitch it!

“[Editor] Nick Lowe has a superpower. He picks up the phone, calls me and says the exact combination of words that make me want to drop everything and dive head first into the Marvel Universe. Last time it was SpiderMan, Deadpool, Ed McGuinness. No brainer, YES,” Joe Kelly said in a statement. “This time it was SpiderMan, Non-Stop, Chris Bachalo. Again, YES… but ‘Non-Stop?’”

Other than Kelly’s excitement at getting to write the wallcrawler again, there isn’t too much to go on in terms of what it’s about, but everything points to a Spider-Man comic that is straight-up non-stop action. I’m talking Crank with Spider-Man. A Spider-Man comic version of Hardcore Henry or Raid: Redemption. No lengthy scenes of Peter Parker talking to Aunt May here. No breaks for wheat cakes. I’m talking Spider-Man going from one action sequence to another to another to another.

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I guess Juggernaut isn’t the only comic protagonist who can’t stop.

Joe Kelly recently gave us the Spider-Man/Deadpool series, though he took a lot of breaks and had plenty of fill-in teams take over. Still, he was one of the better writers during the Brand New Day era of Amazing Spider-Man.

“Non-Stop SpiderMan is, for me, the best of what Marvel comics can be: relentless action, epic storytelling, mind-melting art, and relevant themes, all grounded by the heart and soul of one of my all-time favorite characters, SpiderMan,” Kelly said. “Chris and I want to redline your adrenaline and shatter your hearts, giggling the whole time. Please sign your waivers and gather your safety gear of choice before issue one comes out. I truly can’t wait for this. Buckle up, Tigers.”

As for Bachalo, his art always rules and once drew Mac Gargan Venom getting a tiny dog thrown into his eye. This should be a blast.

The adrenaline kicks in this June.

Gavin Jasper writes for Den of Geek and will read the issues with the Ramones cover of the Spider-Man theme loudly playing on loop. Sorry, neighbors. Read more of Gavin’s articles here and follow him on Twitter @Gavin4L

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