First ‘Supersonic’ Exclusive Look At Go Go Power Rangers #26

Go Go Power Rangers is gonna live forever with this exclusive look at issue #26, including covers and interior pages!

Tonight, the Power Rangers are rock ‘n’ roll stars! Well okay, not really, but Tommy’s about to slide away on a journey of his own in our exclusive look at Go Go Power Rangers #26! The Power Rangers comics continue to make fans feel like they’re gonna live forever and we’ve not only got the covers for issue #26 but some tantalizing first looks at the interior pages.

Tommy’s with Rita in his Green Ranger suit? What? Isn’t Go Go currently set after Tommy loses his Green Ranger powers? Well read on after the preview images for a summary of the issue and everything will start to make more sense.

Go Go Power Rangers Issue 26 Page 1
Go Go Power Rangers Issue 26 Page 2
Go Go Power Rangers Issue 26 Page 3

Below is the summary for issue Go Go Power Rangers #26.

As Jason begins to form his new team—the Omega Rangers—he struggles to keep the truth from his friends, Trini and Zack. Meanwhile, on another planet, Tommy has reached the Tower of Light but is he truly worthy of becoming the White Ranger?!

What we see above is either a flashback to his time as the Green Ranger or perhaps a vision he has at the Tower of Light. We’ll have to wait and see but with the Power Rangers comics’ quality being so high up in the sky right now, we’re sure it’ll be incredible.

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Speaking of incredible, we have the the variant covers for this issue and they take me away into a cloudburst. The main cover art is by illustrator J. Lou, with variant cover art by Amelia Vidal (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Miguel Mercado (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), and more. One of them is a tribute to the cover of Oasis’ Definitely Maybe and it is PERFECT and the reason for any of the odd word choices you’ve probably noticed throughout the article.

Go Go Power Rangers Issue 26 Oasis Album Cover

Go Go Power Rangers Issue 26 Main Cover
Go Go Power Rangers Issue 26 Social Cover
Go Go Power Rangers Issue 26 Preorder Cover

Go Go Power Rangers #26 will be available on December 11, 2019.

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