Avengers Assemble: Hyperion, Review

Finally, Avengers Assemble takes some chances and shows us something we haven't seen in a Marvel cartoon before...Hyperion from the Squadron Supreme makes an appearance!

It’s about time. In nearly every episode of Avengers Assemble so far we’ve seen team members possessed by outside forces, their powers co-opted by the bad guys, or getting straight-up duplicated by others. Enough already! But with “Hyperion,” the show gives us a more traditional superhero brawl, while introducing a lesser-known character from Marvel’s history.Hyperion is a relativel obscure Marvel hero, intended as a dig at Superman. When Hyperion (who boasts all of Superman’s powers) shows up to help the Avengers deal with an extinction-level meteor event, the team wonders whether they should ask him to join. As tends to happen with guys like this in the Marvel Universe, all is not what it seems with Hyperion, and he isn’t quite as friendly and altruistic as he’d like everyone to believe. It doesn’t take long for him to slip up, and when he does, it takes the whole team to take him down.Sounds like pretty standard superhero cartoon stuff, yeah? Well…it is, but the novelty of not only seeing Hyperion in animated form, plus brief glimpses of the rest of the Squadron Supreme is enough to carry the episode. It’s taken seven episodes, but now that I’ve gotten used to the style of the show and the dynamic of the team (and now that they don’t seem to be working quite so hard to establish these dynamics to viewers), I can just kick back and enjoy the ride.Sometimes, a superhero cartoon just has to be as-advertised in order for it to work. Avengers Assemble has plenty of time to find its own voice, and “Hyperion” is more than a few steps in the right direction. If they can build on this, we may just have an exceptional animated series on our hands after all!Den of Geek Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars.

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4 out of 5