12 Actors Who Might Play Doctor Strange

Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor, and Ryan Gosling are now being discussed in connection with Doctor Strange. We evaluate 'em ALL...

Here’s what we know for sure about Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie. Scott Derrickson (Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) is directing. Jon Spaihts (Prometheus) is writing. Here’s what else we know: every actor with a shred of name recognition and who can grow facial hair is now being mentioned in connection with the lead role, especially now that Joaquin Phoenix has apparently dropped out of the running.

Ladies and gents, I’m a huge Doctor Strange fan, and even I’m thoroughly exhausted by the casting circus surrounding this movie. So you know what that means? I’m turning to the dark arts for answers.  

That’s right. Because this is where I’m at now, I’m consulting Doctor Strange’s favored artifact, the all-seeing Eye of Agamotto. Since magic is all about intent, I’m substituting a good old-fashioned Magic 8-Ball for the Eye of Agamotto.

Whatever. This will totally work, and it’s a far more rigorous evaluation than most internet rumors are ever given anyway.

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Colin Farrell

Of course it’s time for Colin Farrell’s name to enter the mix. He’s been cast in True Detective season two, which makes him a hot commodity. Not only will his name be mentioned in connection with Doctor Strange (until someone else gets the part), he’ll be “up for the part” of Nightwing, Green Lantern, Brainiac, and any other male superhero/supervillain role in creation. Hell, even The Wrap doesn’t sound too positive about this one.

He’s got room on his schedule for it, though. Maybe the fans will finally forgive him for Bullseye…

The Eye of Agamotto says? Cannot predict now.

Ryan Gosling

Mr. Gosling is about to start work on The Nice Guys. Doctor Strange is about to begin production. Mr. Gosling hasn’t shown a particular tendency towards giant franchise movies. Doctor Strange requires a six movie deal. Draw your own conclusions. Better yet, ask the Eye…

The Eye of Agamotto says? Outlook not so good.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has kept busy lately, including the fresh action flick John Wick, currently gaining positive reviews. Is it time for him to pull a Robert Downey Jr. and take the reins of a movie that Marvel is going to be heavily on? He recently confessed that he hadn’t read much in the way of Doctor Strange comics (out come the pitchforks!) and he has concerns about the quality of something that has to be sustained for this long.

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The Eye of Agamotto says? Very doubtful

Jared Leto

At one point, Mr. Leto seemed to be the favored Sorcerer Supreme until Joaquin Phoenix came along and stole all the magic. Leto, like Phoenix, doesn’t really need this role, let alone the six-movie deal and the screaming migraine that the press (guilty!) will give him for the next decade. On the other hand, Variety now says that Leto is “aggressively pursuing” the role, so what the hell do I know? Better ask the Eye of Agamotto!

The Eye of Agamotto says? Better not tell you now.

Matthew McConaughey

We have now reached the stage in Matthew MacConaughey’s star trajectory where his name is going to be mentioned in connection with every male lead in Hollywood. He’s busy. He’s even doing ridiculous car commercials. He sure did look (and talk) the part in True Detective though, didn’t he? But scheduling aside, only the opinion of our favorite mystical artifact matters!

The Eye of Agamotto says? Very Doubtful

Ethan Hawke

This is a new one. Scott Derrickson has worked with Ethan Hawke before (on Sinister), he looks the part, and he’s got just enough space on his upcoming schedule to make shooting Doctor Strange in early 2015 (plus whatever other cameos Marvel deems necessary) entirely plausible. While some well-connected sources (notably Deadline ) have been thrown serious shade on this one, now Variety are taking him seriously.

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The Eye of Agamotto says? Reply hazy, try again.

Ewan McGregor

We doff our cloaks to Badass Digest for this bit of rumor. Ewan McGregor would be a wondeful Stephen Strange, and he’s done quite well playing bearded mystics in the past. He’s got enough room on his upcoming schedule to allow for appearances in a number of Marvel movies. Plus, I rather like the idea of Doctor Strange being a decadent weirdo, and Ewan has Velvet Goldmine and Trainspotting to fall back on for that. Apparently “they are looking at him.” Fortunately, so is the Eye of Agamotto!

The Eye of Agamotto says? Cannot predict now.

Oscar Isaac

He’s busy making Star Wars: Episode VII under a cloak of secrecy, so he’s not going to sign a six picture deal to wear a cloak of levitation. But hey, he’s done the whole “bearded West Village bohemian” thing already, so why shouldn’t he get a shot at Stephen Strange’s Sanctum?

The Eye of Agamotto says? My sources say no.

Jake Gyllenhaal

He’s done enough “serious” roles that his credibility is in no danger, and he was once considered as Toby Maguire’s replacement in Spider-Man 2. And no, X-Men fans, his next movie isn’t about the Nightcrawler you’re thinking of. Seems legit, right?

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The Eye of Agamotto says? Better not tell you now.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Mr. Cumberbatch is, of course, the internet’s first choice to play every character in every superhero movie, and we won’t sleep until he puts on a cape or some green make-up or something similarly ridiculous, because it’s not enough that he’s been Sherlock Holmes and Khan Noonien Singh (we forgive him for that one). After all, he hasn’t had superpowers yet.

Anyway, he already denied involvement, but refused to confirm or deny whether there had been any talks. Then again, he loves fucking with the press, so you could ask him if he’s playing Carol Danvers in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and he’d probably give you a convincingly cryptic answer. Still, his dance card looks pretty full for a guy who’s expected to sign a six-picture deal for a movie that starts production in two months. Let’s see what the 8-ball Eye of Agamotto has to say…

The Eye of Agamotto says? Concentrate and ask again.

Tom Hardy

The impossibly good-looking, sometimes improbably muscular, and one-time inaudibly masked in a Batman movie actor would be a great Doctor Strange. Why? Because he’s a chameleon. How much of a chameleon is he? We’ll see him as Max Rockatansky in Mad Max: Fury Road next year, he’s playing both Kray Twins (cue an awesome Morrissey song), and he’s about to play Elton John (in the aptly titled Rocketman) and Al Capone (in Cicero), as well as take the lead in a Splinter Cell movie. And that’s not even all of it…now they want him in the Suicide Squad movie.

Have we mentioned that Marvel wants to start production pronto for a July 2016 release? Good luck!

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The Eye of Agamotto says? Don’t count on it.

Jack Huston

Mr. Huston is a fine actor, but nobody ever took this rumor particularly seriously, did they? He probably won’t have time do play Doctor Strange since he’s doing Ben-Hur, which is kind of like making six movies, anyway.

The Eye of Agamotto says? My reply is no.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Proof positive that any one of these fellas may or may not actually be talking to someone who could possibly know anything at all about the Master of the Mystic Arts in Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie. If anyone needs me, I’ll be growing a sweet mustache in case Marvel wants to give my agent a ringy-ding-ding.

Feel free to use this article as a primary source, because the Eye of Agamotto knows all!

Next time, we’ll speak with our own Hollywood insider, Jambi, to find out who will be playing the Dread Dormammu!

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