Zachary Levi

Heroes Reborn: second season seeming unlikely

Rob Leane News
Jan 14, 2016

NBC’s Robert Greenblatt says that ceasing Heroes Reborn after its first season was “always the plan.”

Heroes Reborn episode 5 review: The Lion's Den

Craig Elvy Review
Oct 16, 2015

Heroes Reborn advances its story considerably in this week's solid, surprisingly emotional episode, The Lion's Den...

Heroes Reborn: premiere extended to two hours

Rob Leane News
Aug 14, 2015

Heroes Reborn will get a two-hour opening episode on NBC, on Thursday the 24th of September...

Heroes Reborn: Comic-Con trailer lands online

Rob Leane News
Jul 13, 2015

There's lots of new footage in this Heroes Reborn trailer, which originally screened at San Diego Comic-Con...

Heroes Reborn: Zachary Levi on his ‘tortured’ new character

Rob Leane News
Jul 6, 2015

Speaking to Collider, Zachary Levi has revealed a few facts about his ‘grittier and dirtier’ new character for Heroes Reborn…

Heroes Reborn: first official images surface online

Rob Leane News
May 12, 2015

With Heroes returning this Autumn in the form of Heroes Reborn, the show is now in the promo stage. Here are some images...

Heroes Reborn: first trailer lands online

Rob Leane News
Feb 2, 2015

After premiering at the Super Bowl, our first glimpse at Heroes Reborn has now hit the internet…

Chuck's 10 best moments

Tom French Feature
Jan 18, 2013

Tom talks us through ten great moments from five seasons of the dearly departed Chuck...

Zachary Levi talks Thor: The Dark World

Zachary Levi aka Chuck.
Glen Chapman News
Dec 12, 2012

The Chuck star talks about taking over the role of Fandral the Dashing in Thor 2...

Zachary Levi for Thor 2

Simon Brew News
Jun 11, 2012

It looks like Joshua Dallas is out, and Zachary Levi is in, where Thor 2 is concerned...