The Hobbit

Can fantasy films escape Lord Of The Rings' shadow?

Jordan Adcock Feature
Jun 23, 2016

The world of J.R.R. Tolkien, brought to the screen by Peter Jackson, continues to cast a shadow over fantasy cinema...

The Best Picture Oscar winners that had sequels

Simon Brew Feature
Feb 26, 2016

More Best Picture Oscar winners have had sequels than you may think. This lot, in fact...

Doctor Who: Peter Jackson posts new (very funny) video

Louisa Mellor News
Nov 30, 2015

Heard the rumours about Peter Jackson wanting to direct a Doctor Who episode? Here's the latest from The Lord Of The Rings director...

The Hobbit: Peter Jackson lifts lid on behind the scenes problems

Simon Brew News
Nov 20, 2015

“I just started shooting the movie with most of it not prepped at all” says Peter Jackson of The Hobbit...

The Hobbit extended trilogy trailer, R rating for Five Armies

Simon Brew Trailer
Aug 27, 2015

The extended cut of The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies has been rated R in the US...

The Hobbit: extended trilogy heading to cinemas

Simon Brew News
Aug 5, 2015

Plus: confirmation that the longer The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies runs to 174 minutes...

The Golden Compass: what went wrong?

Andrew Blair Feature
Apr 21, 2015

With fantasy franchises having been so popular in recent years, why did Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series stop before it got going?

Peter Jackson on why he won't do a Marvel movie

Simon Brew News
Dec 22, 2014

After completing The Hobbit trilogy, Peter Jackson maligns the fact that the movie industry "has kind of lost its way".

The Hobbit: Farewell and thank you to Middle-earth

James Clayton Feature
Dec 12, 2014

As The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies lands in cinemas, James looks back at what the Middle Earth movies have managed to do...

Peter Jackson: Tolkien estate barrier to future films

Simon Brew News
Dec 4, 2014

The Hobbit trilogy is likely to be the last time Peter Jackson gets to explore the work of J R R Tolkien on screen....