Edward Norton

Why Mr Robot is Fight Club’s spiritual successor

Louisa Mellor Feature
Jul 13, 2015

USA Network’s new series, Mr Robot, takes up Fight Club’s mantle, updating its anti-capitalist ire for the cyber age…

Hannibal: ranking the movies in order of quality

Gabriel Bergmoser Feature
Jun 4, 2015

As Hannibal season 3 arrives on NBC, we rank the character's cinematic outings from worst to best...

Top 25 modern day uncredited movie roles

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Mar 6, 2015

Sometimes 30 seconds can steal the whole movie. Here are our most unforgettable movie cameos of modern times...

25 surprising side businesses from Hollywood stars

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Jan 15, 2015

Paul Newman’s salad dressing enterprise is common knowledge, but did you know about these 25 businesses run by Hollywood stars?

Looking back at David Fincher's Fight Club

Ryan Lambie Feature
Oct 6, 2014

With Gone Girl out now, and Fight Club about to turn 15, we take a look back at David Fincher's controversial and bravura cult film...

Michael Keaton as a superhero! First trailer for Birdman

Simon Brew Trailer
Jun 13, 2014

Michael Keaton plays an actor who once starred as a big screen superhero in Birdman. Here's the first trailer...

Kevin Feige on Ultron, Spider-Man, Edward Norton, Iron Man 4

The Disney-owned (nearly) Marvel logo
Simon Brew News
Oct 28, 2013

A new interview with Marvel's Kevin Feige addresses Iron Man 4, Edward Norton, The Avengers & Spider-Man in the Marvel cinematic universe.

The Bourne Legacy review

Ryan Lambie Review
Aug 9, 2012

Jeremy Renner takes over from Matt Damon in the fourth film in the Bourne franchise. Here’s our review of The Bourne Legacy...

Edward Norton, Sean Penn and Gael Garcia Bernal linked with RoboCop

Simon Brew News
Apr 13, 2012

Could the cast of the new RoboCop film be fleshed out with with the likes of Sean Penn and Edward Norton?

Edward Norton lined up for The Bourne Legacy villain

Simon Brew News
Jul 14, 2011

Jeremy Renner will have to do battle with Edward Norton, in the upcoming The Bourne Legacy…