Dracula season 1 finale review: Let There Be Light

Review Laura Akers 28 Jan 2014 - 07:22

Did NBC do Dracula a disservice by skipping the pilot process? Here's Laura's review of the season one finale...

This review contains spoilers.

1.10 Let There Be Light

I’ve been dreading this moment for weeks. After sticking it out through slow and poorly constructed episode after episode, hoping all the time that there would be some payoff at the end, I am ultimately not just disappointed at the ten-week series of Dracula; I’m actually a bit resentful.

I think the largest part of my resentment comes from the knowledge that there are a lot of very good writers, actors, and directors working in television right now - creative minds struggling under the weight of cancellation-happy broadcast and cable networks for a shot to tell their stories. So to spend months regularly viewing a show that was spared the obstacles that most have to overcome, watching it fail to rise above a level of uneven mediocrity has been fairly painful.

That’s not to say it hasn’t had a few good moments or aspects. Looking back over the course of the series, a couple of things have impressed.

Renfield, as imagined by Cole Haddon, has been one of the better twists on Dracula lore. Despite being given fairly pat, often repetitive lines, Nonso Anozie’s Renfield put in a memorable performance. Few would think it easy to hold your own against a vampire being played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, especially when you are so categorically subservient in that role, but Anozie gives Renfield so much presence (not hard for a man of that size) and gravity that, when he is upbraiding the master vampire for his vengeance and romance-based folly, we can’t help but think that things would work out far better for Dracula if he followed his valet’s instructions rather than vice-versa. If Dracula is renewed, the already-weak series will be poorer for Renfield’s absence.

Likewise, as I’ve pointed out in previous reviews, Lucy, played by Katie McGrath, has been a revelation. I started the show hating her over-the-top flirtation and posing. But as the weeks have worn on, McGrath has slowly peeled away layers of Lucy to reveal a complicated pastiche of loneliness, spite, vulnerability and pain. In this week’s episode, Lucy makes her first appearance as a vampire, and the young woman largely outclasses Meyer’s depiction of the depraved undead.

But in a great many ways, it feels like NBC green-lighting this show without the usual pilot process has done it a disservice (compounded, perhaps, by a lack of effort on the part of the creatives working on the series).

My dad used to tell a story about a caterpillar’s cocoon. A young boy finds the cocoon and sees the butterfly inside struggling to work its way out of the small hole it’s managed to open in the webbing that surrounds it. He watches as the butterfly wriggles for a while, but then goes still, obviously exhausted. The boy pulls out a pocketknife and very carefully cuts away the cocoon, freeing the butterfly. But the butterfly never unfolds its wings. It crawls about but never takes to the air, and eventually, it dies, too weak to survive.

The moral, of course, is that the struggle to leave the cocoon is part of the maturation process of the butterfly. That in order for the butterfly to be strong enough to survive, it must develop that strength by fighting its way out of the cocoon.

In the world of television, this is the purpose of the pilot process. It’s a difficult hurdle to overcome, and most shows will only ever get a single chance to do this. As a result, the producers of a potential series put everything they have into their creative vision from the very start.

But Dracula has suffered, from the beginning, from a surprising sort of half-heartedness. It played at the idea of steampunk Victoriana but ended up lacking a coherent visual style. It had a hint of a critique of robber-baron (and contemporary) capitalism, but this never got further than vaguely aligning financial and religious cravenness. It touched on issues around women’s increasing rejection of misogynist circumscription of acceptable female behavior, but largely forgot all about them when they became inconvenient to the storyline.

It is, in a nutshell, a tale and a production adrift. It lacks the focus, vision, and inspiration necessary to make such a series work. Which is why I was not terribly surprised at this week’s finale.

Several plotlines were finished in Let There Be Light, but few of them in a fulfilling way. Two of the most disappointing were Van Helsing’s vengeance on Browning and the death of Lady Jayne. In the first, Van Helsing turns Browning’s children, lures their father to a ransom drop site, and then set the baby vamps on their father before burning the place down. Granted, he is a man so driven by blinding vengeance that he’s raised the greatest vampire of all time to help him, but in the end, we’re left wondering why all this was necessary in the first place. If all he ever intended to do was kill both Browning and his children, he had no need of Dracula, the “geomagnetic” technology or the daywalker science in the first place. I’m not altogether convinced that this sudden realization wasn’t the reason for the poorly executed scream Kretschmann’s Van Helsing lets loose outside the burning building.

But Lady Jayne’s end was definitely the bigger disappointment. The vamp killer comes face-to-face with the man she loves, the man she knows is not just her mortal enemy, but who has played her from day one as she never believed a man could. This was, for me at least, the confrontation most looked forward to (considering it was, far and away, the most interesting relationship on the show). But there are few words exchanged and most of them ring completely hollow. “You’ve always known…” No, she hasn’t. That’s precisely the point. And what mass-produced fortune cookie did you get that line out of in the first place? Smurfit manages to make up a bit of this terrible lack as she lays dying, but it’s simply not enough for what has been one of the roles on this show that’s actually dynamic. She and we deserved better.

In the end, even Meyers became largely unwatchable, and that’s downright shocking. As the weeks have worn on, as his character was supposedly growing inpatient and abandoning his plan in favor of a frontal assault on his enemies, Meyers inversely seems to be losing steam rather than gaining it. The energy of earlier episodes has slowly seeped away, as have his trademark glint and seductive style. As he stands in front of the crowd ready to reveal his technology to the masses (who seem awfully forgetful of the recent “public danger” it posed), there’s little of the showman from the first exhibition in the first episode. He looks tired and resigned.

Meyers admitted last year, in an interview with Radio Times, that he was “slightly horrified” that The Tudors had gone four series. He didn’t enjoy “going into work in the same studio with the same people, uttering your lines in the same costume…” But none of that showed in his depiction of Henry. After only ten weeks, however, he seems far wearier of his latest project. He’s certainly done little to promote it since its initial premiere. But I think that’s understandable, given the circumstances. Complain as he might about The Tudors, he was surrounded by actors giving sharp performances, working from a great script, based on a powerful and involving vision. Not so on Dracula. And he must know it.

Instead, he has been consigned to work on a show with a ridiculous premise, wildly uneven performances, incoherent characters, and a plot that has, for ten weeks, limped along trying to find its way, eventually dying not far from where it was birthed. NBC may have cut this one free of its cocoon, but the network has done neither Dracula nor its audiences any favours. 

Read Laura's review of the previous episode, Four Roses, here.

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I liked this ten episode season of 'Dracula' mostly because of Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Dracula. (But why does the man always end up half naked in a medieval castle?) I really hope that there will be a second season.

I disagree with this article. I really enjoyed the serie and the last episode as well. Yes, there are some points that were weakers than others, but I saw worst than that in some series that are still running after 3 or four seasons.

The season was improving and I did really enjoy the finale. Really annoyed about Renfield though.

I think a second season could be worth it. The first seasons been steadily improving from the first shaky episodes to something that, whilst uneven, generally ended up being quite entertaining by the end. Katie McGrath is a genuine revelation as Lucy, I loved her in Merlin and she's been one of the strongest performers in this; she handled the rather flat material in her first few episodes with genuine skill and charm and has totally flew as she's been given actual decent character development to deal with. Meyers' Dracula was phenomenal, and though I'm ridiculously disappointed they killed the fantastic Renfield so prematurely I've still got my fingers crossed he'll re-appear in Vampire form somehow. I have no idea how, but I live in hope. Sure the series has had its problems, but I think if handled right they could easily be ironed out by this time next year.

And that, Jessica, is the key: "If handled right."

There is literally no reason for this to have been anything other than a great series from beginning to end. It had a great pedigree in terms of style (Carnivàle, for one), more than enough budget, and a cast that has excelled elsewhere. But little of this potential was handled right. To a great extent, it came down to the writing: The story meandered endlessly, had massive plotholes, and inconsistent characters. It ended up feeling like they were relying on the popularity of vampires, the recent success of shows like Ripper Street, and Meyers to sell the thing rather than investing the actual time and effort in telling a good story.

Consider, for example, if Once Upon a Time's Kitsis and Horowitz had done the plotting. One of the strengths of the first two series of OUaT is that you could see, in every episode, the seeds that those two had planted from early in the show. How many of us realized that throughout most of the first series, that Rumple was wearing _crocodile_ leathers? It wasn't a random costuming choice. It was a indication of a tight plot where the strands inevitably (due to the skill of the storytellers) weave together. With Dracula, on the other hand, there was little evidence that Haddon and Knauf knew where the plot was actually going until about halfway through the eighth episode.

The dialogue also suffered. I don't expect everything to be Whedon-quality, but Whedon and others have substantially upped the ante when it comes to how characters speak, what they reveal about themselves in doing so. Think back over the run of Dracula. How many times were you truly stirred, inspired, touched, or affected by the words coming out of the mouths of the characters?

That doesn't mean, of course, that the show had no redeeming value. Most shows have something to recommend them. And even mediocre shows can be entertaining. But this should have been something far better than it was.

So I, in essence, agree with you. A second series could be quite good--if handled right. Thus far, it hasn't been. And unfortunately, I think it would require NBC to replace Knauf as showrunner and bring in people to rescue the show. What it needs more than anything, I think, is for someone like Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) or an Aaron Sorkin (only with period drama experience) to come in, tighten it up, and give it a clear direction and a distinct style.

And someone to tell Oliver Jackson-Cohen that if he's going to be the big baddie next year, he's going to need to actually develop more than two emotions in his performance. His Harker was far and away the worst part of the show for me this series.

I think the basic story lines and characters are awesome but the writers just didn't know how to handle such a rich and potentially great story. There were so many ways this series could have gone that it should be renewed, especially because now he got his love, he's got a greater enemy than before (jilted ex fiancé) and they know who he is. The mere fact that Mina has accepted their mutual mysterious love should be the starting point in which Dracula will fight with everything he's got.

I agree with many of the things said in this article especially the part of Lady Jayne my favorite character.

Great review! I agree about the weakness of coherent vision. It's been bothering me all season that the show is never really Victorian but never really solidly something else either. Instead it settled for Victorian Lite. Reign, as bad as it is, almost does a better job of creating a unique fantasy world.

Dear Laura Akers, IMHO and with all due respect, you have no clue.

Would take too long to refute everything you say, so I'm going to focus on the two "most disappointing" plotlines endings.

Lady Jane ... of course she knew! Jane was not just a strong woman with a lot of self-confidence, but also had a deep streak of darkness ...she was manipulative, cold-hearted, and most important thing, violence was her "switch on". She was in a way, very much like him, his equal, even if she couldn't admit it to herself. When he says "you always knew, admit it", he is saying that this darkness within her always recognized and was aware of the darkness in him, and that's the reason she felt such a strong attraction. No other than the Dark One could have earned her love (if you want to call it so). If she couldn't "see" who he was, was only to the extent she didn't want to see her own soul.
Ultimately, he showed respect and compassion to her. He gave her the chance to leave, and when she refused, granted her petition of not being turned into vampire.

Van Helsing: He needed allies to go for the powerful Great Master of the Order, so he brought in his plans the Fell One and made a deal with him. But he had private plans too, and he never intented to fulfill completely his part of the deal. They worked together preparing the big staging to bring their enemies where they wanted them to be... and in a totally unexpected way, Mina crossed their paths. This changed everything to Dracula. She shocked him at first sight by his resemblance to his lost wife, but as they shared time and knew each other better, he came to feel that somehow, "by some miracle", this was his reborn wife, who had been returned to him. And gradually, from the main goal that was revenge, he found himself in the position where taking care that Mina wasn't targeted by his enemies (as she once was, in another time and with another name) became the prime concern, while retaliation dropped to second place. Mina healthy and happy went first. Mina was Dracula's "Achilles heel".

And this is when Van Helsing knew that his accomplice wouldn't play the role he had created for him.

It would have been better to beat the whole Order, but that was never his first goal. His first target was always Browning and Browning only (fact that he always carefully hid from his accomplices, denying even knowing who Browning was when asked by Renfield). After all, this was the guy directly responsible for the death of his family. He had a private agenda for Browning, and no matter what happens to the Order due to Dracula's "weakness" and his "stupid desire of being human", he fulfilled them. The most perverse part of this agenda was not the burning one, but turning the children into monsters and feed them with his father. Dracula's blood was essential for this payback, and he got it in the only possible way: creating such a screenplay that Dracula voluntarily give it to him.

So, crazy Van Helsing almost got what he wanted. Time to clean up the mess, and think how to deal with a former accomplice who can became the most dangerous enemy.

This show was fantastic, from second one to the very end.

So, what I got out of this article is, the show's seemingly failure is due to the lack of skilled writers. If this be the case, then what is NBC waiting on regarding......to cancel or not to cancel? It just won't get any better.

I think it's funny how an article about how not interesting a show is could be so... not interesting. I actually jumped a few lines. For someone complaining about creativeness, the author surely could improve on hers. Muaaahhhh

You kind repeating what the actress said about Jayne being like him. I don't think she new it was him I don't buy the you always knew because of the darkness that is as you said your opinion. Sorry I don't buy it and I don't the Laura was clueless at all.

Since when a critics needs to like the show. People who reviews shows need to watch it in order to provide the public with a review. For your info the majority of critics has not been in favor of the show. Her creativeness is fine. She is providing a review not writing a show.

Why they made van Helsing evil when he was not originally??? And Jonathan was written to be a character that was dislike by the majority. WHY? And Mina started as strong character but kind became weak as the show went on.

This really would have been better in the BBC series model, make four 1.5 hour episodes, allow them to really go in-depth on story lines, and make only one series. Nonso Anozie is by far the best part of the show, and his "origin" really gave the show life- if he's gone next year, I'm definitely not watching.

BBC model? I've only seen them do that with 'Sherlock' and some other detectives.

Yeah, I think based on the ratings, it's hard to understand how it has not been cancelled already. It may be because it's so cheap to make. Which means that even with lacklustre ratings, it still may make NBC enough money. And frankly, the Friday night American slot is tough regardless.

Pantagulea, of course that is matter of different opinions. I'm only giving mine, and I'm respectfully saying why I think Laura lost the essence of the plot.

I respect your opininion too, but have to say...Really? She only kills vampires? She is at the full service of a corrupt organization that doesn't hesitate in starting WARS (that kills hundreds of thousands of people) because of greed and power hunger. Do you think she is fooled by the Order? Do you think she is not aware of what they really are and what they're really doing? She is the Order's most dangerous weapon, fully aware and fully commited to their goals, no matter the means... assasination, torture, robbing, every one who dares to cross the Order's path can expect the complete destruction of his life. And I mean people, not vampires... as they did to Vlad, who was people when his whole life was stolen from him, his home, his enviroment, his family, and in the ultimate cruelty, he was denied even the final peace and rest, that of death, as a definite and everlasting punishment. In addition, she didn't just kill vampires, as a Vermin Infestation control specialist would do. She liked to torture them... this was shown since the begining (ep. 2, I think) when she said with bright eyes to the female vampire she was holding prisoner "there's fates for your kind a lot worse than death, and I know them all".

Jane was a very complex character, and this complexity was shown throughout the whole 10 episodes... she hated vampires so much because she couldn't bear and embrace who she really was. It's a psychological truism that the thing you hate the most in others, is your own hateable thing. You only projects it "outside" to be able to deal with it, and to be able to keep an illusory self image of being better.

Because this is an original and totally diferent take. It was never intended to be a remake of the old tale Bram Stoker told us. This Dracula is not Stoker's Dracula (is a wilder, and yet more human one)... nor are the others characters. These characters are deeper and way more complex than Stoker's ones. And many of us, love that.


I still agree with the article to me Jayne didn't know Grayson was Dracula. Just because she was bad and a strong woman does not mean she has to know everything. Just because you are intelligent does not make less vulnerable than those who are not. I know very well what the organization does and is no good the same organization Dracula belong at one time and he too participate on killing innocent people them. They called him Vlad the iimpailer so I doubt he was a good person. But he did kill People both directly and as part of the organization because that why he has the name the impaler. And the current order though Dracula was myth so they were not the ones who turn Vlad into a vampire. And the idea of making her torture vampires was ridiculous an unnecessary from the part of the writers. Vampires are strong and where always kill instantly they were never torture before. But even though she belong a corrupt organization she never actually kill people like browning did or order to kill. I didn't like what the writers did with her character and they could have provided more info on her family background and why she even joint an organization that was supposed to be mostly male. And why she was even allow to join. Sometime I wish she would have been a hunter but not working with the order and doing the same job the original van Helsing was supposed to do that was kill vampires to protect people.

Dear Ms. Laura!
Thank you for your point of view on Dracula! It was really amusing, since none of it is true. I can only assume that you were trying to be satirical in order to underline all great aspects of the show. It did work. I like the show even more now after reading your article.

If I knifed away the layers of the cocoon to get to the butterfly, I would certainly miss the process, growth and potential of what it takes to become in time. I think this applies to anything a person enjoys in life. Watching something evolve can give pleasure to the viewer. Yes, this show Dracula may not appeal to people that want to be a critic of sorts. I surely not going to guess or suggest what an actor or actress may want to gain, or assume they feel boredom from their performance and involvement while making the Dracula episodes. I will say that I highly enjoyed watching season 1. It was fun, and such a refreshing twist on an "old folklore" character. I don't think the intention was recreate everything historically perfect. This is not a documentary for the history channel. It's entertainment for adults, not the tweens. We need more shows for the mature audience that are tongue in cheek, dark comedy, and yes maybe a little far fetched. Some of the best shows and movies start as a "sleeper hit." Dracula seem to be a great example of doing this, especially if the show is allowed to continue for a second season. I am not a critic it's not my place to be so negative, become mean, and slightly a TV show snob. I am just a loyal fan of the NBC show Dracula.

LOL :D about naked in a medieval castle

I thought the season was slow and I almost gave up, but I think it was a great finish and last couple episodes. We all feel bad when characters we like die off, but this is hardly the reason why a second season won't be good. How many great series killed off characters: walking dead, sopranos, game of thrones, etc. With good writing and casting new characters can take their place. Whether this team can pull that off is another story.

Renfield only got a gut shot. He's a big guy, we don't know he's dead. Could easily have him muster up the strength to get outside and seek help.

Ok, euhm... you're an idiot and you have no idea what you're talking about. The show was really good and fun. What did you expect about a theme that's been overused and overabused?! Really worst article i've read on the internet in a while. 98% of the comments disagree with you then something must be wrong, WITH YOU!

For me, the most clever bit of writing came in the episode where Jonathan discovered that the woman he had been speaking to about the General was an actress, hired by Grayson. Whoever wrote that episode should have had a hand in ALL of the episodes.

Amari, I have to agree about adhering to the original. Some of the best versions of classic texts tend to stray in important ways. And sometimes, that's great and very successful (think Sherlock). Other times, it's terrible (think First Knight). Veering from the original subject matter doesn't make something automatically good or bad, right? It is how it's executed.

What made Sherlock so good was that Gatiss and Moffat had an extremely clear vision of what they were doing. As a result, every step was carefully considered and fit into that larger version in a meaningful way. This affected both plot and style. In terms of style, for example, the creators decided to update Sherlock in terms of technology. We tend to think of Sherlock as archaic...Victorian. But he was on the cutting edge of science in his day. So they chose to have him be very comfortable with Majority Report-type interfaces and displays and even took this as far as showing how he actually processes information much like those computers do. Showing that on-screen was a huge departure for a Sherlock depiction, but it worked because it was in keeping with their carefully constructed character (and because, honestly, they filmed it well...it could have been a visual disaster).

Dracula could have done that same thing (been careful, deliberate, and inventive in its choices) but for the most part, didn't. Given that they were allowed a lot of latitude, they could have taken the character in some really interesting directions (like it looked like they were going to do when we learned that Dracula had basically been playing a complicated long-game with Harker from the beginning).

I think that a lot of us were excited going in precisely because we thought this was what we were going to get (it’s certainly why I volunteered to review its first series). But when the story dragged, episode after episode, and we saw all that potential wasted, many people just gave up. This would certainly explain why the ratings in week five were half what they were for the premiere. Even though they went up very slightly near the end, they still hovered around half what they were in the beginning. To put this into perspective, Grimm (Dracula’s lead-in show) had almost double the viewers for the same night that Dracula did.

I think there’s a good chance that if Dracula is renewed for next year, NBC is going to insist on some new blood in the mix.

This article is wrong. Loved it, watched it faithfully.

Too many weeks between episodes made it difficult to follow. But when you watch back on demand it is great.

I actually agree with this article. You make a lot of logical arguments that I've had issues with the series myself. I think the 10 episode season didn't do this series any justice. Didn't give it a chance to stretch its legs. That may account for the rushed plot and inconsistent characters like Harker, who's rage seems misplaced.

As for Lady Jayne, I felt that her character should have died a while back considering she was a threat to his "children". I also felt that the vampires were too weak, dying far to easily at the hands of one human woman. She's supposed to be dinner, not your demise.

But still, even with all it's faults, I love this show and hope it gets another season. I hope the actors feel the support of the fans and the network. I also hope it gets another director. Sorry, but I feel that the action that was there was often filmed off screen. Viewers got to hear Dracula killing someone instead of seeing it. That kind of old school filming trick being used repeatedly didn't help. Show, don't tell.

I hope to see Dracula Season 2 this fall.

Van Helsing's scream was not pointless at all. He did what he thought would bring him peace, killing the man who took his humanity from him. Sadly enough, it didn't work. He was crying out because he felt no better, probably worse.
Also, the show is freakin' amazing so please don't write something with several open ends and questioning remarks, especially when they don't full make sense with what happened in the show.
In the show, there were open ends and I prefer they didn't kill Renfield. The ending almost felt rushed. But then again take notice, this is basically the beginning of "Dracula" all over again. He has to tell the woman he loves he is Vlad The Impaler and find a way to either escape or fix the situation with the explosion. Not to mention the twist with Van Helsing & Harker. This wasn't as much as a open ended ending as an introduction to a new side of Dracula. I really hope there is more to come!

I have to disagree. I thought this series was really interesting and even though I didn't get the chance to see it while it was airing, I blew right through the 10 episodes in two days. Quite frankly the only thing I am disappointed in is the fact that now I have to wait for season 2 to come out. Otherwise, great series, looking forward to season 2.

Couldn't agree more. I don't watch a lot of network TV, but this show is one of the few that have caught my attention- and kept it.

All this time spent to write this article only to have everyone comment on how wrong you are! Dracula is a great show, especially for network television.

It really seems like you have a hard time enjoying pulp horror. This is a great TV show. I can't fathom what your problem is.

stabs to the abs are not likely fatal unless they go untreated for a long time. He's going to come back in S2.

OUaT you mean the show where the grumpy blond and the abnormally round-headed brunet pout about not being as hot as the "evil" queen while spending most of S02 wondering around in circles in the jungle? Yea...

This show had me and my grandmother at awe. I'm really banking for another season. I'll be soo highly upset.

I disagree with the article as well. I think she was so intent on writing something one-sided that she lost sight of why viewers might keep returning episode after episode. There were definitely weaknesses but it's a fair start for a season one. I also didn't like many choices for the finale but I still want to know what's next.

Dracula is the best show I have seen on TV in the past 30 years. I can also speak for my husband who feels the same. I am 56 and my husband 59 years old. We have seen a lot of TV shows and Movies. We couldn't believe how Fantastic this series was. I have also emailed CBS to renew this show. ( first time I ever emailed a network) Thats how strongly feel about Dracula.

Dracula was a good show, this article is childish and dismissive.

This is simply the review of a person who knows nothing about the show except that it has been most likely discontinued.

I believe you're referring to series 3. That's when they go to Neverland. ;)

You might want to email NBC instead, since its their show. Although since CBS might want to see it renewed if only to give Blue Bloods less competition. ;)

Debbie, I feel the same, so you're not alone. May be the show is even too good for TV. But Laura has a little point here, you might want to email NBC

I too hope there will be a second series. The thing is, whatever its flaws, they could be overcome with stronger writers and a better showrunner. And a different actor as Harker.

And yes, Jayne's character never made a huge amount of sense. Still, I liked her and wanted to see a much stronger end for her. The fact that she wasn't at least able to get a little of her own back after the way Dracula played her was frustrating.

As to the killing, it's weird that they'd have the show on that late, after the watershed, and so obviously pull punches when it came to the violence. Not the I think glorifying violence is a good thing, but it could have been a stark reminder that Dracula is very much an ANTI-hero. Our feelings toward him are supposed to be complicated...

I agree.

I was disappoint in the hold show. Mine u there were good points and bad points and the WTF?!?. Now let me tell you when a network considered you a libaitiy and you have a melt down you might not come back I could be wrong. But look at the secret circle. Heroes and now GF gone and those shows and network was damm good. Did they come back. Are they coming back sadly to me no. Now let me tell you what I did not like about Dracula. No 1. Dracula is not evil . I can't stand love sick vampire. I can't stand when the walk in the sun eat food have babys and so forth. No.2. I hated it when you look around it's mina and Dracula ture love never dies and this other crap. Sure Jonathan had no right to sleep with lucy. But wasn't she supposed to be gay? And wtf did she do to lady Jane to piss her off. And Dracula has set Jonathan up made pass at mina worst off at there engagement party what would you do and they both walk off leaving jonathan on the dance floor looking and feeling like a fool. Why do you want Dracula and mina to be together what about jonathan where is his happy ending. Lady on her back wearing tight clothes who's married sleeping with Dracula a big let down you want a real vampire slayer call faith from Buffy the vampire slayer. Van heling or Dracula bitch wrong from the start. And can someone tell me how Redfield is stronger than Dracula?!? Dracula should had the power to throw him ten feet across the room he did to the professor. And every body had sex when mina had sex with Dracula to me the show was over when you kill the main charter s its over. When you. Want a so call evil vampire that dose not want to become one or turn mina. It's over . What happen to ture evil vampire? Blade. Lost boys. Fright Night. John carpenter vampire. Near dark ever thing now is to twilight. So I say no for season 2 I might be wrong sorry if I am but when a network considered you a liability and you stop production becase of that. That there money glad he is getting help but you need to pick up Christopher Lee's Dracula and leran from him or vampire circus . Captain kronss vampire Hunter. Because now I see how its going to end mina will killl Dracula find out she with child and we all know who the father going to be why because ture ripped of twilight dark shadow love never dies when it should

This show is one of highlights over lame old reality television shows and singing competitions (I swear it I have to hear one more teenager sing, I'll hang myself!) I fully enjoyed this last episode. So may surprises. Poor Lady Jane. Poor Lucy, but she deserved it. Browning got it worst of all! Holy smokes! Please renew this show!!!

I think this article is eloquent and well written but I'm not sold on the majority of the opinions within it.

I think ms. akers that you have missed the point-- I watched the show from the beginning and have enjoyed all the episodes -- I think part of the problem is, is that you have a preconceived idea of what you wish to see in the program and have a hard time taking a viewpoint of a different manner -- it started slower than a lot of series but has gained momentum each episode - we in the industry call this a sleeper - if you want to nit pick then why don't you complain about all the quickly thrown together reality shows ( the are truly pablum for the masses)

Laura, This last comment you made has no purpose except to be crude and mean. Why even write? Unless you have a something meaningful to say please. This is not a bash and slash.

It's a joke. And it's a joke that cuts both ways since Blue Bloods is also struggling in the ratings.

I would suggest that you're reading a lot of malice where there is none. Which is ironic considering the outright attacks in many of the other comments. It's interesting that THIS is what you chose to call out as "mean." Especially since I was actually trying to redirect her so that her love of the show might accomplish what she'd like to see.

Thank you. I really appreciate your ability (and willingness) to differentiate the two. :)

Putting this brand new show on Friday nights during football season was not the way to garner fans and that hurt the show. There is only one Dracula movie I have ever felt was superior (early nineties version with Gary Oldman and Winona Rider) and this television series is no. 2 on my list for renditions of the age old tale. I do feel the American accent takes away the exotic feel of Dracula's persona, but do like the twists and turns. For a television series, the artistic direction and sets were very good. The only shows I watch regularly are Elementary and Person of Interest, but now this joins the others. I hope it's not cancelled!

I totally have to agree with the article ! Despite I am a hugh fan of JRM and watch every single movie, in which he is acting, his role in Dracula I found very dissapointing. I also agree that the actors of Tudors Show have given sharp performances and the story was fascinating and of cause JRM performance was brilliant and charismatic. This unfortunately I can't say about Dracula. I find the show very weak, Too much visiual effects, too much blood,too trivial, too obvious.

Loved the show. I totally disagree with this article. I hope it is renewed. I also hope Reinfield in not dead.

Yes. Your words are so true!

I totally agree with you, Angela. I love "Dracula" and I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers, all the other actors, the settings, the atmosphere. I'm definitely rooting for a Season 2.

Disagree completely. Great series, good writing, acting, storytelling. Great pace. You sound like one of those people who CAUSE networks to cancel good shows left, right and centre.....bemoaning any plot arc, or episode that doesn't have a million plot twists, fight scenes, whatever, every single week.

I disagree with everything you say. I enjoyed and looked forward to it every week and was very disappointed that it's over so quickly. I truly hope it returns.

I beg to disagree with the article, from the start till the end this magnificent series was nowhere close to the uneven mediocrity lamely suggested by the reviewer Ms. Laura. Why don't you take a hike Missy?
The sensitive side bonding goodness of compassion to the impetuousness and ruthlessness of ingrained evil originating from a deep seated insecurity yielding to its primeval nature ; unquenched hunger, blends exquisitely with the love that tames it... the plot couldn't have been better!

I urge the producer to prod the series to go on till the dawn of its existence with the very attractive, appealing, magnetic and charismatic Meyers and Dracula at their best.

It would be good if they could bring Renfield back as a vampire.

well i think this article is utter bullshit. i love the show. its full of the dark mistery that i love and its got the blood and guts for me and the love and lust, the lure of unforgotten true love has kept me hooked from day 1. its not just a silly teen program, its not even on the same level as vampire diaries which is more suited to a light hearted teenager, but dracula offers insight to a time where things like vampires and supersticious beliefs were rife. i think jonathon plays the character so well and gives just the right amount of fear, mistery and love. this isnt some sordid knock off porn flick either, it is about true love and how love will find each other eventually. anyone who knocks this program is clearly heartless and never felt true love or even been in love. i love it and i truly hope they continue with it

I beg to disagree with the article, from the start till the end this
magnificent series was nowhere close to the uneven mediocrity lamely
suggested by the reviewer Ms. Laura. Why don't you take a hike Missy?
sensitive side bonding goodness of compassion to the impetuousness and
ruthlessness of ingrained evil originating from a deep seated insecurity
yielding to its primeval nature ; unquenched hunger, blends exquisitely
with the love that tames it... the plot couldn't have been better!

I urge the producer to prod the series to go on till the dawn of its
existence with the very attractive, appealing, magnetic and charismatic
Meyers and Dracula at their best.

Come on NBC. I don't know who is over what shows stay and which ones go. I really hope they give Dracula at least 1 more season. I also want to see Dracula more evil tearing more people apart. I was a little disheartened when Dr. Van Helsing is telling him he needs to feed more. It was really starting to get into the swing of things when the season was over. I was hoping when Grim returned Dracula would be back at the 10pm time slot like it previously had been. Boy did I sure get a rude awaking when instead of Dracula they put that horrible Hannibal show there. Now Hannibal was a show I couldn't wait to see I thought it was going to be a great storyline and wow was I not only wrong but very disappointed with it. Not exactly how many episodes I watched of it but I think around episode 3 or 4 I totally lost interest in it. It was episode were girl was displayed on huge tree stump and a huge Elk or Deer was walking around. So to whom it may concern at NBC do away with Hannibal I'm sorry without Anthony. HOPKINS IT'S Just horrible. They also gave Ironside 1 season which I thought had good potential to be good show. Looks like only shows they renewed that I actually watch is The Blacklist which I probably shouldn't have wrote because it will probably now get the ax. I also hope they renew Chicago PD they can do away with Chicago fire if they want. I even hate their NCAA Football by owning the rights to show Notre Dame Football. I also loved their great coverage of the Winter Olympics! Yeah!!! Please bring back The Backlist, Chicago PD, and Dracula are my 3 favorite shows you have. Please do away with The Voice! It would be fine if every other station did not already have their own form of the same show. I do find Joy in seeing Ce-Lo little sausage fingers. But between it X - Factor America's Got Tallent, American Idol. Oh I also forgot how well I enjoyed the TV series called Awake that was yet another of many shows that NBC gives 1 season amd done. If Dracula , Blacklist, & Chicago PD get the 1 and done like many of my favorites then I will probably just give up on NBC. Cause I don't wanna watch VOICE Chicago Fire Hannibal and best of all Notre Dame Football. Do you let Mante Teo help call the public to poll America on what shows are good in America? If so that may help describe everything. He is by far a very intelligent young man that met the woman of his life to only realize his girlfriend who was terminally sick. Well that's enough ranting and raving renew Chicago PD,The Blacklist, Dracula and brink Awake back from the dead. I did forget I like Sunday Night Football but hate Notre Dame Football. Sorry guess and gals for long for any it just gets frustrating when you start getting into a show and instead of looking forward to season 2 it just gets that AX!!!

Blank. Erase...

Exactly. The components are there; we just need someone who knows how to handle them. I've had the distinct feeling Knauf has been out of his depth with this series. And I agree totally about Oliver Jackson-Cohen. I really have no idea why they thought casting him was a good idea, I'm sure he would never have survived any pilot process, which backs up Laura's original point. Still, whilst I'm disappointed with his performance it wasn't a surprise; for some reason most Dracula adaptations seem to struggle with the Jonathan Harker character.

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