Doctor Who: Asylum Of The Daleks review

Review Simon Brew 1 Sep 2012 - 20:10

Doctor Who series 7 kicks off with Asylum Of The Daleks. Here's our spoiler-packed review...

Warning: this review contains spoilers. The spoiler-free one is here.

7.1 Asylum Of The Daleks

"Perhaps that is why we have never been able to kill you".

At some point, once the dust has settled around Asylum Of The Daleks, it might be worth us all having a big old chat about what's an 'acceptable spoiler'. Because, as you probably worked out, a quite massive one managed to get to the transmission of the episode fully intact. At the advanced screening we were lucky enough to attend, Steven Moffat specifically requested it be kept under wraps, and fortunately, everyone complied. But we’ve seen the very fact that he requested a big surprise be kept reported. Is that, in itself, taking things too far? We’re genuinely interested.

Back to the surprise in question itself, though. We'd been told, after all, that we wouldn't be seeing Jenna-Louise Coleman, the incoming Doctor Who companion, until the Christmas special. But not for the first time, a little bit of fibbing has taken place, and there she was: not just appearing five episodes early, not just taking everyone by surprise, but also, er, seemingly doomed.

Companions have wriggled out of corners before, but it'll be interesting to see how Coleman's character - going by the name of Oswin here - manages to get out of being a Dalek. That's been a bit of a dead end for a character in Doctor Who past, so it sets up something intriguing for us to speculate over until the year’s end. While we’re there, we might want to ponder how the Doctor heard her voice so clearly as human rather than Dalek, too, until the penny finally dropped. Also, why not throw in that the planet she was apparently on has blown up. Er, small hurdles, there...

Looking at Asylum Of The Daleks specifically, then, and we suspected when we first saw it that it might be a bit of a divisive episode. After all, Steven Moffat’s first full-length Dalek story is as interested in the marriage of Amy and Rory as it is the Time Lord’s most infamous foes. That’s certainly not going to be to the liking of everybody.

But it’s to the liking of us. There are but a few stories left with Amy and Rory, and what Asylum Of The Daleks has done is shift the mechanic once again in their relationship. In the past, it’s been Rory that’s waited, Rory that’s done the chasing, and Rory who was seemingly the most committed to their marriage. Heck, he’s died enough times for them.

This time, though, in an episode that sees them on the cusp of divorce and, in a nice twist, seeing the Doctor capable of fixing things he’s not expected to, we learn that Amy needs Rory just as much. We also learn that it’s now her inability to have children that’s seemingly done fatal damage to their relationship, and the reason why she's not fought for them. Rory doesn’t see fertility issues as the be all and end all, though, and they end up back together.

Crucially, both Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan are on top form, delivering scenes of the ilk we’ve never seen between Doctor Who companions before. They sell the fact that the horrors that Rory and Amy have been through have both torn them apart, and left them paradoxically inseparable. They’ve both actually needed each other as much all along, and only on the precipice of them splitting once and for all can Amy finally admit that to him. All this in the middle of a Saturday night family show.

It’s not the end of their story, though, and Asylum Of The Daleks leaves them poised, arguably at their most even and happy, and no doubt set to be put through the wringer again. That's for the next few weeks, though.

The Daleks, meanwhile, get a bit of an evolution here (and while their name may be in the title, they hardly dominate the episode). Moffat isn’t interested in a traditional tale of Daleks being on the edge of winning, and then snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Instead, when we meet them – after being introduced to an evolved version that sees Dalek apparatus protruding from human beings (which is better than the Dalek hybrid of old, certainly, and something that opens up a new way for them to be used in the future) - they’re as good as defeated. And that’s why, this time, they send for the Doctor.

They seem to find him very easily, as it happens, which begs the question as to why they’ve faffed around with him so much in the past. But then Moffat pops in a line to deal with that early in the episode. Anyway, the Daleks need him to take on a suicide mission – after he’s had a quick pre-credits journey to Skaro (which was destroyed back in the excellent Remembrance Of The Daleks) – to head down to a particularly dangerous planet on their behalf.

The planet in question is the Dalek’s asylum, the place where all the broken, damaged and scarred Daleks go. A smashing idea, that. The vast majority seem dormant, and that means the tone of this part of the episode is more along the lines of a tense horror than any kind of action spectacular. The big screen parallel might just be John Carpenter's take on The Thing, although the foes here are often in plain sight, just not functioning properly.

We were told that every variant of Dalek ever would be on display, but ultimately we don’t really get to see that much of too many of them (although the broad Dalek Parliament scenes are impressive for sheer scale alone). It’s a bit of a shame, as we’d have loved to have seen some of the older models back at work. Not to be on this occasion, though.

Instead, what we get, and what makes the Daleks here really work, is something a bit smaller. Consequently, it's also something that injects tension back into the Daleks. Director Nick Hurran delivers excellent work here, embracing the also-strong production and sound work on display (in fact, the sound design rarely gets enough credit), to wring the most of out Daleks slowly stirring from their slumber. It recalls the 2005 episode Dalek in some respects, in the fact that Asylum Of The Daleks does its damnedest to get across that just one of the infernal pepperpots is a lethal beast in its own regard. They feel like a threat again, and that’s no mean feat.

Also, it’s interesting that Moffat continues the reset work he undertook at the end of the last series. Theoretically, everyone believed The Doctor was dead come the end credits, although the Daleks (and presumably others) obviously didn’t buy that. But now, Oswin has found a way to wipe the Doctor from the Daleks’ collective memory. The Doctor’s mortal enemies not recognising him anymore? That leaves their ongoing battle in an intriguing position, for the first time in a long while.

So then: does this all make for the best Dalek episode of Doctor Who? No, but it’s a very good one. Take the ingredients it injects above and beyond battling the Daleks, and it’s better still. With an added sprinkling of Moffat’s witty dialogue, it’s a confident, ambitious start to a big series for Doctor Who. It packs a lot in, and you can sense that there’s been a real effort to deliver the kind of one-off weekly blockbuster that we’ve been teased with. It certainly gets series seven of the revived show off to a strong start, even if it doesn't seem to introduce threads quite as teasing as those from The Impossible Astronaut and Day Of The Moon. It's not short on dark edges of its own, though.

An impressive opener, then. But still, we have to end with the Oswin questions. Amy, at one point in the episode, has her mind clouded, and sees people where there are actually Daleks. Has the Doctor fallen prey to that, too? Is that why he can hear Oswin’s voice, rather than the sound of a Dalek? How is she going to get from the inside of a Dalek to the Christmas special intact? And was she really there, or is someone messing with our heads again (because if she was, she seems a bit, er, dead)? We're looking at you, Mr Moffat...

We look forward to finding out, and thanks to a confident performance from Jenna-Louise Coleman, we look forward to meeting her character again, too. Before that, though, there are more episodes to enjoy, starting with the small matter of Dinosaurs On A Spaceship next week. Here's hoping it keeps the standard up to that of Asylum Of The Daleks.

Isn't it good to have Doctor Who back?

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Oswin may just be the best character Moffat's created yet. She's bloody great!

Oswin may just be the best character Moffat's introduced yet... she's bloody great!!

Jenna Louise Colman was great she'll be a great companion. Some how. One gripe where was the Special Weapons Dalek?

OMG! That Jenna reveal blew me away! I had to stifle myself from telling the kids till the end! Well Done Mr Moffat!

If Moffat believes that surprise is more effective than tragedy his estimation of his own powers as a writer is as off as his regard for his audience.

Deffo saw the SWD (at 24:58), but sadly no Genesis version :(

I think I'm in love with Jenna-Louise Coleman!

Tim Travel show, he remembers her and probably whisks her away before she goes to the planet. A little River Song, but there ya go.

Us it possible that we've seen the end of Oswin, and the rest of the time she spends with the Doctor will be before this, as per River Song?

That was fantastic, so glad it didnt get out that Jenna was in this episode that was a real treat, thought we would have seen more of the classic Daleks but I can live without that. Seeing the Doctor scared was my favourite moment loved it!

I think the ep is going to divide a lot of the "hardcore" Who continuity following set... but hell with that, I loved it.

Ooh, hadnt thought about the possibility of his perceptions being askew.

That episode was better than 90% of the last series. Not many of the old models to be seen. I expected to see them in the intensive care scene but it was all new series models which was a bit annoying

Oswin's character seems quite similar to Michelle Ryans character in Planet of the Dead.

I live in America and can't wait for the new episode to come out. I knowingly read this article thinking I'd be fine... I'm not fine! God, and I'm meeting with other whovian fans 3 hours before the new episode appear here in the states. They hate spoilers and these are some pretty big ones...

am i the only one whos head hurts after watching that its the kids who tune in that im sorry for looks like its gonna be clearer on second or third viewing which aint a bad thing i suppose

The Doctor only heard Oswin's voice as a Dalek when in physical presence with her. He heard her voice as a woman's whenever she was transmitting it through speakers. She pretended to be making souffles, she pretended she was in a spaceship, she must also have morphed her voice through the speakers to sound the way she felt she should.

But River knew who the Doctor was when she first came into the show, Oswin didnt trust him to save her so she couldnt of known him, unless she was lying but the Moff wouldnt use the same trick twice.

:D that episode was awesome!!!

SWD was there.... albeit in a "blink and you'll miss it" bit with Rory. Then again this is Who: Don't blink! ;o)

No excuse for her being barren. Get in the TARDIS, go get some future/alien medicine. Drama resolved with no drama.

Its FABULOUS to have Doctor Who back - I really enjoyed AotD tonight and the fact that no-one leaked the Jemma Louise Coleman surprise is brilliant. It took me a moment or two to realise who she was - I can imagine fans doing double-takes all over the world as the penny dropped! And fabulous to see #DrWho trending on twitter, too! And kind of poignant to see that #DavidTennant is also trending too as people remember his Doctor. I bet he enjoyed tonight's episode!

Hmm.. how EVER will Jenna-Louise Coleman come back to be a companion.... to the TIMELORD ?!?!?!

Was 'the question' asked at the end??? Or am I very much over thinking things.....

Silence will fall when the question is asked (answered?)! Well the Daleks are going to be demanding an aswer to it quite strongly now, aren't they? Something odd escaped from their Asylum, tweaked their noses, and ran off. They are going to be consumed with the question.

No story arc this season? Another one of Moff's fibs it seems.

Great minds...

My theory for Jenna is that the character she played here isn't the companion. Perhaps the final companion will be called 'Clara', as rumour, or maybe it's something else. But I think she might play several characters across space and time as the series progresses, each one with the same personality traits, until the Christmas special where the Doctor meets 'Clara'. That's just me theorising, though. Across the rest of the episode, I was highly impressed. I've not thought Moffat's last two efforts at a series opener were as effective as some RTD-era ones, but this one hit the spot. Funny, scary, smart, twisty and intriguing. I can't wait for the rest of the series now!


Jenna was great. I was suprised to see her too! But OMG!!! Wasnt that just a SUPERB season opener????? It makes the wait worth it. It was BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!! I noticed that the credits have been tweaked...the cartoony over use of colour has been toned down and they now look gothic dark, stormy and epic. Its amazing the difference the better lighting can make. Yes I was annoyed that there were not more classic Daleks on show...I wanted to see more Genesis and 60s ones. Surely the ones in intensive care should have been the classics? Silver ones from Exillon and Grey ones etc . Oh well. Either Jenna L.C is dead....or not? I hope that she is NOT in the dalek and in some sort of harness as shown, and breaks out and gets away in time and meets up with him in the Christmas Special...otherwise if he meets her again and its in her own past BEFORE she goes off on that ship and crashes, its going to be exactly like River Song. I cant see the Moff repeating himself like this so its going to have to be something clever...what if she is another Time Lord??? Hmm.?? Perhaps....Either way I cant wait to find out. I had to laugh at the Doctor Who? Question....might lead into the 50th stories somewhere...It was the best Dalek story since 2005s Dalek. It really was. Thank God Doctor Who is back....trouble is these five episodes are going to fly by....

The Doctor meets Jenna-Louise Coleman character in a Victorian Christmas so make of that what you will.

Found that one of the best episodes of Doctor Who ever and I have watched it for 31 years.

Great concept but so disappointed in the actual screen time of the historic Daleks after all the hype (at least the Mighty Morphin ones were not to visible).

So many eChoes of 2005's Dalek, and am intrigued as to what Moffat will do with the human element. Really believe Moffat will take it in a more interesting direction than Davies did ( the promise that never materialised after Dalek re: Rose - as much as I love The Parting of the Ways, I've always been disappointed with how it - and that which followed it - failed to follow through effectively on the human element ). The relationship of the doctor and his companions to the daleks is one I've been wanting to be explored for a long, long time - and here at last, the Moff is tackling it. Am very, very excited.

Not a bad idea the Doctor being affected, but Rory had a bit of a chinwag with her too. Badass though he may be at times, I can't really imagine him flirting with the dulcet tones of a dalek behind a mike...

Den of Geek - no mention of The Question? It seems the Daleks have found a new prime motive - to find an answer to the question - 'Doctor Who?'. Is it they who will ask The Question at the Field of Trenzalore? The question that the Silence fear must never be answered...

Jenna Louise Coleman's Dalek was in a pretty special looking room by itself. Don't see a (admittedly SciFi expositiony) reason why the Dalek couldn't of survived...

"It recalls the 2005 episode Dalek in some respects, in the fact that Asylum Of The Daleks does its damnedest to get across that just one of the infernal pepperpots is a lethal beast in its own regard. They feel like a threat again, and that’s no mean feat." How? There are millions of them and they just talk to the Dr. I don't agree. Good episode though.

That be a bit repetitive. I square she told the Doctor not to forget, forget what. Moffat may have said there was no arc this but there seem to be a lot of unanswered questions this episode.

"Doctor Who"

Apparently. But that could also easily be an re-enactment on the cruise liner and that Oswin is serving aboard.

apparently the new character is called Clara Oswin and the Doctor meets her in Victorian London - guessing she might be an ancestor of the character shown tonight?

Yep, there seem to be several story arcs in this opening episode alone.

Fantastic episode (as usual IMO) with some stellar performances, Karen in particular during the big reveal of why Amy has broken up with Rory.

One thing I've gotta say though DOG: "Rory who was seemingly the most committed to their marriage", uh really? Because I seem to remember Amy staying with Auton!Rory and trying to keep his human side with her despite his pleading with her to run. And then getting shot and dying for her troubles. Plus committing suicide on the small chance she'd get him back in Amy's Choice. Oh, and being perfectly willing to run out of the TARDIS to be with him even after he'd been killed, knowing full well she wouldn't come back, in Cold Blood. And willingly letting the siren take her on the off chance it would get her back to Rory in The Curse of the Black Spot. And ... sorry, it's just a pet peeve of mine that people seem to overlook a lot of Amy's character development in order to keep portraying her as someone who Rory is always sacrificing for and never returning the favour.

Maybe shes Amys dying gift to the doctor, after all she brought him back by remembering. Just a thought...

i was wondering If Oswin could delete the doctor from the daleks' minds, couldn't she have rewritten their minds to become docile creatures? I know I know it's no fun but deleting the doctor from the collective minds of the Daleks defeats the purpose of the Daleks in a sense since the Doctor and Daleks have this age old rivalry and also the fear of the doctor is what makes their relationship so captivating...maybe im thinking too hard of it all lol...anyway, it was a long wait but it was worth it!

poor oswin. i might travel with a relative of hers one day. or a past version of her. she was a genius. almost as clever as me. but my chin is not wide! doctor who doctor who doctor who

That is eaxctly what I was thinking but I can't remember, was it the "the question that must not be asked" or something similar???

Does Oswin's talent have anything to do with the Silence? That's what I want to know...

Not sure how I feel about this episode. I might have been distracted by the fact that we were promised every Dalek that has ever appeared in DW and basically saw the standard goldies from the new series, the iPod Daleks from Victory of the Daleks, and 1 special weapons Dalek. To quote Kevin Kline "Disappointed!".

No-one else not that fussed by it, then?
That was a pretty big waste of daleks. I put aside my loathing of teen drama on the promise of all these old models, but we got precious little.
And lo-and-behold, another stash of millions of daleks, that further dilutes the idea that timelords and daleks were all but wiped out in their war. The dalek parliament, another legend, just like the Cult of Skaro. They can pull another legend out of the bad next time too. I wonder why the new paradigm daleks are now not fussed about living side-by-side with the previous incarnation.
I fear I'm going to be alone in finding the new/future companion underwhelming and slightly annoying. It's not her fault really, having to sit on her own and over-act at events going on elsewhere, but still rather bland. A sassy, generically pretty young lady who could have been plucked from a bland, glossy American sci-fi series. How many viewers really liked her, and how many just fancied her?
I don't think the daleks have become scary again. And that chap has self-plagiarised from 'Dalek' too much for the end of this one. Still, it was 500% better than "Victory of the Daleks".

I don't agree with them, and I do agree with you. How were they a threat, in any way at all? Apparently Steven Moffat now only has to tell people the daleks are scary again and it becomes so.

The answers are right in front of all of you. Who were in that area of the Asylum? and how much exposure would be required for them to be in an independant cell? Think we will be seeing some sort of earlier version to make her strong enough for that mental battle.

yes, this is how I understand it - though I don't think she deliberately morphed her voice, as she wasn't aware she was a Dalek. I think she transmitted her voice through the network in the way she remembers herself speaking/how she believes herself to sound as a human. So, she sounds human because she thinks she is and transmits the data of her communications like that.

9/10 Great episode, It really is great to have blockbuster, top quality episodes to start the season after the rubbish that was New Earth,Smith and Jones and Partners in Crime. I was distracted with the "is that JLC" question the entire episode but I almost shed a tear at the Ponds reconcilation.

Indeed. I am extremely disappointed. I have a feeling that they must have borrowed old designs from collectors, realised they didn't look too great close up, and so stuck them in the dark covered in a load of dirt, and gave them about a minute's screen time. I barely recognised any classic designs, let alone "all of them". The Special Weapons Dalek is probably just a static prop. What I wouldn't give for Davros and a council of daleks of all designs, actually implenting a decent plan over a period of time.

Dunno. Never mind having a man's name, shes as clever as the Dcotor is. And clever companions are not a good idea. Adric, anyone?

Yeah, I have a feeling her casting may have been done largely with this aim in mind (not you personally, but geeks and dads)

The Moffat lies.

Really liked the episode tonight and for those asking why the doctor was not turned into a Dalek when he gave the wristband thing to Amy I think I can come up with an explanation for this. The doctor said to Amy the daleks are subtracting love and turning into hate but because the doctor is so full of hate it didn't affect him. Also that's why have failed to kill him because they think hate is beautiful

I think the reason behind this is because Rory's always been very open with how he feels about Amy. She, however, is not the type of person to go shouting her feelings about. She may not be quite as open as Rory, but when it counts (like the things you mentioned above) she lets us know.

I think the fact she was a Dalek was a bit of a cheat in all the hacking stuff.

Romana was a great clever companion

Perhaps she could stay a Dalek. Could the doctor have a Dalek companion?

Am i the only person who noticed the 'question' at the end of this with its connection to the silence. The doctor even said it the same way Dorium did at the end. 'Doc-tor who!' If im not reading too much into it the good doctor doesnt seem overly bothered about a question that is supposed to bring about the 'fall of the eleventh'

You know I love Kentucky Derby Pie, but if you have it ever day it gets boring.

I very much hope we are not going to be treated to yet another full season of everything out of order and meeting a companion for the first time the day they die saving the Doctor and then he travels with them for years trying to figure a way to keep it from happening.

Moffat is a good writer, I liked Sally Sparrow, I liked Time Crash, but the same basic plot wrapped in a different story every time over and over gets older than I am.

load o shite, there was no real dalek action, and only 4 old skool daleks in the background, dissapointed...load o pish

I'm sure you will know if it gets asked each episode and he can't meet oswin in her past as she said it was her first journey exploring.

Liz Shaw.

I thought the question couldn't be asked because the answer is the problem not the actual question itself

That was good. Entertaining. Not in the top-tier of Who episodes, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. There were times when it was on where I was unsure of it, but, as I say, it's improving in my memory.

Surely there is a massive difference between deleting data and rewriting something's meaning for existence?

I thought it was all fairly straight-forward, but then I am a massive nerd. Which bits didn't you get?

Haven't you all missed the point. Why can't the new companion actually be a dalek? It would be fun!!!!

Doctor meets this girl in victorian london. Takes her as a companion. Has lots of adventures with her. Then after a season or two comes a plot device called the Alaska spaceship. In that season finale of the Alaska spaceship adventures, the Doctor must let her space ship crash on the asylum planet, so as to save the dimensions of time and space from warping onto eachother.

I've been quite disappointed with DW for the past couple of series', but this episode was fantastic. Let's hope the rest of the series is up to the same standard.

Like Gwen Cooper before her I thought the same thing, that Clara might be a relative of who we saw today.

I don't think Amy was talking about an inability to have children as much as she emotionally couldn't handle it after what happened to River.

Not sure about anyone else here but I'd be pretty happy if they just left The Silence and question business for a while. Pretty sure the majority weren't a fan of the arc from last series and would be a shame to ruin a great start to this one by returning to it.

"...the excellent Remembrance Of The Daleks..."
Excellent? Hardly. Over-rated rubbish.

Cracking episode, I enjoyed it immensely. Lots of interesting thoughts and theories here, but is anyone else left wondering just how come all those Daleks were even in existence after the events of ‘Victory of the Daleks’, where the new paradigm of Daleks were brought into existence and promptly destroyed their ‘inferior’ predecessors? As far as I was aware, the new ‘pure’ Daleks were the only ones left. Is there something that I have missed or not understood?

Also, not sure why the Daleks needed saving exactly. Saved from what? A planet with impenetrable shielding and no way for the occupants to escape?

Still, I’m not complaining! Got to love a Dalek. Bring ‘em on!!

Who says that Oswin is the new companion? Remember, at one point, she was talking about it being her mum's birthday...what if Oswin is the daughter of Clara, the new companion? That's a sad thought though, already knowing that the young daughter of a new companion is going to die as a Dalek :(

Yes finally to have it back is wonderful, but only for 5 weeks! I hate how they are breaking up seasons now.
This was one of my favorite episodes and I love the new companion.
She has got charisma. I will miss Rory. I will not miss Amy.

The Daleks in the Asylum posed a threat to the Daleks outside because of the crashed spaceship. The insane Daleks could have taken the ship and gotten off the planet.

Oswin didn't recognize the Doctor at all, so maybe throw a bit of amnesia in your theory as well.

after watching Doctor Who this evening, i initially thought there was no enigmas that may lead to a story arc, but upon re-watching i noticed something that really got me questioning.

the drop of glowing green slime that falls on Rory's cheek that woke him up, there was no puddle of green slime that would suggest a constant drip so where did it come from? or what did it come from?

Nyssa also comes to mind (although your mileage may vary on how good she was), as well as Turlough (though possibly more cunning than smart) and Zoe from the Troughton era.

"I think the reason behind this is because Rory's always been very open with how he feels about Amy."

Encapsulates why I hate the new Doctor Who. Give me good old Tom Baker/Romana and dodgy special effects over slick CGI and the BBC's new emphasis on a character's "feelings" any day. Sorry, must have violated about a thousand of the new protocols there. Just slipped out, couldn't help it. I'll hand myself in for counselling.

You're not the only there, mate.

SaveDWC mentioned something interesting on Twitter. Oswin made the Daleks forget. What if she made herself forget too before arriving to the Asylum?

My theory: Oswin is the Doctor's and RIver's daughter whom we haven't met yet(well now we have). She is a super genius (just look at her parents!). One bit of reasoning: Amy said the Silence made you feel a bit sick in the Impossible Astronaut, but it didn't effect anyone but her, which led us to believe later that it was labor pains for her pregnancy, but the question remains: Why did River feel the pains as well? Answer: She was pregnant? Later in Oswin's life, she is a super genius, and for some reason or another, blows up the TARDIS (she could hack the Daleks, why not the TARDIS?) as in the Pandorica Opens... Later she lives on the TARDIS for a while with the Doctor and her mother, which makes some sense, and eventually becomes an Archaeologist aboard the Alaska, which crashes, converts her to Dalek (which messes with memories, remember, explaining why she didn't remember the Doctor) and then died on the planet.

It wasn't just the Doctor who heard her voice. It was projected on the dalek ship and she spoke to Rory. To me it's clear that her transmitted voice was her human one. The Doctor only heard her as a dalek when face to face with the actual dalek.

Dudes, of course she said not to forget her. Because she has already met him, but he hasn't met her. All Moffats faffing about memory being the key So when he goes back to 18thCBritan at Xmas he WILL remeber her, also he has never seen what she looks like FYI. Further more unlike River HE isn't the one that killed her, but the kicker is when he meets her he will have fore knowledge of how she is going to die quite tragically. However dollars to donuts, she is actually FROM 18C Britian and then later on when she leaves the doctor he leaves her in the future to pursue to her life etc. Also OSWIN is her last name her name is Carmin Oswin which they say once then keep refering to her by her last name

Stop it! You're making sense, and I like it. But stop! Do go on...

Exactly. They can take on human form now, more or less, so why not a Dalek companion. He owes her his life after all. And as I recall, the Doctor is infected with little nano-wamo thingies from the Asylum planet. (Unless that's been scrubbed by some Tardis/teleporter Deus Ex Machina.) So... okay, not sure where I'm going with that one.... but maybe her "consciousness" got transferred into the Doctor's nano-thingies since she's 1337, and...anyway, maybe?

The question can be asked, as it has been multiple times over, but the doctor won't answer it until he goes to the fields of Trensalaw, and River asks him (River said so in Library of the dead)

That is the best theory yet, there are some parts i don't fully believe, but that is just me, i'm not saying your wrong

There are a few addition questions that come out of the episode:

1) When did the proper Daleks and the Fruit Pastel ones make up? When last we saw them the awful new ones thought the proper ones inferior and were exterminating they marvel in the beauty of their hatred...can Daleks have a change of heart?

2) What is the Dalek leadership structure now? We have had an Emperor Dalek, a Supreme Dalek and now a Dalek Prime Minister...what do other Dalek ministers do (war is a given, but Dalek minister of transport doesn't sound like a great post); what do Dalek parties have in their manifesto other than 'exterminate everything' and if you have a Supreme Dalek then why need a parliament at all...democracy does not seem a particularly Dalek concept.

3) If the Dalek fleet had not come out of hyperspace to early, would the energy shield around the ice planet still be an issue?

4) Is it really possible to teleport into the Tardis...thought there was some rule about that and doesn't seem the best security?

How does the Tardis get onto the Dalek ship when the Doctor, Amy and Rory make their escape at the end of the episode?

I don't think Moffat would return to the River Song setup with the first meeting between Oswin and the Doctor for us being her last. I rather think that Oswin escaped with the Dalek's ability to time travel (they did it before, remember?) before the Asylum was destroyed. I guess that for the rest of the season until the Christmas Special Oswin might try to get some sort of human body back and that she is somehow the secret "villain" of the next episodes, as she could be responsible for what happens. Maybe she might need some special body tissue from the dinosaurs (or anything else that is on that spaceship next week). In the week after that Oswin has managed to build a prototype of body that goes crazy, so we get the Westworld-esque cyborg in A Town Called Mercy, etc. (you get the picture...) Finally, we meet her in a human/cyborg body in the Christmas Special with her conscience transferred into that body.

Personally i think re the Oswin that either

a: The doctor is so impressed /intrigued by her that come the christmas episode he is determined to re-write her future (rescue her)


b: his first encounter with her is at the end of her journey and that all her shenanigans to come with the doctor happen before that event.

I think I'm with you on this one.

"I love YOU more!"
"No, I love YOU more!"
"Great, let's make out, instead of escaping from this exploding Dalek prison planet!"

The ten-year-old in me is barfing. ;)

Don't forget that the Tardis translates languages as well.

The thin plot didn't stand up to critical
analysis: the Daleks are too scared to “cleanse” the asylum. But it turned out to be not so dangerous,
just full of malfunctioning daleks. The Daleks have always, in old and new series, exterminated damaged
Daleks. The Asylum is counter their
entire nature. And they were prepared to
destroy the Asylum in the story so further contradicting its reason to exist. Central plot implodes.

The Universe’s most intelligent aliens didn’t hold one of
the doctor’s companions hostage, which would have avoided his in one bound leap
to freedom escape.

Shame it wasn’t a story focused on the Daleks, instead being
more about setting up JLC. In that it
was similar to Closing Time wasting the cybermen. Moffat’s usual jokey dialogue whilst funny in
places undermines the dramatic tension.
The Pond’s marriage falls apart and is rescued in one episode-not
convincing. JLC on the other hand was
good and quite gorgeous, albeit another Moffat typical extreme talker and know
it all. And er an entertainments manager
who’s a genius and manages to, as a Dalek, amongst other things, wipe the
Daleks’ memories of the Doctor. Doesn’t stand up to any credible scrutiny.
Wish they’d play Doctor Who as a straight sci-fi drama again and focus
on the logic of the plot points as much as the look of the show.

But Oswin wasn't really a super genius! The reason why she was able to hack into everything is because all along she was a Dalek! The reason why she was able to do all of those things the Doctor was never able to do is because it was an inside job! I don't think Oswin will be the Doctor's and River's daughter, because it's just too sad thinking their daughter would die at a very young age, as a Dalek!

I'm new to Dr Who..just seen the past 5 years or so question is, Isn't the Dr a Time Lord? can't he then go back in time and save Oswin from becoming a Dalik? just a thought..all in all, excellent episode..Rory and Amy's exchange was very moving..but haven't they already got a daughter? River anyone?

It's already there! I guess when the Daleks kidnap the Doctor on Skaro, they take the Tardis with them.

Question: do the Daleks we see in Asylum of the Daleks know how to time travel? If yes, the episode makes sense, if no, there's a ginormous plothole as in: how can Oswin who is from the future even meet with the Doctor and also especially Amy and Rory who are in our present?

Excellent stuff starting with the Doctor having to save the Daleks, and then talk about a really unique way of introducing the new companion...have her BE a Dalek!! It's great Who can still surprise me after all these years :)

But Liz Shaw, Nyssa, Zoe and especially Romana were not as annoying as Oswin was in one episode.

I agree with the above. It just didn't seem a clever plot to me. I know everyone is harping on about how Moffat is a genius - I really don't see it. All his characters bar Rory are annoying. Oswin especially. The story had lots of faults. I think I am not clever enough to appreciate it all :P

"Wish they’d play Doctor Who as a straight sci-fi drama again and focus
on the logic of the plot points as much as the look of the show..."

So very true. The smug, cleverer-than-thou flirting gets old quickly and makes a mockery of whatever danger the characters are supposed to be in.

But we only see them take the Doctor! And the Doctor says the transporter will take them to the Dalek ship!? I think they may have made a little mistake? The Tardis shouldn't have been there.

Could Oswin be, The Doctor's Daughter regenerated?

The TARDIS was there with the three of them from the beginning.

I'm SOOOOO happy it's not just me! Reading all these glowing reviews, I thought I was losing my mind, not really enjoying it.

Yeah, nothing more menacing than a whole auditorium full of Daleks chanting "Save us!" ;) And from what? A bunch of disabled, special-needs Daleks who can't even kill Rory! THAT'S what every single Dalek in existence is afraid of? Please.

I'm more and more convinced that Moffat is saving all his clever for Sherlock.

I wouldn't say that the majority didn't like last the arc from last series, it was one of my favourite ever Doctor Who story lines and I know many people who agreee with me.

Her name is Clara. Or I asume so as the new companions name is meant to be Clara Oswin.

The Daleks have had time travel since the Hartnell days (as demonstrated in the Chase), however as the Doc says in Remembrance of the Daleks, it is fairly crude but time travel none the less.

Yes, it's so good to have Doctor Who back! I think the episode is a thrilling, well-plotted masterpiece and definitely 5 star-rated. I tend to look at things, including Doctor Who episodes, as a whole entity and am not one to inspect details and focus on minor elements at the expense of the whole experience (the "Doctor Who Experience?" LOL), so I won't do that here, but I will say that I sat in rapt awe of the event as it aired on BBC One, and then immediately watched it twice more on iPlayer just to relive the magnificence. Kudos to the Moff and his crew!

I'm so glad I got to watch this on ABC iView a week before it airs in Australia. Definitely worth waking up early. Great episode and made me pumped for the new season!

This episode felt a bit rushed, to me. Somehow I couldn't care about Amy and Rory (who have been my favourite characters, thus far) and I felt the episode needed to be longer to do the idea justice. But I LOVED Jenna-Louise Coleman! I heard Steven Moffat was 'writing her very different from Amy' so I thought she was going to be shy and a bit boring, but boy, was I wrong! She was my favourite character in this episode by far.

...Which is becoming a more attractive option (spot the pun) by the hour, yes. Please, Steve, slow it all down! DW is getting rushed and sloppy, it feels like no-one's paying it any attention. It's sad, really.

When they first arrive at the parliament the TARDIS is there with them...

Emergency temporal shift. It could take her back into her past, and she can alter her time line.

If dalek khan can get into the time war, im sure she could get to her past

"straight sci-fi drama again"

This is a joke, right?

spotted the special weapons dalek and davros' emperor dalek costume myself!

Some people have expressed surprise at the fact that the smaller, gold, new Daleks and the Victory of the Daleks primary colours versions are together here, despite their emnity before.
So one quick point - they are just containers - they don't tell you anything about what's inside. I just assumed that Moff's new Pure Daleks (from the DNA stash in VotD) are using any containers to house their rapidly re-growing numbers (hence even classic shells being used).
Actually it's not true that I assumed that - I never even gave it a moments thought until now - I just enjoyed a the episode, which was a damn fine one! Still there's a logical work around if those kind of details bother you :-)

Thank you, I'm glad its not just me. The plot was a thin, recycled haunted house/ zombie film, and a complete betrayal of everything the Daleks ever were. Skaro was destroyed, in 1988. Dalek parliament- wtf? How many stories has the Dalek emperor appeared in?

Daleks don't kill their own kind? Daleks have eliminated each other without hesitation for reasons from malfunction, disobedience, to being ideologically tainted or just 'inferior' as recently as last year.

'Predator'? 'The Oncoming Storm' wasn't scary enough?

Daleks discussing beauty in the abstract? It's been established Daleks have no aesthetic concepts.

And what's worse is that with the exception of one, ***all those episodes were written by Moffat***. From the man who created the Library, the Girl in the Fireplace, and the Weeping angels, what possible excuse can there be? Apart from being a lazy twat who can't be bothered to look up his own continuity or pay respect to the show.

I probably missed something, but how come the Doctor didn't hear a Dalek voice but JLC's character?

Re point 1, In Victory the "New Daleks" said that the old ones that creted them were inferior. It was never made clear where the old one had come from but it's possible they were either created from the dead OR the ones created from Davros. Either way,the(new) PURE Daleks would find them inferior. The ones in AOTD mixed in with the new ones are probably PURE Skaro Daleks too.

nah I think its because he's a Timelord, I think Amy and Rory even mention this fact. IMO nano's couldnt do anything to a perfect being (Which is what The Doctor's body is)

Same, actually I would be quite dissapointed if this season didnt answer that Question it would be like that whole River Song thing never happened

I know this is too early to say but obviously he has a fantastic mind who's to say she isnt a Timelord with one of those watches?

Rushed and sloppy!?? how can you say that after this whole year of waiting? what you want to wait another 20 years for a reboot? its the first episode if you dont like it give it a chance!!
that being said I do agree that the Daleks were not scary or even menacing in this episode and there whole problem didnt really compare to the fact that they had thier greatest enemy right in front of them they could have killed him and im pretty sure that would have had more of an effect on the war. Never understood what was so dangerous about malfunctioning Daleks in a inescapable planet

I was. In fact I want to beat Moffat until he bleeds for being such a lazy, hackneyed, cliched twat. Complete rubbish.

ok just thought this so go with me here and tell me what you think
I didnt really get what was so dangerous about the dalek prison (mental asylum?) planet. No Dalek could excape from that planet so why was it such a danger to them? heres what I think, Oswin was the danger! here we see a dalek who is displying emotions other then hate. We see her crying at the end, laughing and flirting with Rory a whole range of very unDalek-like actions even though from the very start she is a Dalek. Dont know what this means so much yet but it does seem very interesting dont it? please if anyone has any idea's reply I would be very interested your ideas

Well said!

The question reminded me of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

At least it wasn't another river song episode those were getting tedious. although I am one of the few who wasn't enamored with Amy in the way alot of others were.

Why does it need to be the same character just because it's the same actress? Eve Myles, Karen gillan and Colin Baker... Mott is messing with our heads.

Oswin can still be the Doctor's companion - he's a time traveller. Perhaps he meets her earlier in her timeline before she crashes, and later in his, after she's already become a Dalek.

cant cross your own timeline. You do remember what happens if he does that yeah? ( hint it was in the wedding of river song)

So, why is Skaro back again? It should either be 1) Blow'd up by 7, or 2) Locked in the Timewar, no? Are we gonna see some excellent reasoning behind for that sometime? I know moffat might wait a year before he explains it, but I hope it ties in. Since the new companion was there, maybe we return to the asylum at some point prior? Be a good way to show us some classic daleks again.

Also, did I see some robomen in the parliament? :D SO much fun stuff in this episode, I really would have liked to see this as a two parter, that scene with amy seeing the daleks as humans in a mental ward could have been expanded to be REAL creepy. C'mon Moffat, you wanna make them scary again, that could have totally tipped the scale. Having amy meet and converse with damaged daleks using a human form to get across to the viewer just HOW they're crazy? And then dropping it on us that she's turning and that's why she can understand them? As she turns to notice her own eyestalk ripping out of her head? You coulda done some terrifying videodrome style trip scenes. But we needed more amy/rory relationship drama instead. Blech. [still, well done making amy/rory interesting again regardless! Just woulda liked a scarier episode!]

And also I WAS PROMISED TONS OF OLD DALEKS, boo! Fix it for the 50th please, I want a real rolecall! [Although, Heavy Weapons Dalek showed up, hooray!]

Yeah, she's hot, but she's no Ace.

You refer back to previous encounters without having an arc though. I suspect that's what they may do here.

Assuming it wasn't another lie, it was confirmed a while back that the name of The Doctor's new companion is to be "Clara Oswin", whereas in Asylum Jenna's character was Oswin Oswald. I presume when she returns it will be as a different character, probably a distant relation of some kind...

Alright, everyone seems really upset that it was not a blockbuster episode, which it wasn't, but the first episode of the season (or two in some cases) never is. It's just laying the groundwork for the rest of the season which if last season is any indication should be fantastic *fingers crossed*. The Daleks and the overall plot were good, a bit underwhelming but again, groundwork. I loved Oswin, despite the fact that I was determined to hate any new companion so assuming Clara is the same type of character I should like her. I loved the twist at the end, although you could see it coming it was still very well done. Overall really good episode with the exception of the Amy and Rory divorce bit. Amy and Rory are absolutely my favorite companions of all time and I was really excited to be able to see some of thier private, non-doctor lives but that didn't happen this episode. Their divorce and reconcilliation seemed forced and empty, because of the script not the acting. It seems odd that if Rory does not have a problem with not having children that there would have been an issue to begin with. So basically what we're meant to believe is that one day Amy woke up kicked Rory out of the house for no reason, with no questions asked, divorce papers were filed, a lawyer was hired, etc. without them every TALKING about ANYTHING! That seems a bit of an insult to my intelligence. It seems like an issue that could have been handled with a simple chat so why wouldn't it have been without all the drama??? If you want the Ponds to break up and get back together that's fine but at least make it believeable instead of making them look like immature children. But again, that aside, good show and I look forward to where we're going from here.

What I got from the episode was that the intention from Moffatt was attempting to get back to that status quo where the doctor was a mysterious interloper rather than a widely known intergalactic champion who's name made people tremble rather than underestimate him..

I think there is definitely material there for a Dalek Civil War arc between the newer Daleks and the Skaro ones.

A parliament doesn't have to be democratic as far as I know. It's just a collection of 'individuals' that get to together to decide what must be done. If it was put together by converted humans, especially british ones then perhaps a parliament would be a natural reference point when trying to create a new power structure in the previous vacuum.

Actually, the reason Oswin became a Dalek was because she was already smart, so that's why the Daleks did a "full conversion"... Her being a Dalek did add to it though. She also didn't die... The Daleks could never turn down such a brilliant Dalek, they would want to just lose that kind of mind! OMG... Why were the Daleks afraid? They had no reason to be afraid of the Asylum, cause if was sealed. So they sent in the Doctor to disable the shields, and then beamed up Oswin, the brilliant mind! Then they destroyed the planet, so the Doctor would never know she was still alive! The Daleks now have a weapon among them, a brilliant mind, but now they have no Predator... so what will they use her for!?!? Furthermore: The Nanogenes are what turned her into a Dalek! Use the superior DNA of the mother! Of River Song! To overwrite her Dalek DNA, and make her human again! Just like in the Doctor Dances (a Moffat-Episode BTW).

Check out my response below!

I thought that would have been an interesting twist but having a pet Dalek on board the TARDIS would be kinda like having another K-9

I think it's fine for the Producer to requst that the major spoiler be kept between the pre-broadcast screening, purely because it was a request.
If it was put across as an instructon or order, then dictatorship resistance could have been met with a reactionary occurrence of leaks-galore.

I'm glad they've finally reset that relationship. Perhaps the daleks can get back to intergalactic genocide now rather than obsessing over the doctor

nice twist. I don't think we've seen something like that from DW before have we?

I kind of agree and disagree with you here.

I like the emphasis on characters but I also miss the sci-fi heavy episodes.

The problem with Amy and Rory (and it became the same with Rose) was that their personal problems become greater than whatever problem the Doctor has to deal with in each episode. In a sense it's become more of a soap opera.

I'd be happy to watch Amy and Rory in their own show where these can be given room to breathe but atm it's distracting from the true star of the show, the Doctor, who doesn't really do much other than throw out a few quips and wave his sonic screwdriver around a bit and get his character moments stretched out across the season.

I think that's also part of the problem with having a couple on the Tardis too rather than just a couple of people thrown together on an adventure in that you have to give their relationship time in order to keep them sympathetic.

I'll be happy to welcome the new companion if it means the Doctor can get some time though.

I was asking that the whole time too and then had to rewind the credits to double check. I like the theory above that perhaps Dalek Oswin also found a way off too before everything went kablooey but I'd rather she was a rogue element.

Is no one else freaking out about this? Will the Daleks remember the Doctor? If not, how are future Dalek episodes going to work out?!

don't forget that the doctor never actually saw her, just heard her. What we saw was only the construct of her mind in her imagination. The only clue he has to who clara might be will be the 'oswin' connection.

Boring episode - now seems to be going for style over content. Amy Pond is now a cock sure and obnoxious woman, Rory is a wet blanket and all logic and intelligence has made a hasty exit! Why run away from the exit ladder when being chased by 2 year old corpses? Why touch a dalek when it looks like it MIGHT be inactive? And the iconic shot of the Doctor holding Amy (reminiscent of the Rose/Dalek encounter)seemed to be a brush over and built up a little too much - she wasn't even injured! I gave up on the last season, got really bored with the whole "we can kill anyone, and then use time travel/dimension story lines to solve it all" - YAWN! Cop out!

Indeed. You can also add Freema's two characters to that list and for those with long memories Peter Purves (Morton Dill/Steven Taylor)

Apparently Clara Oswin isn't from the Victorian era. Maybe she's a twin of Asylum's Oswin somehow able to time travel??

JLC being Jenna Louise Coleman not Justin Lee Collins - thank god ;0)

Anyone else think they're going to pull something similar to the Freema Agyeman thing? She turned up as Martha Jones' cousin in Army of Ghosts who looks strangely similar to her. See? There's precedent for this sort of thing in Who already.

That or Moff will come up with some weird mind twist timey whimey nonesense to get round the whole thing

Wish Doctor Who was going to be on for 13 weeks in a row. Autumn is the ideal season. Still, 6.4 million overnight viewers - double that of Red or Black? is a good start...

What if the doctor meets Oswin before she crashed there. She might not recognize the doctor because of the dalek conversion

Even more... what if the Daleks wanted to seal the Doctor in the Pandorica to make it possible for conquest of the galaxy, so they used Oswin to blow up the TARDIS, but in the re-write of reality, something had to have changed for reality to repeat and have the TARDIS explode again... So what if in this reality she deletes the Dalek's memory of the Doctor, and that is why she doesn't blow it up this time around... And the whole thing was organized by the Silence.

The revolving red haired ballarina in Oswin's cabin vs the revolving red haired ballarina in Amy's hallucination...FIGHT!

JLC was great, strange intro but hopefully one that will be resolved when she pops up next. Couple of points, now they are off the asylum does the nano cloud stop turning them into daleks? Why did JLC tell us to remember, she def looked at camera when she said it? Why are there Daleks? Aren't they all supposed to be dead, ditto for Skaro. At what point did the Daleks need saving? And from what? Who said this ep made the Daleks scary again? Why don't we get answers to anything anymore? It's like watching lost!

You were warned...

Excellent theory...sounds like something the Moff would do...

I thought the whole 'Doctor Who?' bit was a bit self referential and bottom clenching, if I was being honest

Oh I loved it! What a nice and unexpected surprise with Jenna-Louise Coleman! As much as in recent years there's been gripe about the Daleks becoming non-threatening and repetitive, I think 'Asylum' made them creepy again! Looking forward to next week :)

I'm sure I posted this earlier but Disqus is having an off-day. Agreed. Peter Purves played a hillbilly called Morton Dill in the Chase and then turned up as Steven Taylor. Also Freema had two characters...

Woah, I didn't know they put shows on iView BEFORE they screened. Nice work, ABC... :-)

That was brilliant. However, just always doing that would get dull - a new dynamic calls for new solutions. What will the Doctor do when he can't just scare them with his reputation?

Wasn't Amy always cocksure and obnoxious? (And I'm someone who LIKES her character)...

There was a LOT of flirting in their conversations. I haven't ever heard any six year olds talking like that...

That still an story arc, an arc is a story that is told over multiple episodes.
But obviously there different intensities/depth of a story arcs,

"Remember. Remember. Remember - Jenna before the boom. Likely Doctor will have a pre-meeting with her. I also feel that is when the title Predator starts to come up"

Episodes like that make me pine a little for 'Confidential'. I didn't watch it religiously, but it would have been fun to turn over and see maybe a bit more 'old Dalek' action as they get wheeled out of storage crates and the like. Maybe even a cameo from RTD bidding a tearful temporary farewell to the specially built one he keeps in his hallway which they seconded (the Dalek, not his hallway). I don't miss it as much as a certain other axed BBC3 sci-fi-fantasy show, but I'm not here to start trouble...

Yes I thought so too but they could of ended it with that couldnt they if they were going to drop the whole Questions arc why include it at all? I dont think they are dropping it at least i hope not I hate unanswered questions

I think you've got a point there, that definitely makes a lot more sense of the episode. One of two things that were niggling me throughout was the lack of any clear and present danger from the asylum detainees, at least to the Daleks. Actually, I had a feeling fairly early on that Oswin might be part Dalek (although I didn't count on the full conversion). I think I owe this insight to the fact that I am apparently the only person in existence who didn't realise it was JLC, hence the second thing that niggled me throughout, namely 'where have I seen her before? Oh well, it'll come back to me. Pretty sure she's going to have a Dalek eyestalk sticking out of her by the end though'. On a related issue, loved the 'Empire' reference with the eyestalk sticking out of the snow.

No they didnt they just started playing the Song asking him to EXPLAIN THE NOISE but I find this interesting and more proof that they wanted to get rid of Oswin they sounded very angry about THE NOISE!!

Well, the nano cloud was on the planet, as part of the defence system. So it follows that when Amy, Rory and the Doctor leave, they will be leaving the nano cloud beind. And Oswin said to remember that she was human because in her heart, that's what she was. She didn't want to be remembered as a dalek. And where did you get the idea that Daleks where supposed to be dead? Did you not see Matt Smith's first Dalek episode? He had to let them go so that the earth would survive. And the Daleks needed saving because Oswin crashed her spaceship there, and there was enough tech left that the insane and/or faulty daleks would have been able to escape. Not even the dalek force could deal with millions of insane Daleks who've been held captive for hundreds of years.

It's really very simple if you pay attention. HAHA Jokes half of this is probably going to be wrong when Moff turns around and makes up blindingly complicated new eps.

I was pretty much the same lol whole time Im thinking were have i seen this person before? but yeah I pretty much agree with you unless the doctor does some weird time thing or gets a distant relative (from the past) for a new companion I think we'll see her with an eyestalk. Its too much of a coincidence that we see a new type of Dalek and then see a Dalek with emotion. Im almost positive that we're going to be seeing the next Oswin with a eyestalk

LOVED this episode! As an aside, please don't fall into the habit of attributing casting success simply to hotness. It's annoying and demeaning to women who have talent, yet also happen to be beautiful. Jenna-Louise Coleman seems genuinely talented. Do you really think she just got the role because of her looks? Let's also not insult the intelligence of the people making the casting decision by simply saying she got the role because of appearance. Respect women a bit more than that.

looking attractive is only one thing aspect of a companion awesome acting skills and the ability to steal the room also help too (remember they all have big shoes to fill)

The music she played was from the opera "Carmen." I thought that's why the Doctor called her that.

I am increasingly becoming irritated by Moffat's writing. He goes for spectacle and one-liners over any real development of plot. He has some awful jumps of logic and seems fixated on promoting a homosexual agenda.

Agreed on much of that. A lot has been said on various forums on the sexuality issue previously and usually offence arises in all directions. My view is no hanky panky in the Tardis. Sex and sexuality (involving the Tardis crew) are better left to soaps and other drama. But ultimately it's all about how naturally and as part of the drama you portray it. eg Jack was a great bi character. Many people's issue is it feels so shoe horned in which I find undermining of the equality agenda Moffat is seeking to support.

that was the point: that she couldn't have done that hacking without being a dalek

No, I don't think so. This one does almost sound like something Douglas Adams would do. And personally, I liked Moffat's openers. This one included.

Very well done Dalek story ! i loved it ...getting back to the older type daleks was a big step forward .....
Best drwho acting from this Doctor.... i have to say reminds me of old patrick troughton ....
Well worth the wait for the greatest tv show ever made and that will ever be made ..lets just forget about the 80s and the and the dumb idiots .that tried to kill it and did for many years ...
My only gipe is what they did to the silurians a season or 2 ago great masks then they take them off to stuff the whole idea of the silurians up ...Drwho is not star trek if we want men in make up we will watch trek !

Couple of points I have not seen raised. The transmission Oswin broadcast, the music. when asked to explain it the doctor says "It's me, playing the triangle... i got lost in the mix, but I'm there". Is this a hint that the doctor in a future episode will be present when the track is recorded, with Oswin? Is this why Oswin selected the track to be broadcast.. A memory? an appeal for the doctor? Or just a throw away remark?

Secondly, did the Oswin inside a Darlek situation remind anyone of The Source Code? i.e. Jake Gildendendendnenhaal thinks he is stuck inside a pod and getting sent back in time over and over, but infact he is a brain and a chunk of flesh inside a box in a lab plugged into a computer system and being fed data?

Oswin was great, the set up was great, over all somehow ended up an average episode.

It felt like there was nowhere near enough time to explore somewhere as fantastical as the Asylum. You could have easily got a three parter out of that.

Is it only me who misses the stories that go week to week to week?

There was little peril and some weird attempts at chaining daleks up.

My main issue was the logic with regards to the dalek's knowledge of the Doctor. Ok delete him from the Dalek wiki, but that doesn't mean they forget who he is. They're not robots. Poor, poor logic there.

Also, not sure I liked the dalek humans, they seemed kinda lame to me.

I think she'll be downloaded into a plastine or a ganger via the tardis at some point.

its not a dalek wiki its like a telepathic hive mind. So think about it this way all Daleks share the same knowlege with this telepathic link (like a giant brain they all share) if you delete something you delete all of it from every brain

She's definitely no Ace. She can act.

If you mean whether they're going to give some clue as to who the Doctor is and why he does what he does that sounds like an anniversary arc to me where they delve a little deeper into the character.

I'm not sure if it could ever be satisfyingly answered though as the mystery allows everyone to insert their own motivations. As soon as you start tying down the details it gives more people a reason not to identify with him. Kind of like what happened to Wolverine in the comics.

So many plot holes. So many. But it's OK, Soufflé Girl makes up for them.

Hey I never said I wanted to know more about his history and actually I agree with everything your saying but I hate it when they build something up so much and then go in an entire new direction its just annoying, if anything if they ever do answer this big question I would hope they just kinda tell more about the Timelords because as you said the more we explain about him the more we cant identify with him. I have always wanted them to answer more about the Timelords and Gallifray (pretty sure i spelt that wrong) because I started at the revised series and havnt seen too many classics. anyway thats just what I want them to do you never know where they'll go with it

Fair enough. I wasn't sure which side of the argument you were on.

I like the idea of exploring the Timelords too. As far as the new series is concerned there's a lot that could do with explaining regarding the Timelords for those who haven't dipped into the classic stories. I like the fact that he's a rebel Timelord and it would be interesting to see what the universe would be like with the timelords back again policing matters.

I think it could provide another great adversary for the Doctor in that there would be Timelord sanctioned version of him that always tries to get in the way of the Doctor's interfering or that the Doctor can vie against in order to foil some plan of the Timelords. I think the Last Timelord thing is getting tired now and it would be great if there was someone or something against which he really was the underdog and didn't always come out on top against. Perhaps the gradual reset that seems to be taking place is leading to something like the Timelords coming back properly.

Just to be clear, though, the BBC has yet to actually announce this. All we have are a few overheard lines of dialogue on location. We don't know the context. The episode seems to go out of its way to have her state her name not once but twice, suggesting "Clara" may be an alias or misdirection. We won't know for sure until we get closer to the Christmas special unless Doctor Who Magazine or Moffat or Coleman reveal it before.

Unless you got hold of a leaked script, we know nothing about how the Doctor meets her. All we know is part of the episode takes place in part in the Victorian era and involves characters appearing in the later Diana Rigg episode. That's it. For all we know only part of the episode takes place then. Remember everyone assumed the Doctor would be spending Voyage of the Damned aboard the real Titanic too (and that Kylie Minogue was going to be playing a Cyberman).

Yeah Im kinda hoping thats why the silence dosnt want the question asked because they are the only ones who still remember the old days before the timewar and asking the question who are you where are you from? (or something) will have a similiar effect that Amy's remembering did and bring the timelords back. Now that im thinking about this abit more I can see it. Daleks ask who are you doctor says I am a Timelord and then the daleks ask what is a Timelord and he explains people start remembering and then BANG Gallifray in the skies and then The Master pops up HELLO
A man can dream right?

Lol I completly forgot he was Bi because they really didnt expore much of that with him

Anyone else really wanting the questions from the last two seasons answered, for example the reason for the Tardis exploding has not been explained (and many others). Love Moffats writing but it would be nice to get some answers after so long, maybe it is his strategy to keep employed for more seasons.

Did anyone notice that at 5.15, the footage is in mirror image?

another reason is the doctor is an ALIEN!

Sorry, that comment came out in the wrong place! Dam internet connection!

On the teleport thing, since the TARDIS is alive and intelligent I think it can work out who's teleporting in. Since it recongined the Doctor, Amy and Rory it let them in.

That and she atmitted she'd been screwing with the Asylum systems for a year.

They probably netted the TARDIS seperatly, off screen.

To add to that, Oswin admits she's been screwing with the Asylum's systmes for a year, thus why it's such a wreck. Slight problem for the Daleks there...

Good shout.

Next question...I get that the Doctor never saw Oswin and some trickery could have been done with her voice. But...where did the music come from? Since the Daleks didn't know what music was (really...conqurers of countless races don't know what music is, even if they don't get it...even the Taliban know what it is?) they are unlikely to have a built in mp3 player!

Apparently "Oswin" literally translated means friend of the lord... or in this case time lord!

The thing that puzzles me and seemed out of place about the episode was the vision that Amy saw. Why did she she a ballerina and those people dressed from the past.  If you also noticed Oswin had a music box with a ballerina in it also which was prominently shown.  

I haven't been following rumors of upcoming episodes, so i don't know of this is know already but if the last couple of Christmas specials have been based on classic stories that revolve around Christmas, and  if Oswin's character is to be named Clara, will it be based on the nutcracker since that is the name of the girl in the story and it's a ballet (the two ballerina references). The Doctor takes Clara away on a magical journey on the Tardis like in the story after he saves her from someone evil (maybe the cyber king). Can it be that obvious from the start? 

Will we be seeing other references to it which will become the recurring  theme like the crack from two seasons ago ? (maybe the Christmas episode will be called the wallcracker).  

 Does Amy have a connection to Oswin since she might have been seeing things from the story/her life? The subject of the Ponds not being able to have kids was a big part of why they were divorcing, which seemed just thrown into the story for no reason. So  how about if Oswin is their daughter from the future that they dont know about yet and we will see Amy and Rory as the parents of Clara in the special.  The Doctor told Amy to  remember him and she was able to bring him back at the wedding, so maybe the same with Oswin.  

Was  Dalek Oswin projecting the images from  her own past/future?

Loved the episode and was really suprised that
Jenna-Louise Coleman popped up already. But even more that she 'died' at the end of the episode. My first fear was that she is the next River Song. You know: we already seen how she died, and now comes the rest. I really hope the Moff doesn't take that path.

After some time another theory came to mind. That would make Oswin's survival from a exploding planet more likely: she's the Doctor's daughter Jenny from Series 4.

It still bugs me why that storyline isn't resolved. Keep in mind that the Moff has introduced her to us and that she's still alive. So could this be a next regeneration of Jenny?

Anyone thought that Jenna-Louise Coleman will come back as a totally different character? It could be another Martha situation where she'll come back as "Clara" who is a descendant or future relative of Oswin? Just a thought :)

I hope to god your right that sounds pretty good. Maybe when she died and regenerated into her current incantation she lost all her memories, because she dont remember the Doctor but Im sure something can be worked out

A bit harsh! My little one and I love this story. I know its not exactly Ridley Scott, but there's so many elements that make it such a memorable story for us, warring Dalek factions scrapping it out, a possessed Mr Bronson skulking in a school basement, a dashing but treacherous Sergeant colluding with fascists and then Davros hiding in a Mum roll on deodorant! It might not be the most 'high brow' Dr Who story, but one I found very rewarding to watch. Sorry you didn't like it!

It was horrible and I'm utterly amazed so many critics like it.

This is a bad thing?

not necessarily but with all the running around they do on Who these days you'd need a companion that could keep up!

ENOUGH with the will they/won't they - is she/isn't she Doctor/River/Rory/Amy story arc. It's dull, depressing and too complicated. My opinion is very biased as I watch this with my 7 year old who hasn't the foggiest idea what is going on and isn't the least bit interested in vast story arcs. All he wants is "how will the Doctor escape the Daleks this time" this week and "how will the Doctor escape the Cybermen" next week. I thought this episode was lazy, recycled story telling and reminded me of an old saying "you can dazzle them with brilliance, or baffle them with bullshit". The only redeeming feature is the superb and bonkers turn by Matt Smith. And am I the only one who found Oswin annoying as hell?

As a whole, this episode is quite stunning and the best Dalek story since the revival. But when you start to examine the bits and pieces that make up the episode, it falls flat. The entire Amy/Rory divorce is introduced OFFFSCREEN for most of the viewing audience and then its resolved within the episode? Whats the point of it!?! Not to mention its take a while to get a divorce (a couple months I believe) you didn't talk about this simple misunderstanding for several MONTHS!?! Despite this, Karen and Arthurs performances are stunning and i was fighting back tears during the arguement scene. The story itself is a bit bare bones and it should have been fleshed out more. The thought was probably to have a good enough premise, and then focus on the characters (which leads back to the mishandled divorce aspect). Overall, the biggest problem is the story trying to stuff so many things into 50 minutes and none of them get the screen time they deserve (The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances had around the same number of ideas and concepts to explore in 90 minutes) or the logic behind some of the aspects is handled poorly. Good stuff: Music (for the most part) was fantastic, the asylum looked creepy and a nice throw back to the design of Skaro in the classic series. The lighting was excellent, the acting and dialogue were wonderfull, and I applaud the Doctor Who team and all the people who saw the episode before the broadcast date for keeping JLC's presence a secret.

I liked the last arc, it was my favorite season of Who since the new series started in 2005, I had nitpicks but overall it was very enjoyable. My biggest problem though was Amy and Rory's seemingly lack of concern that they were robbed of the experience of raising their child, and the brainwashing and foster care and god knows what else their daughter had to endure.

Isn't it obvious? The Doctor will find Oswen somewhere back in time, before she crashed on the Asylum.

She's remote controlling the Dalek from another location. You can't fit a human in a Dalek, and turning humans into Daleks has never happened before

How come the ridiculous power ranger daleks killed off the old ones for being inferior but now we find that the old ones are back and that the daleks would never kill each other ?

And what about music that was heard? Was that also morphed, hmmm? Why would she morph her voice if she does not have a slightest idea that she is in fact a Dalek?

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