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Jim Carrey on Batman Forever: Tommy Lee Jones hated me

Batman Forever
Simon Brew News Oct 29, 2014

Jim Carrey lifts the lid on working with Tommy Lee Jones on Batman Forever...

Joel Schumacher on Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, nipples

Batman & Robin. Amazing on many levels. None of them real.
Simon Brew News Oct 13, 2014

The director of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, Joel Schumacher, has been talking about his turn as Batman's director...

Batman movies in the 80s and 90s: the hero we deserved?

Rob Leane Feature Feb 26, 2014

How do capes, cowls and cultural context intertwine in some of history’s more troublesome Batman movies?

Uh-oh: Flatliners remake pressing ahead

Simon Brew News Feb 27, 2013

Not so good news: Flatliners is getting a remake. Better news: it's got some good people involved...

Val Kilmer looks back on Batman Forever

Val Kilmer in Batman Forever
Simon Brew News Apr 19, 2012

He doesn't chat about it much, but Val Kilmer has been looking back at his stint in Gotham City, in Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever...

Brad Anderson replaces Joel Schumacher for The Hive

Glen Chapman News Jan 4, 2012

The director of Session 9 and The Machinist, Brad Anderson, takes over the helm of The Hive from Joel Schumacher...

Nicolas Cage was set to play The Scarecrow in Batman And Robin follow-up

Batman vs Nicolas Cage
Simon Brew News Oct 6, 2011

Joel Schumacher had lined up Nicolas Cage to play The Scarecrow in his Batman And Robin follow-up, Batman Triumphant, he's revealed...

New trailer: Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman in Trespass

Simon Brew Trailer Aug 18, 2011

You break into Nicolas Cage's house at your peril, as the first trailer for new thriller Trespass demonstrates...

10 directors in need of a hit

Luke Holland Odd List Apr 26, 2011

They’ve had their successes, and they clearly have talent. Yet all hasn't been going to plan. Luke looks at 10 directors in need of a critical and financial hit…

Looking back at Joel Schumacher’s Blood Creek

Joel Schumacher’s Blood Creek  (2009)
Carley Tauchert News Aug 18, 2010

In the final part of Carley’s Joel Schumacher retrospective, she looks at his most recent film, the period horror Blood Creek. But is it a return to form after the disastrous The Number 23...?