Gareth Edwards

Star Wars: JJ Abrams on Episode VII and Episode VIII

Simon Brew News
Nov 10, 2015

Director JJ Abrams has been chatting about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and about how involved he is in Star Wars: Episode VIII...

Godzilla Vs King Kong set for 2020

Simon Brew News
Oct 15, 2015

Get ready for a Giant Monster Cinematic Universe, as King Kong and Godzilla are set to do battle...

Star Wars: Rogue One could see a major character return

Ryan Lambie News
Aug 24, 2015

If reports are correct, a major Star Wars character could be making a return in 2016's spin-off, Rogue One...

Godzilla 2: "we can do bigger and even better things!"

Simon Brew News
Aug 11, 2015

Writer Max Borenstein has been chatting about 2018's Godzilla sequel...

Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One adds Sherlock actor

Simon Brew News
Jul 28, 2015

Jonathan Aris looks like he's the latest addition to Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One...

Darth Vader set to appear in Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One

Simon Brew News
Jul 8, 2015

Lord Vader returns to the big screen, as it turns out there's a role for him in Gareth Edwards' upcoming standalone Star Wars film...

Star Wars: Rogue One - Forest Whitaker joins the cast

Ryan Lambie News
Jun 15, 2015

Forest Whitaker is reportedly in talks to join Gareth Edwards' Star Wars Anthology movie, Rogue One...

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - cast confirmation, first pic

Simon Brew News
Aug 15, 2015

The first official picture of the Star Wars: Rogue One cast has been released...

Joss Whedon, Josh Trank and the pressures on directors

Ryan Lambie Feature
May 8, 2015

Has being the director of a film in a major franchise become a high-stakes gamble? Ryan looks at the pressures faced by modern filmmakers.

Tom Green interview: Monsters: Dark Continent and Misfits

Ryan Lambie Interview
Apr 30, 2015

With Monsters: Dark Continent out in UK cinemas this weekend, director Tom Green talks to us about filming in the desert, Misfits and more.