Looking ahead to Prometheus 2

Feature Ryan Lambie 26 Mar 2014 - 06:18

How could Prometheus 2 expand on its predecessor? As Fox confirms the sequel's March 2016 release date, we take a speculative look...

NB: The following contains spoilers for Prometheus and much speculation about its sequel.

Ridley Scott's Prometheus was a film of opposites. It explored grand ideas about myths and creation, yet its setting was a desolate and largely empty planet that offered few conclusive answers. It was about alien beings blessed with godlike, unfathomable intelligence, yet the human scientists who went off to meet them were a neurotic, hapless bunch.

Reactions to Prometheus from critics and series fans were mixed, but the box office receipts piled high enough to encourage 20th Century Fox to consider a sequel. Ridley Scott and cast members Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender had been talking about the possibility of a follow-up as long ago as 2012, when the director said that another film was required to "bridge the gap" between the events of Prometheus and Alien.

On the 24th March, it was seemingly confirmed that what was once enigmatically called an Untitled Ridley Scott Project is in fact Prometheus 2, which will start production later this year. It was also reported that Michael Green - one of the screenwriters behind Green Lantern and Scott's own forthcoming Blade Runner sequel - had been signed up to polish an existing script by Transcendence writer Jack Paglen.

The juiciest piece of gossip, however, is that Michael Fassbender is set to play what The Wrap describes as "multiple" versions of the android, David. If it's true, what could this mean for Prometheus 2, and where else could the film take the story, given the conclusion of its predecessor?

Onward to Paradise

Although heavy on slow build-up, the plot of Prometheus was quite straightforward: a group of scientists, led by Noomi Rapace's starry-eyed archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw, heads off on a mission to the distant moon, LV-223. Led to the location by a star map left behind by early humans, the explorers hope to come face to face with what they call the Engineers - a race of beings that created life on Earth.

The explorers arrive to find the moon eerily empty, its giant inhabitants apparently killed by their own technology. Thanks in part to their curiosity and the secret experiments of Michael Fassbender's synthetic human, David, a dormant alien threat is unleashed: one explorer is turned into a mutant zombie, while Elizabeth is impregnated by a squid-like proto chestburster. Meanwhile, David thaws out his decrepit master Peter Weyland, who's planned the mission in order to meet the Engineers and ask them to reveal the secret of eternal life.

To this end, David revives an Engineer he's found hidden in a cryo-chamber beneath the planet, only to find the hulking being in particularly ill humour. Having despatched Peter Weyland and decapitated David, the Engineer then heads off after Elizabeth Shaw, still reeling from an emergency Caesarean. During a final confrontation, Elizabeth defends herself with a fire axe, before rescue arrives in an unlikely form: the hideous squid creature she had removed her abdomen a short while earlier, now fully grown, smothers the Engineer and gives Elizabeth the time to escape.

Gathering up David's still-conscious detached head, Elizabeth clambers into an Engineer ship, and heads off in the direction of the Engineers' home world.

Now, while Prometheus' conclusion leaves the door open for a sequel, it also poses certain problems for whoever has to write it. In classic Alien style, the cast of the first film are largely gone, and all we're left with is Elizabeth and David's head in a bowling bag. Alien ended more or less the same way (Ripley and Jones the cat), but James Cameron's sequel found a way to introduce Ripley to a new cast of relatable characters.

Prometheus 2, meanwhile, will presumably see Elizabeth visit the Engineers' home planet, with David's decapitated head serving as a translator between she and the aliens (David is, as the first film demonstrated, fluent in the Engineers' language). But if the rumour of multiple Davids is true, then Prometheus 2 could take a slightly different direction: back on Earth, a second David could be despatched, probably by Weyland Yutani, to find out what happened to the first mission. It's likely that he wouldn't be going by himself either - he'll more than likely be joined by a few other scientists or Yutani employees who haven't yet learned of the company's contempt for human life.

At the end of Prometheus, we saw a new type of alien creature - nicknamed the Deacon - emerge from the now very dead Engineer back on LV-223. Given that this is an infant, we can only guess at what sort of monstrosity it will grow into. It isn't too much of a stretch to assume that this new monster will have some sort of impact on the sequel's plot, either - particularly if a crew led by a second David does attempt to go poking around in the remains of the USCSS Prometheus.

Meanwhile, there's the Engineers' home planet to consider. In Prometheus, Idris Elba's accordion-playing captain Janek suggested that LV-223 is a military base, with its canisters of black goo essentially a world-destroying weapon intended for Earth. The planet Elizabeth's heading for, then, is likely to be far removed from the grey ball of rock she's left behind.

Plus there's the lingering question: why did the Engineers create us, only to change their minds and plan to wipe us out again? We're hoping that the rumour circulating a few years ago, that Jesus was an Engineer and the black goo was their intended retribution, isn't true.

The Dark Horse Prometheus comics

Prometheus left us with numerous questions, but we won't necessarily have to wait until the sequel arrives in March 2016 (its current due date) to find out all the answers. A few months ago, Dark Horse announced that it was relaunching its Alien, Predator and Alien Vs Predator comic lines, and adding a fourth: a Prometheus comic, which will "delve into some of the questions" left behind by the 2012 film.

"I know some people hated [Prometheus] and some people loved it," publisher Mike Richardson told Comic Book Resources. "I'm one of the people who loved it, and we're going to delve into some of the questions that Ridley's people have allowed us to delve into. So we'll address some things that seemed unanswerable, and we've got answers for all of them - that's one of the reasons why the story people at Fox are excited by this."

Dark Horse's Scott Allie revealed that the stories of all four comic books will be connected in some way, which means we could see some form of cross-over between the Engineers of Prometheus and their mysterious canisters of goo, the classic xenomorphs of the Alien franchise, and the big game hunters of Predator."The stories are very intertwined," Allie told io9 back in January. "A lot of shared characters, in some cases sort of a sense of one series being a sequel to another."

Allie also revealed that the Prometheus comic would see "a recon crew [...] return to LV-223", and that it would explore "the nature of synthetic life." Will this story connect to the plot of the Prometheus 2 movie and its reported multiple Davids?

A more Alien sequel


Although not without its good points - not least a great performance from Michael Fassbender and some eye-catching production design - Prometheus seemed more than a little lacking in terms of dialogue, characterisation and plot. Those are fairly major things to fix for any writer coming on board for a sequel, but it's possible that Michael Green could do just that. Elizabeth Shaw and David aside, the slate was effectively wiped clean at the end of Prometheus; all the characters were dead, giving Green the chance to start more-or-less afresh.

Hollywood sources have said that Prometheus 2 is going for a horror tone more akin to Alien. If those reports are true, then maybe, just maybe, Prometheus 2 really can provide a satisfying bridge to Ridley Scott's 1979 classic.

The Wrap

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best part of prometheus was the trailer

There's a distinct notion dragging alongside Prometheus that the Alien staple is a burden to an otherwise solid (well, average, but not that bad) film. And, considering how outlandish and disjointed comic book storytelling can get, this Dark Horse project will fit right in.
This movie always felt like a standard Ridley Scott individual project, unwillingly pushed into the alien franchise by god knows who.
However, I'm still glad the story goes forth, and am interested where it will lead. Or maybe, vicariously, how bad can it really get.

It was the other way around. Started as an Alien prequel und changed in the end to something like a hybrid. All the direct connections to the first Alien movie were there. Even the way the ship crash landed left it in the right position we all know so well from the original. And the engineer in it's stool was very much like the stoned one the crew found in Alien. But the producers decided to let it be another planet and eventually an octopus alien emerged instead of the well known one. Weirdly so. Just to get another sequel or possibly a new franchise or trilogy or whatever money gaining thing this should be. I liked it though. But the connections are a bit distracting. Too many rewrites, I guess.

"It explored grand ideas about myths and creation"

I keep reading about the grand ideas that Prometheus was trying to tackle, but really? The idea that life on earth was seeded from space is pretty standard sci-fi trope. Does this mean that TNGs 'The Chase' was tackling grand ideas? How about Bablylon 5's Vorlons?

Even that was done badly. A human looking alien turns up on a lifeless planet, drinks black goo, his DNA falls apart forming primordial life, which, over billions of years, evolves back into humans? What a waste of several billion years that was. Why not just colonize to start with?

Hollywood seems to deliberately try so hard to misunderstand how evolution and DNA work, but Prometheus is probably the worst culprit of all

No I think humans evolved into something like them over the years that earth was forgotten about. It wasn't the purpose to create humans just life. But you're right no reason is given, or for why the engineer was so angry when he found out. You're supposed to speculate and come up with your own I think similar to Alien before. It's not perfect but I'll take it over Grown ups 2 etc and another superhero film. It's ambitious at the very least.

The best part of Prometheus was the end... well someone had to say it.

Seriously though, I will watch the sequel but my expectations are limited by the mess that was it's precursor.

Well, you can hardly use Grown ups 2 as your benchmark for a good movie (if you don't like Superhero movies, you might be on the wrong website)

Yeah, I know what you mean about the humans evolving naturally, but in that case why did they look like us? The idea of two lifeforms evolving separately and looking sooo similar is ridiculous (Hollywood thinks.DNA is made of magical spirals)

I still don't buy that it was ambitious at all. There was a lot of potential, but this trope has been done before and better. It could still have been great though. The biggest crime Prometheus committed was wasted potential

Predators vs Engineers vs Aliens vs Humans

Hey, Dark Horse, why don't you throw in a couple of zombies and vampires while you're at it?

It was also most of Prometheus. Save a few surprises this time.

It wasn't the purpose to create humans? It was a complete coincidence that we evolved to have the exact same DNA as the engineers?
I fail to see the ambition, beyond saying "Wow, the creation of life, huh?" and meandering along to "What if we were like, designed - or maybe not, and like invited but like maybe not, and our creators maybe wanted to wipe us out for no apparent reason..."

2 words . . . Damon Lindelof.

I think there will be a second ship going to LV223. The Prometheus had a life boat which could sustain somebody for a couple of years. I vaguely remember them saying it takes 7 years to transit to LV223 so for there to be a life boat there had to be a second ship already in transit to the planet. Also I think Vickers probably survived the Alien ship crash and will crawl of the wreckage and be forced to survive whilst awaiting the rescue ship. I can see the sequel starting with the rescue ship arriving and finding Vickers who has spent the last two years dodging the Deacon. I wouldn't be surprised if we also find out Vickers was an android. The second film will then be them following Shaws trail with the Deacon and whatever else is in tow causing problems for the new crew.

I'm still miffed that the mystery behind the aliens turned out to be a dumb Chariots of the Gods rip off.

I really want to see "Monsters vs Aliens vs Predator vs Engineers vs Freddie vs Jason vs Joe vs the Volcano vs The People vs Larry Flynt vs Earth vs The Flying Saucers vs Scott Pilgrim vs Kramer"

Vs capcom vs Godzilla vs King Kong vs in da tronk vs Big Mac vs Whopper vs Royale vs Royale with Cheese vs Ecks vs Severs vs Cowboys vs Different Aliens vs Sexual Predators vs the other Kramer"

I think Prometheus got the most important things right: the overall look, the direction and the believability of how the world looked. I felt it was an actual world we were entering into.
Sure, some characters acted stupid, just like people do in real life, fair enough.
There was unexplained stuff, but it didn't feel like that was even the focus, so it didn't bother me, I just went with it.

I prefer that over a lot of other sci-fi stuff, where it's all cleverly thought out, but then the look and the direction lets it down and so it's never a convincing enough world and I never buy into it to begin with.

It wasn't so much the nuts and bolts of synthetic life, as it was the metaphysical ideas that made this movie for me. In no small part due to Fassbender and Rapace. Some of the dialogue was actually pretty riveting and thought provoking.

Loved the style and visuals of Prometheus but really did not like the terrible story and the continued demise of the Alien franchise...

FOX started the destruction of this amazing franchise with their interference of Alien 3. Then did it again to the slightly better but still flawed Resurrection.

And if that wasn't enough they totalled messed up two franchises with the Aliens Vs Predator films. Now that takes a certain kind of special to put them two together and come out looking incompetent.

For me Prometheus was it's last chance and they squandered it.

Prometheus was one of the stupidest movies I have ever seen, with a generic silly plot & even dumber characters. Oh & also a narrative that gave zero character arc for the lead. . .

What dialogoue? What metaphysical ideas? (Hypotheses about the origin of life are not metaphysical, they are biological and firmly within the physical realm).

The best part of Prometheus......I am struggling to end that sentence

There are two factions of engineers, the guys at the beginning that created life on our planet (they arrived in the large saucer shaped ship) and then the other faction that they found on the planet that want to wipe out life on our planet (the one's in the "bone" ships).
I predict a large fight between the two factions in the sequel that will ultimately result in one of the "bone" ships crashing on LV426 which will be the one found in "Alien" which creates the link to the franchises.

Promethius is like a really hot, stupid girl. Beautiful, but not much there after you see it all a few times.

"Plus there's the lingering question: why did the Engineers create us, only to change their minds and plan to wipe us out again?"

Essentially? Crowd control. I mentioned this in the other thread so I suppose I should elaborate.
In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the black monoliths were placed as evolutionary checkmarks (and also just a little kick in the ass for evolution). Each one led to the next, so that when humanity was ready, we'd get the starchild and the next stage.

In Prometheus, this benevolent nudging of life on earth is replaced by an ulterior motive and used a warning system. The cave paintings (which I'm pretty sure were left by the engineers) replace the monoliths, so that when humanity has evolved enough for space travel to those stars, the engineers know it's time to wipe humanity out before it gets out of control.

As Elizabeth says, it's a trap, but it's nothing personal. Just the engineers deciding to terminate one of their (presumed many) projects.

I almost can't be bothered, but yes, precisely. See virtually any scene with Fassbender. The same could be said for any MF starring movie of course, but with regard to this case in point, his origins and concious experience were explored very well. The Tyrell Corporation teases supplied further fodder.

I had mixed feelings about it. As Ryan more or less says in the penultimate paragraph, it looked the part, but the dialogue and characterisation were sub-par. Alien and Aliens were strong character pieces - a lot of the horror came from not wanting the aliens to get these people you were really invested in. But I think in Prometheus the characterisation was overwhelmed by the enormity of the visual ethic and the whole 'Alien'ness of it. Oh well, maybe P2 will hit the mark.

I certainly would like to see more of Vickers. I thought her character had enough potential for another film...

I can't bring to mind recent sci fi films that have been cleverly thought out but then let down by the visuals and direction. Do you have any examples?

I don't think that's the case, there are two factions of engineers imo, the guys at the beginning that created life on our planet (they arrived in the large saucer shaped ship aka "The Good Guys") and then the other faction that they found on the planet that want to wipe out life on our planet (the one's in the "bone" ships aka "The Bad Guys").I predict a large fight between the two factions in the sequel that will ultimately result in one of the "bone" ships crashing on LV426 which will be the one found in "Alien" which creates the link to the franchises.

Also just to add to this, there is an "easter egg" in an Alien game that won't be mentioned which does indeed show these two types of ship in a battle against each other, the creators of that game had meetings with Ridley Scott during the creation of Prometheus.

ahem...vs Marvel vs DC vs Ash vs Army of Dead vs Michael Myers vs Werewolves vs Frankenstein vs SNK vs Bigfoot...

I remember disliking it a lot.

Now I can't even remember much of it.

Except something in it reminded me of the guy in the Mighty Boosh whose head had turned into cheese.

......Vs My Little Pony - with a CHAINSAW!!!!

Precisely what? Precisely as in "yes, biological hypotheses are not metaphysical, so there are no metaphysical ideas in Prometheus" or...?
I am sorry if I was unclear, but I was looking for you to tell me how a given bit of dialogue was more thought provoking than "what if we were made by someone", which is a very old scifi staple.

I get the themes; creator and created, obligations owed to either by the other, what meaning a life can have with or without a creator, etc. etc. It's just that they go absolutely nowhere with any of them, no exploration, no comment, just "yeah, maybe these guys made us".
What dialogue goes further than this, and how?

You have to remember that Hollywood operates in a country where Creationists more or less rule the roost. Prometheus's nod to "Intelligent Design" (while a double edged sword) reflects that understanding of human origins, as well as the darkly Calvinist, death- and retribution-obsessed kind of religious sensibility that grips so many of its audience.

You know, you are absolutely correct. I have no adequate response to an intellect of your great importance, and await your movie with patient gratitude.

Am I the only one on DOG that liked it? yes it wasnt perfect but I enjoyed it at least! looking forward to a more well rounded and balanced sequel

Well, excuse me - but when you came to the defence of "It explored grand ideas about myths and creation", I thought maybe you would wanted to offer some example of such an idea.

Oh lovely, so they decided that because promtheus was such a balls up and the direction of the film cluelessly didn't work they want to go back to their roots, slight proof that originality has completely dried up. we look forward to see the sequel of this comedy

Get James Cameron to do the sequel - worked for Alien :)
Still love Alien but Aliens is vastly superior

in the words of Clarence Boddicker - bitches, leave

I don't think you are. Personally i 'liked' it, but wouldn't go so far as to say I loved it. Only realised that after the news of P2 has been announced that i hadn't seen it since i saw at the cinema.

Prometheus: Full of grand ideas but poorly executed and not able to fulfill fan expectations


A superior action movie yes, but a superior horror movie...nope.

For the record I love them both though.

Disagree. The end was the worst part. The Deacon felt so forced and was a terrible decision.

Maybe the engineer was angry because his colleagues were dead and he didn't expect to be faced with a weird earth evolved version of himself asking for eternal life. Bit like how Cecil B DeMille might feel when shown a Michael Bay picture.

I don't know why so many people defend this film when they should be criticizing the hell out it. Maybe it could have been better without all the editing, and they may argue how it "explored themes" but surely even they can't deny that the end product was a seriously flawed mess.

I don't want a horror movie. I want a movie that explores the meeting of species from both sides. I want a movie that gives a sense of what a true search for alien life would look like, and what would happen when we find that life. Prometheus was a decent start, but there were so many unanswered questions. I also want them to take us to the engineer's home planet and let's explore how a superior race of beings deals with, well...us. :)

Either way, I enjoyed Prometheus, and i'm sure i'll enjoy the second one (as long as it's not a cheesy jump-scare horror movie.)

In the Greek myth (not the Geek myth) Prometheus created man from clay. He defied the Gods and gave man the gift of fire which enabled progress. Maybe the Engineer who created life and enabled civilization is eternally punished for his transgression just as Prometheus was. Mary Shelley gave the subtitle to Frankenstein as the "Modern Prometheus". So, we humans have turned out to be an experiment gone wrong, freakish monsters which must be destroyed?
Parallel to this story thread is the creation of Replicants in Blade Runner and their use off-world in the Alien series and Prometheus such as David. We also have made "life" in our image which we also are not too sure about...

I get a bit grumpy myself in the mornings, but don't attempt to commit genocide (usually)

Does anyone know when the comic will come out?

VS Batman Vs Superman.....

Who taught David how to speak the Engineers language?

I'd just like to weigh and pick you up on a point. The idea of two lifeforms evolving seperately and looking similar is hugely common, not ridiculous. It's called 'Convergent Evolution' and has been seen many times across the world.

I lost respect for Ridley Scott after watching Promethues. It played out like a poor episode of Ancient Aliens on the History channel. Did they even have a science advisor on set?

They didn't just "evolve" to look alike. They evovled to have the same DNA - which is beyond impropable and quite ridiculous...

I think I am getting to old for bad movies, personally. Do you have an argument as to why Prometheus does not fall into this category, or did you just delude yourself that you had come up with a clever insult?

Whatever you say Mr Billy the Buttsniffer!

mrMidstream (urine?), I'll try communicating at the level you seem capable of: you're wrong and Indiana Joe is correct.

I think people have a problem with the film because it's almost too ambiguous for it's own good. At least that was my problem with it, and of course that idiot who wanted to play with the alien worm. If you watch the extended version, or do what I did, and just look on line....you will see that it's not really that ambiguous. Engineers created Humans on Earth, Humans started killing one another, Engineers sent Jesus down, Humans killed him too, Engineers decided to kill humans...until an outbreak happened at just the right time.

It could have been edited better I think.

I think the Alien Series should be seperate from the prometeus Series. Prometheu2 should focus on answering the questions raise in the first prometheus movie.
The Alien Series can move forward as a seperate SEries using some the books that have been written continueing the Alien Series. One of the books would lend itself toat least two additional movie to the Alien series. This book was called Earth Hive, where humans and the military were chased off planet earth to a moon to regroup. The next book has the miklitary returning to Earth To Retake the Planet from the Xenomorphs!!

First, the opening scene was not a human creation scenario. I thought this was obvious.

Second, the film was obviously about the definition, value and responsibility of sentient life. The engineers are essentially the opposite of the alien species. One exists to give life, the other exists to take it. And the fact the Engineers were heading to earth 2000 years, did you not wonder why?

The problem with the film is that asks too much of the viewer. Some people want to be spoon fed, not do any work in trying to understand what's going on. I loved it for this reason and it does explore lots of metaphysical questions, particularly pertinent to our stage of development as a species. Do we discard religion, how far do we push science, even Marxism is in there - will our future be driven by profit, vanity, hubris , egoism and the cult of the individual, which capitalism so highly venerates? Weyland's character precisely represented that spirit, and Holloway to a certain extent. It was science fiction not fact, so being dismayed at some parts of the plot not following known science is absurd. It was a brave move to insert these existential questions into a mass culture event, but unfortunately a lot of people didn't have the imagination to sit and think about it. Ultimately I saw the film as a vehicle, like all good art, to provide a starting point for the viewer to engage and explore. The story of the engineers was not a serious theory of human origin, they purpose as characters were to provide a metaphor for what we could become. It was telling that amid all the testosterone of Weyland and Holloway, it was the female character which survived. In addition, Shaw perfectly represented that dichotomy between belief and knowledge. The film was about enigma, and enigma is not always satisfying, but it is always intriguing.

"First, the opening scene was not a human creation scenario. I thought this was obvious."

So you are saying that after seeding the earth with Engineer DNA, the subsequent evolving of humans with the exact same DNA was a coincidence? (Lets ignore for the moment that we have seperate Phenotypes from the Engineers).

The film hints at - at least - some interesting ideas thrown about at some point, viz. finding our creators while creating life of our own (David). It just goes absolutely nowhere with them, and instead throws dumb monster-movie cliches at the screen.

I would not say that because one race kills (which, lets face it, most races do, including the Engineers themselves), and the other also creates life, they are opposites.

The film never really hinted at anything, it was all right there in the open if you paid attention. David "don't all kids want their parents dead" Elle "not me" David is talking about humanity, they might as well have beaten us over the head with it- no pun intended.

The Engineers didn't turn on humanity, humanity turned on them. It went rancid like a cancer virus. Killed their emissaries and took to slaughtering eachother for petty gain. And they in turn created a weapon intended to destroy us. I'm sure not all of them agreed upon it, I'm sure not all of them were certain it was the right thing to do. But the weapon broke out.

This is about free will. Just because you're free to do as you wish, doesn't make whatever it is you want to do a good idea. Likewise, a collective is ever less likely to survive unending servitude. In this way free will is almost like an extension of evolution from the biological into the conscious. The laws of physics themselves leave the entire concept of free will shaky at best. And while the question of whether or not free will actually exists is valuable, that doesn't mean the answer is. Infact, it most likely isn't. The question is as old as the concept of good vs evil. And almost as blind to the truth, the two are always going to exist. One always believes it's going to defeat the other and ofcourse, it can't. But the irony of it all is- that's the point.

And I literally have no idea how you didn't understand what I said about the Engineers and the Aliens being opposites. I'm not talking about creating life, I'm talking about sacrifice. You overlooked the phrase "exist". The engineers were sacrificial. They seeded planets using their own bodies as the host. The alien weapon takes over others bodies to create more of its own. One alters its own DNA as it sees fit, the other uses accelerated evolution via consuming a host.

That's the most common mistake almost everyone makes when considering the existence of "aliens" the assumption that they are still biological, when I can't think of a single reason why they would be. The engineers are biological by choice, that's a monumental distinction on its own. Don't assume it's because they have to be, they don't. They created a synthetic life form to kill us. This simple fact within the story is a bold statement in what they are. I would say they represent the *origin* of evil. The saying "the path to hell is paved with good intentions" rings a bell. They took their pursuit of justice and sacrifice too far, it blew up in their face.

But I personally look at humans as the bridge between Engineer and Alien. I think humans are the key in this conflict. And I don't think it will be too long before the Engineers realize their mistake. They will, if they want to survive.

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