Prometheus 2 set for March 2016, writer hired

News Simon Brew
25 Mar 2014 - 06:22

It looks like the follow-up to Ridley Scott's Prometheus will film later this year, ahead of a March 2016 release.

Last week, a series of release dates for 20th Century Fox movies was revealed, one of which was listed for an as-then unnamed Ridley Scott film. We speculated then, as did half the internet, that the March 2016 date that had been earmarked was surely for Prometheus 2. Turns out that we, and half of the internet, were correct.

Ridley Scott is possibly - although not definitely - returning to the director's chair for Prometheus 2 (he may yet opt to produce), with production on the new film set to start in the autumn. That's once Scott is done and dusted on his upcoming movie, Exodus.

Michael Green has been hired to do some script work on the Prometheus sequel, having also worked on the Blade Runner follow-up script for Scott. We'd imagine that the new Blade Runner film will be lined up to follow the second Prometheus.

Prometheus 2, reports The Wrap, is set to be "much more Alien-y". The first Prometheus was described as still a film away from the start of the Alien movie. This new film may be the one to glue things to Scott's 1979 classic.

Early story rumour? That we'll be getting multiple David androids in the new movie, so lots of Michael Fassbender, then.

More news on the new Prometheus as we get it...

The Wrap.

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