Prometheus 2 set for March 2016, writer hired

News Simon Brew 25 Mar 2014 - 06:22

It looks like the follow-up to Ridley Scott's Prometheus will film later this year, ahead of a March 2016 release.

Last week, a series of release dates for 20th Century Fox movies was revealed, one of which was listed for an as-then unnamed Ridley Scott film. We speculated then, as did half the internet, that the March 2016 date that had been earmarked was surely for Prometheus 2. Turns out that we, and half of the internet, were correct.

Ridley Scott is possibly - although not definitely - returning to the director's chair for Prometheus 2 (he may yet opt to produce), with production on the new film set to start in the autumn. That's once Scott is done and dusted on his upcoming movie, Exodus.

Michael Green has been hired to do some script work on the Prometheus sequel, having also worked on the Blade Runner follow-up script for Scott. We'd imagine that the new Blade Runner film will be lined up to follow the second Prometheus.

Prometheus 2, reports The Wrap, is set to be "much more Alien-y". The first Prometheus was described as still a film away from the start of the Alien movie. This new film may be the one to glue things to Scott's 1979 classic.

Early story rumour? That we'll be getting multiple David androids in the new movie, so lots of Michael Fassbender, then.

More news on the new Prometheus as we get it...

The Wrap.

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After the debacle that was the first movie, who cares? I can't help but feel that this will be a movie designed to repair damage and win back fans rather than a natural sequel.

Scott has to come back to finish this story off, I haven't given up hope that he can make a sequel that will make more sense of the first one. Also visually the original is pretty amazing if all the other pieces didnt stack up....

Enjoyed the first movie & look forward to the next one. Admired the central questions they were trying to pose & the risks they took making it ... while there was alot of criticism for 'whatever reason', I hope they stick to what they were trying to achieve.

"Time... To... Retire......."

Despite Scott stating to the contrary, I dare say we'll get the 'Director's Cut' 'Extended Edition' or 'Redux' of the first film at some point in the next 10 years. I didn't hate it but it was disappointing.

I agree with nickm, the movie was asking the right questions ala 2001 a space osyssey but makes so many bad plot choices and poor scripting that few could take it serious.

I mean you have collected the best scientific / engineer trained personel for this mission and they dont have any health and safetly awareness whatsoever? on top of that noomi rapace performing her own sucessful surgical proceedure and performing that action packed ending straight after?

The worst flaw in this entire film is having the engineer's ship crash and lie on its edge quite similar to the one later found on lv 426.

Damon lindelof must have thought the Prometheus script was in desperate need of some good old lost type plot tricks but this stunt has done nothing good for the story except to pose a huge conundrum for the writers of the sequal.

I hope they dont let Damon within a 20 mile radius of Promethus 2, i can just imagine him thinking 4,8,15,16,23,42 those could be new co-ordinates or a distress signal, or part of a dna sequence or all of those at the same time!

The first was so dumb, I can't imagine they will be able to turn it around.

Wonder what would happen if Ridley decided not to do it, so they got James Cameron in?

So that's another writer going into a darkened room with 10,000 boxes of Scrabble letters then?

Maybe this one will actually be good, but I doubt it. Not sure I'll bother.

The first film certainly asked questions, unfortunately no one gave a damn what those questions were.

I was mainly disappointed with the first one.........mainly.

If it follows the usual pattern, the sequel to Prometheus will be called Prometheuses

As much as I enjoyed the film, my questions are as follows:

1. Why is Milburn suddenly no longer afraid when he pets the scary vagina snake that clearly looks dangerous.

2. Why do Vickers and Shaw run length ways away from the crashing ship?

3. Why does Shaw not mention the weird octopus alien baby she just removed from her belly to anyone? It was a horrific experience she just seems to forget about within a matter of seconds.

4. I will never understand why a smart Android decided to test the black goo on Charlie without knowing what it would do. Goes against everything he has been designed to do surely?

Aside from those things, it was fun!

I still think Prometheus is both watchable and entertaining. There's a great, intelligent sci-fi movie, that doesn't hesitate to tackle the big questions, lurking under the bits Damon Lindelof didn't screw up (why do we let him near things?). Hopefully the sequel will be more about pay-off and answers, rather than questions with great potential that were substantially under-delivered on.

That said, it's still a good movie, with Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Noomi Rapace all putting in inspired performances. It's just a shame the rest of the movie didn't match up. Though I am glad to see someone other than Lindelof is writing this one.

I really enjoyed the first one as well. There was some character stupidity, but to be frank I don't care.

The central premise of Prometheus, and its general feel, was of a big, proper science fiction movie. Something with big ideas and a grand scope. I'll take shoddy characterisation if it means I get science fiction with a little creative ambition.

I really enjoyed the first one as well. There was some character stupidity, but to be frank I don't care.

The central premise of Prometheus, and its general feel, was of a big, proper science fiction movie. Something with big ideas and a grand scope. I'll take some shoddy characterisation if it means I get science fiction with a little creative ambition.

I feel entirely the opposite. It's all the more disappointing because they squandered such a wonderful opportunity to build a mesmerising back story, throwing away any impact with innumerable ridiculous plot decisions. The real shocker while I actually watched the movie was the idiot specialists, chosen for the most important scientific discovery of all time. At the point the xeno-biologist freaked out about finding alien life and wanted to run away I knew something had gone horribly wrong with this film, this was after they'd all taken their helmets off within 2 minutes because 'computer said yes'. Sadly it only went downhill from there.
I think I'd label Prometheus as the biggest movie disappointment of my life.


i enjoyed the firest even though it had faults so looking forward to sequel were maybe some mystry can be tied up with some answers

Hmmh, for some reason my comment has been posted under my own name and a guest name. Curious.

Anyway, I can definitely see why people dislike Prometheus (or aspects of it) but for me the central hook of the entire thing was such an engrossing idea, that the plot failures and character missteps were small compared to its grand sweep.

Plus I think that some criticism of the scientists is coloured by what we already know about their universe. We know that the universe they are in is dangerous and full of monsters, they don't. Whilst they certainly are a bit more Steve Irwin than is advisable, it's not so far removed from what humans will do, as to be completely unbelievable.

It is only possible to really like the first Prometheus film if taken as the first part of a series whose follow-up(s) are yet to be filmed. As a standalone it simply does not tie up together and fails miserably to answer the fascinating questions that it poses. That said, it was an awesome slice of sci-fi... But does not stand up as a film on its own.

If you compare this movie to something like John Carpenter's 'The Thing' it shows why these plot failures and character missteps are exactly what ruins the central hook. In that movie all the team act intelligently, they try to do their best with what they know, they act as we would have, and that makes it so much more impactful.
In Prometheus everyone dies because they are idiots, and yet they are supposed to be a hand picked team for the most important discovery in human history. The biologist - runs away from the first alien ever found and then cuddles the clearly aggressive live alien snake. The geologist - gets lost despite laser 3D mapping the structure. The android - decides to test alien goo on a shipmate for lulz. The owner hides his presence on his own ship on his own mission for no reason. The bosswoman can only run in straight lines.
For me, once that credibility was destroyed, pretty early on in the movie, none of the rest mattered.

Prometheus is the 'Phantom Menace' of the Alien Universe.
Cast your votes for who was Jar Jar.

Damon Lindelof screwed the franchise up too much for me to care about a sequel. Prometheus was more like a prequel to Idiocracy than Alien.

With the exception of Fassbender, any of those characters could be Jar Jar

Ah, but the Prometheus characters in the story were the humans, so this sequel would have to have many alien races discovering the engineers.

Getting rid of the humans would fix most of the problems with the first movie, it's true.

From some of the many discussions about this before.

1. Removing certain scenes in editing left Milburn and Fifield appearing spectacularly dumb on screen. See missing scene of Milburn discovery another worm thing earlier, and other moments which setup a Milburn/Fifield bromance. Milburn is at first trying to impress Fifield before he gets out of his depth with his snake charming.

2. Simplest explanation is that the scene didn't translate from script to screen particularly well. Without dropping a giant croissant shaped spaceship on a random selection of humans to see what would really happen, it's difficult to know whether the two characters in the film are especially dumb or just typically dumb.

3. Presumably because she's now hugely paranoid and doesn't trust any of them. But no, it doesn't make much sense. Why would David not ask her about her pregnancy?

4. Weyland told him to "try harder" from his sleep pod and given the close relationship between David and his master the android interpreted that as take any measure. In the Scott Alien universe, androids have no morality of their own, and he knew this his master's mission was to live longer at any cost.

Those are just some of the many answers. It's a far from perfect film, but despite that I find in retrospect that it's one of the most interesting from that year because it's a matter of so much discussion.

Some good responses there. I was not aware of missing scenes with Milburn. If this is the case, it's very odd to have deleted them leaving that one scene.

I agree, it was a good film. Like you say, one that generates so much discussion cannot be a bad thing.

It's about time someone made a bridge movie for the muppets and alien franchises.

I think that pretty much perfectly sums up Prometheus 1!

Ba dum tssshhh!

Seriously, who doesn't want to see fuzzy felt being ripped apart and a "Kermlien" appear on screen?

Now that's funny!!

Wow, can't wait. Why is everything scheduled for 2016 though? Pirates 5 too I mean... And where is Jurassic park 4? We are still waiting...

I want to see Sigourney being stalked by one of these things....

I also think David didn't like Charlie. He talked down to him on more than one occasion. He also said he would do anything and everything to get his answers which is another reason why David dosed him. I love this film, it's thought provoking and I'm glad they're doing another one. Fassbender was great in it.

I really don't want to be one of those terrible Internet people that scream 'KEEP DAMON LINDELOF AWAY FROM THIS!', but...

Quite right, I forgot about the "how far would you go" question. It shows David as very innocent, he's literally asking his victim for guidance on his little science project of working out what the goo does and whether it will help Weyland. He even wishes Charlie good health.

Looking forward to it, Prometheus is a much better film than people realise.

It's ultimately a matter of opinion and preference. Personally, I found it to be competently made for the most part, but I didn't like the story at all and I was annoyed by all the characters except David and the captain. It kinda hurts the credibility for many viewers to see a bunch of scientists behaving like arrogant children feigning intelligence.

Writer hired? They're a step ahead of the first one apparently.

I loved the story because it had so many philosophical questions, and that's why some people hate it. Because being philosophical, you can't as a writer ever answer these questions without a torrent of criticism. The people looking for answers will never get them, that's just the reality of the genre.

I disliked it because I felt that it failed with its attempt at being deep and raising philosophical questions in the audience, because it didn't bring anything new and it honestly came across as something pretentious.

I thought the way it switched 2001: ASO on it's head was brilliant.
As for bringing anything new, I don't see how it possibly could have.

What I mean is that I've seen all of the same questions and ontological discussions done before in sci-fi and in better ways. "Prometheus" feels more like a dumb movie trying to appear more intelligent than it really is, by taking ideas done by other authors countless of times before and then trying to present it within a new package to appeal to a more modern audience, all the while dumbing it down. Basically, like a more grimy version of "Avatar".

Well yeah of course, there's nothing new under the sun and it's all been done before but I thought it was an admirable attempt to bring these ideas into the mainstream in an accessible way.
Unfortunately it's just the reality that you have to dumb things down somewhat. I'd say looking around the internet, they didn't dumb it down enough for some people.

Avatar? Oy, that's a low blow

Not just "somewhat", I'd say. I feel that a big problem is that many of the movie's fans have a misconception that everyone who ever complained about this movie did so only because they would have been unable to understand it, which is why they would not appreciate it. I still think that this movie is really stupid at its core and doesn't really offer any any proper insight into anything philosophical beyond tired pop-psychology, which would be fine if it was honestly a B-movie and didn't try to pretend being deep and intelligent to impress people.

On that small chance that someone from Creative Assembly read this, that's your easter egg ^^^

Someone needs to do an Alien easter egg. One where as soon as you open it, the smarties inside leap out and force themselves down your neck

Yes it's one of the better scenes. Not sure how innocent David is though. It looked more to me like David was punishing him for being a human with self importance and blind curiosity. David as an android was clearly more suited to the mission than the rest of the crew. Another good theme puts you in mind of Bladerunner.

I have too much spare time.

Yeah, it disappointed me that the deleted scenes were included on the disc but not put back into the film, as some of them alleviated the character problems. I held out of buying it precisely because I think they'll be reinserted at some point in the future...

He's busy doing all those Avatars for the next few years, however.

Yeah, I liked Prometheus (and I'm glad another is coming) but I think Scott was a little overzealous in the editing room which resulted in some of the characters occasionally looking stupid or illogical.

Some other things to consider.

1. Millburn is a zoologist, he is used to dealing with simple animals, not complex intelligent beings. Hence he fears the other worldly and highly intelligent nature of the engineers, but responds well to something that acts like an animal from Earth.

2. Why are the characters in this movie supposed to be infallible? A big ship has crashed and is starting to fall over, you would panic and the first instinct you would have would be to run from it in a non calculated fashion. They just happened to have panicked and ran in the wrong direction.

The first one was so staggeringly inept it made me seriously consider walking out of the cinema and demanding my money back.

Prometheus isn't just a remarkably stupid film; it's a remarkably stupid film that thinks it's deep. It's the very worst kind of stupid.

Considering there hadn't been a good Alien movie in nearly 30 years, the thing that made me buy a ticket was the Ridley Scott name - not falling for that a second time!

I nearly wlked out of the first one so won't be going to see the next one. The first one was so full of plot holes it was utterly ridiculous.

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