Jack Ryan

Revisiting Clear And Present Danger: the best Jack Ryan film

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An intelligent, dense political thriller in the middle of summer? We visit Harrison Ford in Tom Clancy's Clear And Present Danger...

Revisiting Patriot Games: the first Jack Ryan 'reboot'

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We take a look back at the 1992 action thriller that introduced Harrison Ford as Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan...

Chris Pine: we didn't get Jack Ryan totally right

Simon Brew News Jan 2, 2015

As he reveals there are no plans for a Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit sequel, Chris Pine talks about his regrets to do with the film.

Movie franchises that continued once the star quit

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What do you do when a lead actor quits a movie franchise? In these examples, you carry on...

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - new character clip

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A new clip for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit explores the nature of Chris Pine's rebooted character. Take a look within...

Brand new poster for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, date change

Simon Brew Poster Nov 28, 2013

Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, and a random shot of Keira Knightley headline the new Jack Ryan international poster...

New poster for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

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Sort-of exclusive: the latest poster for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit has landed. And we've got it here...

First trailer lands for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Simon Brew Trailer Oct 4, 2013

At last! The first trailer for the Jack Ryan reboot, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, has landed. See it here...

First poster for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, no release date

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Paramount begins the publicity campaign for the new Jack Ryan film, but the new poster does need to stop rumours of a release date delay...

Paramount, thrillers, Jack Reacher and Jack Ryan

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Is Paramount onto something with its increasing rediscovery of the character-driven thriller?