Iron Man 3

Drew Pearce interview: Iron Man and the Marvel Universe

James Hunt Feature Feb 11, 2014

Drew Pearce chats to us about Iron Man 3, the new All Hail The King one-shot, and getting No Heroics onto DVD.

Marvel's One Shot All Hail The King brings back Mandarin: first details

Ryan Lambie News Jan 10, 2014

Iron Man 3's controversial Mandarin gets his own Marvel One Shot in All Hail The King. First details and pictures here...

The 12 finest movie villains of 2013

Ryan Lambie Simon Brew Odd List Jan 3, 2014

They made us boo and hiss, and maybe made us like them a little bit, too. Here's our rundown of our favourite 2013 movie villains...

The James Clayton Column: My 2013 Christmas gift wishlist

James Clayton Feature Dec 20, 2013

As the season of Yule approaches, James lists the film-related gadgets he'd love for Christmas...

Top 10 films of 2013: Iron Man 3

Seb Patrick Odd List Dec 23, 2013

Next up on our countdown of our favourites of 2013, here's Iron Man 3, a surprisingly daring superhero movie

Why does every superhero film have to end in a big fight?

Andrew Blair Feature Nov 13, 2013

The climactic fight has become a staple of superhero movies, but, Andrew wonders, do they always have to end this way?

Thor: The Dark World outperforms box office expectations

Simon Brew News Nov 11, 2013

It's not at Iron Man 3 numbers, but Marvel's Thor 2 is a big box office success nonetheless...

Why can 18-rated games be hits but not Hollywood films?

Ryan Lambie Feature Sep 24, 2013

Why is GTA V the most popular piece of entertainment of the year, we wonder, when 18-rated films are so rare in mainstream cinema?

The winners and losers of 2013's summer blockbuster season

Simon Brew Odd List Aug 15, 2013

Iron Man 3 soared, R.I.P.D. spluttered. But what were the winners, losers, solid hits and surprises of summer blockbuster season 2013?

Watch this great 16-bit version of Iron Man 3

Ryan Lambie Viral Video Jul 31, 2013

The plot of Iron Man 3's perfectly condensed in this lo-res, lo-fi 16-bit homage video. Take a look within...