Big Hero 6 review

Simon Brew Review Jan 29, 2015

Big Hero 6 is more Walt Disney Animation Studios' film than a Marvel flick - at least for most of its running time. And that's no bad thing.

Don Hall interview: Big Hero 6, his most bizarre screening

Simon Brew Interview Jan 28, 2015

The Big Hero 6 director talks T-shirts and unexpected audience laughter. Plus the last-minute post-credits sequence to the film.

Kids' animated movies characters "twice as likely to die"

Simon Brew News Dec 18, 2014

Apparently, if you watch a family animated movie, it's five times more likely that the parent of a main character will die.

Once Upon A Time season 4 episode 12 review: Heroes And Villains

Kylie Peters Review Dec 15, 2014

Disney's Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella de Vil are all joining Once Upon A Time for the next half-season. How will they fare?

Frozen 2: Idina Menzel confirms it's "in the works"

Simon Brew News Nov 29, 2014

Frozen 2 looks like it's happening, as the voice of Elsa admits that "it's in the works"...

Disney's Snow White: the risk that changed filmmaking forever

Ryan Lambie Feature Nov 25, 2014

Snow White was a risk that could have finished Disney. Ryan looks at how the world's first animated feature changed the landscape of cinema

In praise of cinema kids' club screenings

Simon Brew Feature Nov 24, 2014

Taking kids to the cinema can be a fraught experience, but kids' clubs make things easier. Simon's a fan...

Frozen + Breaking Bad = Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab

Simon Brew Viral Video Nov 18, 2014

A quite wonderful mash-up of Breaking Bad and Frozen, as Walter White sings 'Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab'

Once Upon A Time season 4 episode 7 review: The Snow Queen

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This week's Once Upon A Time is all about the melodrama. Here's Kylie's frustrated review...

Once Upon A Time season 4 episode 6 review: Family Business

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This week's Belle-centric Once Upon A Time story shows Rumple in an even worse light. Here's Kylie's review...