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Ash Vs Evil Dead episode 4 review: Brujo

Gabriel Bergmoser Review
Nov 26, 2015

Ash Vs Evil Dead season one reaches the halfway point, and this rollicking, fun show is as exciting and entertaining as ever...

Ash Vs Evil Dead episode 3 review: Books From Beyond

Gabriel Bergmoser Review
Nov 17, 2015

Ash Vs Evil Dead is proving to be a fun, engaging, gripping series that promises to get even better as it goes on...

Ash Vs. Evil Dead episode 2 review: Bait

Gabriel Bergmoser Review
Nov 9, 2015

Ash Vs Evil dead certainly doesn't slump in its second episode, which picks up right where the barn-storming opener left off...

Ash Vs. Evil Dead: renewed for second season

Rob Leane News
Oct 29, 2015

Before season 1 has even started airing, Starz has renewed Ash Vs. Evil Dead for a second season…

Ash Vs Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi discuss return

Rob Leane News
Jul 30, 2015

Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi told San Diego Comic-Con all about their new series, Ash Vs Evil Dead...

Ash Vs. Evil Dead: watch the first three minutes here

Louisa Mellor Rob Leane Trailer
Oct 26, 2015

Bruce Campbell and the Deadites return in Ash Vs. Evil Dead. You can watch the first three minutes of the TV show here...

Ash Vs Evil Dead: first image of Bruce Campbell in action

Rob Leane News
Jul 2, 2015

After a fair few faceless promos, we've finally got a picture of Bruce Campbell and his chainsaw arm in the Ash Vs Evil Dead TV show...

14 brilliant pieces of fan-made movie and TV merchandise

Phoebe-Jane Boyd Feature
Jul 14, 2015

Our favourites? A Dr Ian Malcolm pocket, a Captain America costume for hamsters, Exorcist character magnets and, well, Total Recall...

Ash Vs Evil Dead: new teaser lands for TV revival

Rob Leane News
Jun 1, 2015

Here's a groovy teaser for the Ash Vs Evil Dead TV show, set to land on Starz this autumn...

Bruce Campbell talks Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Rob Leane News
Mar 16, 2015

“He doesn’t want to save the world, but he has to” says Bruce Campbell of Ash Vs. Evil Dead…