Demon's Souls

Dark Souls III rumoured for E3

Ryan Lambie News
Jun 8, 2015

Rumours are circulating that From Software's been quietly working on Dark Souls III - and that it'll be unveiled at this year's E3...

Dextrous player completes Bloodborne with a Guitar Hero controller

Ryan Lambie News
Apr 20, 2015

Thought Bloodborne was tough? One player's managed to complete it with a Guitar Hero controller...

Bloodborne: players complete the game in less than 1 hour

Ryan Lambie News
Mar 31, 2015

PlayStation 4 action game Bloodborne may be difficult, but that hasn't stopped some players finishing it in as little as 35 minutes...

New Bloodborne trailer shows off combat

Aaron Birch Trailer
Jan 19, 2015

A new gameplay teaser for Bloodborne has been released, and it looks at the controls and combat...

Bloodborne trailer and release date

Aaron Birch Trailer
Sep 2, 2014

PS4 exclusive Bloodborne has a release date in Japan, along with a new trailer...

Project Beast footage leaked

Aaron Birch News
May 30, 2014

Does this footage belong to the next Souls game From Software is working on? Have a look...

Demon's Souls 2 coming to PS4?

Aaron Birch News
May 5, 2014

Is Sony going to make up for previous mistakes and release Demon's Souls 2 for PS4?

Dark Souls 2 release date announced

Aaron Birch News
Sep 19, 2013

From Software has confirmed the release date for the highly anticipated Dark Souls 2...

Dark Souls II trailer and gameplay video released

Aaron Birch Trailer
Apr 11, 2013

Gameplay footage of Dark Souls II has surfaced online, and fans get ready to die a lot, again...

Looking ahead to Dark Souls

Dark Souls
Ryan Lambie News
Jun 2, 2011

From Software return with Dark Souls, a spiritual sequel to the brutal Demon’s Souls. We look ahead to the arrival of an epic action RPG…