Demon’s Souls Remake: Release Date and Trailer

Demon's Souls finally returns, but how true will this PlayStation 5 remake stay to the original game?

Demon's Souls
Photo: From Software

Great news for Souls fans everywhere: FromSoftware and Sony have confirmed that the long-awaited remake of Demon’s Souls is coming to the PlayStation 5.

The Demon’s Souls remake will be developed by Bluepoint Games, the studio behind the incredible Shadow of the Colossus remake, as From Software seems to have its hands tied with the still mysterious Elden Ring project. Sony Japan Studio will assist Bluepoint on the project, according to IGN.

Described by Sony as “completely rebuilt from the ground up,” it’s clear that the PS5 version of Demon’s Souls will be a true remake of the 2009 original. At the very least, that means completely upgraded visuals. While we get a glimpse of this remake’s beautiful visuals in its debut trailer, Sony has also stated that the final version of the game will feature “beautiful shadow effects and ray tracing” as well as two graphics modes: one built around improved framerate and another designed to optimize the pure visuals.

Looks aside, questions remain regarding the extent of this remake. The biggest unanswered question may be whether or not Demon’s Souls will embrace some of the innovations of the later entries in the Souls series.

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For those who jumped into the Souls series a bit later, Demon’s Souls did things a bit differently than some of its sequels and spin-offs. While it still featured the punishing, methodical gameplay and resurrection system that made Dark Souls such an unlikely smash hit, it remains somewhat unique in several ways.

For instance, it featured more of a hub-style level selection process as opposed to the Metroidvania system seen in Dark Souls. Magic in Demon’s Souls is also somewhat infamous for being often humorously over-powered, whereas Dark Souls tended to emphasize more melee action.

We imagine that some of the original game’s balance issues will be corrected, but whether or not the game is reworked to incorporate more of the refinements and alterations of later Souls games remains to be seen. Some may welcome such changes while others could argue that some of those quirks help set Demon’s Souls apart.

Regardless, Demon’s Souls’ incredible boss fights, fantastic world design, and brilliant use of the series’ multiplayer concepts have not aged a day. As long as this remake retains most of those core concepts, we imagine that it will be embraced by millions of fans who may not have initially gotten the chance to experience this true gem as well as those who count it among their favorite games in recent years.

The Demon’s Souls remake will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, but there’s currently no word regarding its intended release date. As always, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more about this next-gen title.