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The 20 best comic book movies you may not know

Nick Horton Feature
Jan 15, 2016

From a not-seen-enough Batman film, to treats from overseas: here are 20 comic book movies that deserve more love.

Upcoming comic book films that aren’t Marvel Studios or DC

The inside of a cinema
Rob Leane Feature
Jul 18, 2014

From Bananaman to Sin City, Rob looks at some of the more left-field comic book movies coming soon…

The current state of the big comic book movie universes

Simon Brew Feature
Jun 6, 2014

Marvel, DC, Spider-Man and X-Men are each having their own cinematic universes - but how are they all doing?

What now for Hydra in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

James Hunt Feature
May 14, 2014

Does Hydra have a big part to play in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, wonders James...?

The movies we hope Marvel and DC aren’t developing

Rob Leane Odd List
May 9, 2014

From Squirrel Girl to Doorman, we look at Marvel and DC's more unusual comic properties...

Sony, the Spider-Man universe, and dwindling box office

Simon Brew Feature
May 7, 2014

With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 underperforming slightly at the box office, we look at Sony's future for the franchise...

How faithful should book and comic adaptations be?

Andrew Blair Feature
Apr 11, 2014

Do films need to change things from the material they're adapted from - and is always that a bad thing, anyway?

The Death Of Superman: a comic that should be a movie

Rob Leane Feature
Mar 19, 2014

Is killing off The Big Blue Boy Scout a good idea for the future of Superman at the cinema? Rob has a look…

Disney confirms The Avengers 2

Simon Brew News
May 8, 2012

It's official: The Avengers 2 is happening. Even if most people on the planet had already worked that out...