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The blurring line between videogames and movies

Harry Slater Feature
Oct 17, 2012

Games such as Medal of Honor: Warfighter have begun to break down boundaries between consoles and Hollywood…

Are genre-free games better?

Harry Slater Feature
Oct 15, 2012

Do genre-defying games like Dishonored benefit from intentionally vague classification?

The heritage behind Dishonored

Harry Slater Feature
Oct 10, 2012

Dishonored is a unique stroll through a steampunk universe, but it does draw inspiration from past masters…

Top 10 classic videogame dungeons

Harry Slater Top 10
Jul 31, 2012

With the action RPG Heroes Of Ruin blazing a trail on the 3DS, here’s our list of 10 truly classic videogame dungeons...

A personal history of powerslides in video games

Harry Slater Feature
May 31, 2012

Dirt: Showdown certainly isn't short of them, and Harry recounts his memories of the driving game staple, the powerslide…

The best jumps in videogames

Harry Slater Feature
May 28, 2012

Games like DiRT: Showdown aren’t afraid to rewrite the laws of physics, and gravity holds no sway in our digital worlds…

The No Holds Barred Racing Game Challenges

Harry Slater Feature
May 28, 2012

Dirt: Showdown is getting set to test your driving skills, so we thought we’d look at some more of the genre’s most challenging titles

10 gaming driving events that should be held in real life

Harry Slater Feature
May 26, 2012

If only real life races could be like those seen in Dirt: Showdown, and other, carnage-laden games…

What games can learn from movies about the rules of the road

Harry Slater Feature
May 24, 2012

Dirt: Showdown and Hollywood don’t care much about rules of the road, and more games could learn a thing or two…

Dirt: Showdown preview

Harry Slater Preview
May 17, 2012

The Dirt series embarks on all out fun in Showdown, and here’s a preview of the things to come…

Where racing games went wrong

Harry Slater News
Apr 27, 2012

With racing games having lost their sense of fun in recent times, we look at what went wrong, and how things are turning back...

Gaming’s 10 most cinematic car crashes

Dirt: Showdown
Harry Slater News
Apr 26, 2012

In preparation for the upcoming Dirt: Showdown from Codemasters, we look at gaming's most spectacular car crashes...

Japanese games: by popular demand

Pandora's Tower
Harry Slater News
Apr 12, 2012

A squeaky wheel gets the grease, so they say, and it appears that a noisy gamer gets the game…

Inside Pandora’s Tower

Pandora's Tower
Harry Slater News
Apr 11, 2012

Pandora’s Tower brings some new tricks to the JRPG genre and breathes some life into the Nintendo Wii…

The top 10 most iconic war machines in videogame history

Harry Slater Top 10
Nov 10, 2011

With the retail version of World Of Tanks in stores today, Harry looks back over the most iconic combat vehicles in gaming...

Why PvP is becoming more and more popular

Harry Slater News
Oct 18, 2011

With the free-to-play MMO World Of Tanks out next month, Harry looks at the rising popularity of player versus player combat in online games…

World Of Tanks preview

Harry Slater Preview
Oct 17, 2011

With the free-to-play MMO World Of Tanks due for launch in November, Harry looks ahead to what promises to be a great online war sim…

10 augmentations you’ll need to become a videogame hero

Harry Slater Odd List
Aug 25, 2011

If you want to be a videogame hero like Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Adam Jensen, you’ll need at least a couple of the bolt-on augmentations listed here…

The unlikely origins of the first-person shooter

Harry Slater News
Aug 12, 2011

Ahead of the release of Rage, we chart the evolution of the first-person shooter, from its most primitive days to the present…

The 10 things gaming has taught us about the end of the world

Harry Slater Odd List
Aug 10, 2011

With id Software’s Rage due out soon, we look at the 10 things that videogames have taught us about the apocalypse...

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