Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell Kicks off Season 2 with a Fistful of Flaming, Charred Dicks

Get ready for the devil's threesome. Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell is finally back for season two...

“Whatever you do, please don’t turn my hands into dicks”

Satan is truly sorry about turning your hands into flaming, charred dicks. He intended them to be regular dicks.

Please don’t take the pecker joke in vain as you dive into the season two premiere of Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell. It’s a gag years in the making as the series from creators Casper Kelly (Too Many Cooks) and Dave Willis (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) returns on Adult Swim this summer with new episodes for the first time since 2013. Two years in television is an eternity, enough to find these hellish characters in a different place this time around. Oh and not to mention that dark lord guy (played by Sopranos alum Matt Servitto) turned into a softie over the hiatus.

“The second season, to me, is almost like a new beginning,” Servitto told Den of Geek at SDCC 2015. “The beauty is you’re going to see a vulnerable side to Satan.”

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Satan isn’t the only one who’s evolving. Gary (Henry Zebrowski), the bumbling shit-stain of a demon, is going to learn how to appear on peoples’ shoulders to tempt them.

“We see more of Gary’s Bugs Bunny nature,” Zebrowski said. “The first season was concentrated on an office comedy level. For season two I feel like it’s going way more into absurdist. It’s like old school fat guy skinny guy stuff done to an absurd extent. It’s the Homer Simpson jump. He was just a dad in the first two seasons and by the third season he’s a total complete asshole idiot. That’s where I make the jump.”

In “Psyklone and the Thin Twins,” the season two premiere, Gary gives us “Homer” from the get-go, staying on earth to taste-test every ice cream flavor in a store and doing a generally awful job of avoiding his inevitable return to hell.

When Gary does eventually make it back, Pretty Face dives into some unique underworld building. Series co-creator Casper Kelly teased that drug addiction also becomes a big problem in hell and they finally discover that women indeed pay for their sins. We’re told witch orgies will be consummated and angels will come down for a visit. If that’s too hot for you, then take a refreshing dip in the diarrhea lagoon. 

The show may still be centered on Gary’s follies, but he’ll often be sharing the screen with Satan and his competitive–some may even dare to say dickish–co-worker Claude (Craig Rowin).

“We have more comedy stuff where Gary and Claude and Satan are together because we found they work well together,” Kelly says. “[Gary] is more high energy and stupid and the different vibes they give all blend well together.”

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Call it the devil’s threesome.  

“Craig [Rowin] has that sense of humor that’s so cutting and [Matt] Servitto is old and drunk,” Zebrowski joked. “He reeks of booze.”

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Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell airs Sundays at 12:15 a.m. on Adult Swim.

Chris Longo is the deputy editor at Den of Geek. Chat with him on Twitter!

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