Wrong Man Clip Questions Christopher Tapp Confession

Exclusive clip from Starz’s Wrong Man questions a forced confession.

One in 25 prisoners in the United States is incarcerated for crimes they didn’t commit. Starz’ Wrong Man will make its opening statements on its third case this Sunday: Christopher Tapp, an Idaho man who experts say was coerced into a false murder confession. The six-part documentary series from Paradise Lost and Judgment Day: Prison or Parole? director Joe Berlinger examines cases of possible wrongful conviction.

Wrong Man dropped an exclusive clip on the Tapp case. You can watch it here:

“On June 13, 1996, Angie Dodge was found brutally murdered in her Idaho Falls apartment,” reads the official synopsis. “She had been stabbed multiple times, sexually assaulted and ejaculated upon postmortem. A dogged search by detectives yielded few clues. They took DNA samples from dozens of males in the weeks and months following the murder but found no match. Finally, after six months without leads, the police believed they got a break when, a friend of Angie’s, was arrested in Ely, Nevada, for a rape at knifepoint. Convinced of his guilt, they questioned his friends, among them Christopher Tapp.”

Police questioned Tapp for 28 hours. The “grueling interrogation and their leading questions led to Tapp confessing to the crime,” according to the synopsis. Trapp was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to 30-years to life in prison.

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Tapp claims he is innocent. Wrong Man gave the case to former LA County homicide detective, Danny Smith for a second look.

“The videotapes of Tapp’s confession show his story varying wildly from interrogation to interrogation, until finally he confesses,” reads the synopsis. 

“They just mentally broke this young man,” we hear in the exclusive Wrong Man clip.

“There is no physical evidence that puts him there,” we hear in the clip. “Even the victim’s mother, Carol Dodge, no longer believes Tapp murdered her daughter,” reads the synopsis. Carol’s tenacious search has yielded new leads and multiple persons of interest that Danny examines while simultaneously conducting his own investigation to try and apprehend the real killer.”

You can watch an exclusive clip here: