Will You Triumph Over Our Bridgerton Trivia Quiz?

Will you be named the diamond of the trivia season? Try our 20-question Bridgerton quiz!

Bridgerton. Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte in episode 303 of Bridgerton.
Photo: Liam Daniel | Netflix

The season is upon us! Footmen in London’s greatest houses are buffing the silverware and arranging exotic fruit in ludicrous displays. Armies of cooks are carving likenesses of Queen Charlotte out of syllabub. Debutantes are being tonged, powdered and fragranced, ready to stand by the side of the ballroom like gorgeous hothouse flowers waiting to be plucked by an eligible lord. And orchestras are tuning up their violins to incongruously pump out Miley Cyrus tunes to get the Ton leaping. In short: it’s new Bridgerton time.

But one mustn’t step into the new season without doing ones homework. In Regency society, remember, knowledge is power. Find out if you’re a dullard or a diamond by taking our 20-question Bridgerton quiz. Queen Charlotte awaits your results!

Bridgerton season 3A comes to Netflix on May 16. Season 3B arrives on June 13.