Will Jasper Return to Steven Universe?

The fan favorite villain could be making a return to Steven Universe.

When we last saw Jasper in Steven Universe she was a corrupted Gem. Peridot had poofed her and Amethyst bubbled and sent her to the Temple. We haven’t heard from her since but with any new Steven Universe episodes fans wonder if she’ll return. Even being a villain she’s gotten quite a huge fan following and fans are eager to learn more about her. They might just get their chance soon.

When speaking with Kimberly Brooks, Jasper’s voice actress, she hinted without prompting that we could see her return. 

“I’ve heard rumors that (Jasper) might be returning and I hope that’s true,” Brooks told us. “Fingers crossed.”

New episodes of Steven Universe Season 5 are dropping on Cartoon Network’s app March 26th and they appear to be focusing on the history of Pink Diamond. If they include any flashbacks that could mean Jasper might return in some form. Since Jasper was originally created for Pink Diamond we could see her come to life. With Jasper so angry at Rose Quartz for shattering her diamond there’s a chance we might see Jasper clashing with Steven’s mom in a flashback as well.

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Or, like other Gems bubbled before, Steven could free her. With how Steven Universe handles its plots anything can happen. Maybe a new version of Jasper could come to try and colonize the Earth. Maybe one of the Gems could pretend to be Jasper and mimic her voice perfectly. We’ll have to wait and see!

Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. Follow him on Twitter!