Will & Grace Season 9 Episode 2 Review: Who’s Your Daddy?

Lectures on gay history make for poor foreplay when Will & Grace asks Who's Your Daddy?

This Will & Grace review contains spoilers.

Will & Grace Season 9 Episode 2

In tonight’s episode, Father Time inched closer to Will and Jack than they would have liked. They are no longer on the front lines of the LGBT movement as they once were fighting basic rights and visibility. They are firmly situated in middle age, creaky bones, under-eye concealer, and outdated music.

The duo was reminded of the passage of time in a favorite haunt, The Cockpit, where each had a different experience with a younger gay millennial. Jack has always thought himself a better catch than Will, however, he was brought back down to earth with a harmless statement, “Oh, daddies love me,” from a guy he was eyeing. Jack was mortified as most would’ve been in a similar situation.

Will, the other hand, fared better with a younger guy who resembled Vince, his ex. Will felt reinvigorated on the dance floor, however, his confidence was short-lived when it shifted to an at-home dinner date with Blake. Will reverted to his normal anxious, overthinking self. The idea of a twenty-three-year-old boyfriend was both exciting and terrifying. The date didn’t pan out as Will might have liked because he was annoyed and slightly disappointed that his younger date was clueless about his gay history. Will morphed into Mr. Truman, Professor of Gay Antiquities & Rights. What could’ve been a romantic, candle-lit dinner, became a lecture. The youngster tolerated the lecture but was clearly on the hunt for a sexual hookup with a daddy.

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Jack resorted to his usual antics with the help of his BFF, Karen, and her toolbox of Botox, garters, and a body-slimming titanium cat suit. He did what he thought would work in a gay bar, to appear young and firm. He scored a date with Lincoln, an enthusiastic airhead. Leave it Jack to overdo it. The cat suit wasn’t enough, he obscured his face underneath a baseball cap. When the date shifted to his apartment, he felt he had to accommodate by wearing a full face of makeup, with low lighting, to appear young. Jack must’ve forgotten he had a Clapper, but Lincoln assumed so and turned the lights on and up. Lincoln fled after the big reveal of Jack’s dramatic makeup and shocked expression.

After both bombed on their respective dates, an awkward silence fell between them. If not for being great friends and confidantes, they could be a couple. They are well-suited for his each other, yet know it’s best not to rehash old wounds.  Neither is comfortable with the idea and actuality of getting older, however, both will do so gracefully. 


3 out of 5