Why Voltron Season 3 Is Only Seven Episodes

The executive producers discuss the change and if subsequent seasons will be that long as well.

At the Voltron Legendary Defender San Diego Comic-Con panel fans got a huge shock. The upcoming season three (which hits Netflix on August 4th) would only be seven episodes! Fans gasped but executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos quickly reassured them that more episodes would be coming in October. A press release later clarified that season four would include six episodes.

The first two season of Voltron had thirteen episodes each, so why the change?

At the panel co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery spoke about how Netflix wants to give fans more Voltron episodes more often. During the press room interviews both Dos Santos and Montgomery explained that splitting up the season was not their decision.

“We’re a little removed from that strategy,” says Dos Santos. “We had some input once they came out with some variables but I think it’s a work in progress.”

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The decision was made after they made the season but Dos Santos stresses, “We kind of see the point. We get it.” 

Once they were tasked with splitting up the season, Montgomery says they looked for the best possible place to split it, “so weren’t not splitting it up in the middle of a two parter. We found ways that we feel like the fans will be satisfied with the drop.” She also says that the third season finale will be “a little smaller” than season one or two’s cliffhanger ending. 

So with Voltron season three dropping in August and season four dropping in October, does that mean we could start seeing Voltron multiple times a year? Dos Santos and Montgomery honestly aren’t sure what will happen after season four in terms of scheduling or season size but Montgomery says they aren’t going back to a full thirteen.

It should be stressed this doesn’t mean Voltron’s already confirmed episodes have been cut, it just means that Netflix and DreamWorks are releasing them in different ways.

“If it doesn’t play right, they’ll make some adjustments,” says Dos Santos, “that’s the cool thing about this delivery method, it can kind of evolve.

Stay tuned for the new season of Voltron dropping on Netflix August 4th.

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