Why Brockmire Can’t Use MLB Logos

Major League Baseball won't keep it Brockmire just yet.

IFC’s comedy series Brockmire is in many ways a love letter to baseball… if that love letter was drunkenly written by an addict (of many kinds) who’s life is in a tailspin. It’s unavoidable that the show’s main character, baseball broadcaster Jim Brockmire, mentions teams, players, and the history of Major League Baseball. When it comes to actually showing footage or incorporating team logos into the show’s wardrobe, MLB drew a line in the dirt.  

Series creator Joel Church-Cooper told Den of Geek while on set last fall that while they’ve approached MLB about working together, the league isn’t going to let Jim Brockmire piss all over it’s family-friendly product.

“Our subject matter and the stuff that we’ve done so far makes it pretty much a no-go,” Church-Cooper said. “We’re keeping it vague. There is a reason that they’re not called the Atlanta Aardvarks. I want to leave the option open if we’re lucky enough at some point if we can work together. Not just in a ‘we can use your logos’ capacity.”

Several scenes in season two were shot at SunTrust Park, the new home of the Atlanta Braves. They covered up stadium signage with “Atlanta Stadium” signs and used generic footage of the actual game Jim Brockmire calls. Brockmire is already confirmed for season three and four, so Church-Cooper says it’s possible they’ll revisit a partnership with MLB.

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“My hope is we can go back to Major League Baseball and ask for permission to use [logos] now that we’re an established show that some people like. Maybe we have a cache that baseball does not have. Maybe they would like to be associated with that.”

Church-Cooper hinted at the season three storyline and how MLB might factor in.

“Season three is a different sort of tone, it’s a different story line in my head, which I think we might more friendly to Major League Baseball interests, so hopefully we can get them back on board.”

Right now, Jim is a drunken mess on the path to self-destruction and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to watch. Brockmire season 2 continues on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on IFC. You can check out our behind-the-scenes feature on the second season here.