Where Does Moon Knight fit in the MCU?

Marvel's Moon Knight offers a universe of possibilities for the character to explore.

Oscar Isaac in Marvel's Moon Knight
Photo: Marvel

With the premiere of Marvel’s Moon Knight on Disney+, fans will at last get a chance to see the first live-action iteration of a Marvel Comics character who has long had his own cult following in print.

The six-episode limited series stars Oscar Isaac as unassuming, lonely, nebbishy museum gift shop employee Steven Grant, who lives by himself in a dark London apartment and has the odd habit of chaining himself to his bed because he apparently likes to go on walkabouts in his sleep.

But as we soon find out, Steven shares his body with at least one other persona entirely — Marc Spector, an American mercenary and assassin who was at one point near death and was revived by Khonshu, an ancient Egyptian moon god who uses Spector’s body and considerable skills to enact justice on those who would do evil in the world.

As Grant and Spector continually wrest for control of their shared body, they come up against Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), a former Khonshu acolyte who now plans to resurrect another Egyptian deity, Ammit, and cleanse the world of evil in his own, more expansive way.

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While we haven’t seen the full slate of episodes yet, it doesn’t seem likely that Spector is going to page any Avengers who happen to be around for help. Moon Knight seems to be a fairly self-contained show at this point — but that’s not to say that Spector/Grant/Khonshu won’t find their way into other corners of the MCU somewhere down the line.

Executive producer Grant Curtis tells Den of Geek that one of the reasons he thinks the character(s) will work in the larger mythology is due to the wide range of tones in the series itself.

“We do have tonally the action-adventure, globetrotting aspect,” explains Curtis. “We do have the horror aspect, the scarier aspects — things go bump in the night in Moon Knight. We have the comedy, we have the intense character study. I don’t think there’s too many corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Moon Knight could not touch if that’s where he goes next. I think he blends in nicely with the rest of the MCU. As a fanboy, I can’t wait to see where he lands next.”

While it remains to be seen whether Moon Knight returns for another season of TV episodes or makes the jump to the big screen alongside other Marvel heroes, director Mohamed Diab — who helmed four of the half dozen segments — admits that he’s not sure what happens next.

“Most of the plans are in Kevin [Feige]’s head, so no one knows,” Diab says. “But the real decision is in the fans’ hands. How are they going to receive him? If you ask me, I love him so much, and I think Moon Knight and that world is so interesting that it’s here to stay. If you ask me what my dream is, it’s to explore that more in a film one day. Going back to that world in a film is a dream of mine for sure.”

While we’ve seen plenty of major Marvel movie characters headline their own TV shows — from Scarlet Witch to Hawkeye to the Falcon to Loki — we have yet to see a superhero who originated on Disney+ jump into the movies yet, although Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan is going to make the jump for sure from her upcoming show to The Marvels in 2023. Will Moon Knight follows in her footsteps? And who will he meet along the way? Perhaps not even the gods themselves know yet.

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Moon Knight premieres this Wednesday (March 30) on Disney+.