What’s Next For the Star Trek TV Universe?

We have some vague (but exciting) details on what the next phase of the Star Trek TV universe will look like.

The Star Trek TV universe has endured a lot of behind-the-scenes shuffling over the last few years, but two people have been left standing in the rubble: Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin. The two executive producers of Star Trek: Discovery are spearheading the planned expansion of the Star Trek TV universe, and TrekMovie  had a lengthy interview with the two about what to expect from the next phases of that expansion.

“You’ll be hearing a lot about it very soon,” Kurtzman teased as New York Comic Con, regarding the expansion of the Star Trek TV universe, implying that announcements are on the horizon.

What do we know so far? Well, in addition to Star Trek: Discovery and the Short Treks that will come out monthly until the show’s second season premiere in January, the Star Trek series following Jean Luc Picard is already in the writers room. Past that, we know a Starfleet Academy-set series is in development from Gossip Girl‘s Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz, and there have been reports of another Star Trek animated series, and, while Rick and Morty writer Mike McMahon hasn’t been officially connected, he has been circling the Star Trek wagon with his own addition to the Short Treks series.

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Basically, a lot is being planned. How will they all interact and engage with one another?

“I think the one thing we can say which is more general is that it’s been a real conscious effort that every project we do have its own voice and occupy its own space,” said Kadin. “I don’t mean its own space in canon, I mean its own tonal vision. Because you shouldn’t tune in to Discovery and wonder if you flipped the channel, that it was Picard. They should feel different, they should have different messages coming from different people.”

Kadin took some time to highlight the quality of the writers the projects are bringing on, specifically mentioning Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon, who wrote the next Short Treks episode set to premiere, and is working on the Picard series.

“I think that’s what we’re most excited about because the writers and the caliber of people who keep coming out of the woodwork – Michael Chabon wrote the next short that’s coming, that’s ridiculous! – who are coming and raising their hands saying ‘Can I please be a part of Star Trek?’ has been amazing.”

How quickly can we expect all of these TV series? Well, it doesn’t sound like CBS wants to overwhelm us with Star Trek stories. (Though, to be honest, even though I know it’s not traditional TV business wisdom, I would personally be OK with.)

“I think we want people to be excited for it to come, and not [be] burning out,” said Kadin.

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