What To Watch On Netflix: The Tudors

This week's Netflix Pick of the Week has Rebecca all hot and bothered for the Showtime series, The Tudors.

Let’s talk about three of my favorite subjects: Sex, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Henry VIII. You know what show has them all? The Showtime series, The Tudors

Forget your Downton Abbeys and your I Claudius’s – and let’s be real about why we watch raunchy historical dramas. We all enjoy watching famous historical figures doing the nasty while wearing muslin smocks of some sort. It makes of think of a simpler time, a time where a dude could have his wife’s head cut off when she pled ‘headache’ once too often.

All joking aside, this week’s Netflix Pick of the Week is about to get DRAMATIC. Oh sure, we could take another light-hearted romp, but there’s something about traveling back to a specific place and time in our history that’s every bit as enticing as the latest installment of any selection from the Real Housewives franchises. The Tudors will serve as a gateway drug to anyone turned off by the notion of a costume drama.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars as Henry VIII, a monarch known for his six wives, corpulence, and for causing a major schism with the Roman Catholic Church leading to the formation of the Church of England. I’ve just made it sound snooze-worthy. The series is anything but. Each season chronicles a different relationship in Henry’s life, adding humanity and depth to a story we all know, if only broadly. 

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Four glorious seasons. Stock up on the essentials — you know, water, soda, and ramen noodles. Maybe an entire goose, in keeping with the show’s era. 

Why You Should Watch It 

Jonathan. Rhys. Meyers. The dude pours energy and charisma into every single role he takes on — Elvis? Yes please? A David Bowie-esque rocker? Oh my word yes. As Henry he slinks and glides across the screen. If you’ve ever wondered how some jowly dude with gout managed to bewitch an entire country, look no further than his portrayal. Additionally, the clothes are awesome and apparently all it took to get some in Henry’s court was having a pulse.

The cast is some of the UK’s greats – everyone makes an appearance at some point or another. Game of Thrones fans will be psyched to see Natalie Dormer take center stage (for a time) as Anne Boleyn – a role girlfriend was born to play!  

This Series Is For You If

You loved Pride and Prejudice but think it would be infinitely improved if Darcy spent more time shirtless. You’re a history buff with a saucy side. You like your raunchy cable shows with a side of historical accuracy. The show is unapologetic and passionate in every way possible. 

Final Verdict

I don’t believe in ‘guilty pleasures,’ but for this show, I’ll make an exception.

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