What Is Constantine’s Sexuality?

Constantine can get down with anyone (even demons), but does he identify a certain way? Matt Ryan has some thoughts.

John Constantine is a rarity not just in comic books but on television in general. A male lead character who sleeps with/can fall in love with anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are as long as he’s attracted to you. 

While Constatine’s love of all people had been established in the original comics it hadn’t been seen in his own series, drawing some criticism. Thankfully the character’s reappearance in Legends of Tomorrow has brought his sexuality to the fore. 

Matt Ryan loves that he gets to help add that kind of diversity on TV. “He’ll take them either way,” Ryan told us at WonderCon. “It’s not like he is one thing. Staying true to that part of the character [from] the comic books has been great.”

J.M. DeMatteis, writer for the Constantine: City of Demons animated series, adds that Constatine’s sexuality is a crucial element of who he is. But does Constantine have a label for himself? In all his appearances in the DC Arrowverse and the animated series he never comes right out and says how he identifies.

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DeMatteis, who wrote a bit in the animated series where we learn Constatine has had sex with a demon, believes Constatine is omnisexual. “If it has two legs he might have sex with it.”

However Matt Ryan has a different take on it.

“I don’t think he has a label at all. I think for him it’s like, ‘I like this and I like that. And I like this. For him it’s whatever works in the moment, you know?”

While it’s always great for representation when a character identifies themselves a certain way that doesn’t take away from the positive aspects of Constantine’s sexuality in the Arrowverse. He’s still a man who sleeps with all sorts of different people (or demons) and has no reservations about it.

Constantine’s sexuality doesn’t make up a huge part of City of Demonsbut DeMatteis hopes that if another Constantine animated series is greenlit, “we could explore that a little bit more.”

Even if we don’t get more animated Constantine the character is still set to be a regular on Legends of Tomorrow season 4, which means we have plenty of time to not only explore his sexuality but just him as a person.

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Shamus Kelley is a pop culture/television writer and official Power Rangers expert. The more Constantine we get, the better. Follow him on Twitter!