Westworld Season 2: Will We See William’s Wife, Juliet?

Westworld Season 2 has already revealed some important pieces of William’s history. Will it give tell us more about his late wife Juliet?

The following contains spoilers for Westworld Season 2

William’s wife, Juliet, already plays an important part of Westworld’s history. It was a photograph of her that William accidentally left behind in the park that sparked the “awakening” of Peter Abernathy. 

Upon seeing the photo of Juliet smiling in an unnamed city, Dolores’ “father” Peter experienced a traumatic episode that led him to say things like “this violent delights have violent ends” and laugh creepily. 

Will we ever get to see her depicted for real? Thing is: we already have. Juliet appeared in the flesh for the first time this season in episode two, “Reunion.” In a flashback she is present at a party William is throwing to celebrate the acquisition of Westworld. She seems pretty displeased at the presence of hosts like Dolores in her home.

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There’s something interesting about her portrayal as well. Juliet is played by the actress, and one-time America’s Next Top Model contestant, Claire Unabla. Since Juliet only appeared as a photograph in season one the show sourced a Getty stock image of a random woman…who just happened to be Claire Unabla. So when Westworld wanted to depict Juliet for real they went straight to the source.

“They asked me to do a scene and send it to them, and I didn’t hear anything for a while,” Unabla told The Huffington Post. “Then they had some troubles with their shooting and script. They went through a lot of things, so their timeline was put off from what they thought it would’ve been previously. Then, they finally called me in to shoot as if I had known I was coming the whole time. Like, ‘OK, can you come two days from now or tomorrow?'”

So now Juliet has actually appeared on Westworld and has an actress to portray her. Still, in the present reality of the show, Juliet is very much dead. It’s a fact that William very cruelly reminds his robot father-in-law (this is a weird show) of in this week’s episode “The Riddle of the Sphinx.” 

“I’m beginning to think this whole enterprise was a mistake,” William tells the malfunctioning Delos. “People aren’t meant to live forever. Take you for example – ruthless philanderer with no ethics in your business or family dealings. In truth everyone prefers the memory of you to the man himself.”

“Want me to stay here forever do you? Enjoying running my company, Bill. Living in my house. F-fucking my daughter?” Delos spits back, not being able to fully get the words out due to his deteriorating mental state.

“Juliet’s dead. She killed herself.”

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“Why would she…why wouldshedoat. What did you do to her? WHASHIDDOWIHER”

Why wouldshedoat indeed? As we see in “The Riddle of the Sphinx” – William is a titanic asshole. His obsession with “finding himself” in the park, combined with his obsession to unlocking the key to immortality must have created a monster who was very hard to live with. 

Someone else did live with that monster though. As “The Riddle of the Sphinx” also reveals, William’s daughter is very much alive and not only that, she’s a lot like her dear old dad. The unnamed adventurous woman we’ve followed through Rajworld and the Ghost Nation encounter in Westworld is really Grace (or Emily. She doesn’t have an official name yet), William’s estranged daughter.

Does this mean Juliet isn’t really dead in and may be making a reappearance? Probably not. It also might not be a coincidence though that the same episode that introduces William’s daughter and mentions his wife’s death also happens to be about cheating death by creating “host humans.”