Watch the First Donald Duck Cartoon in Honor of his 80th Birthday

Disney's angrier icon, Donald Duck, turns 80 years old today. Watch his first appearance in "The Wise Little Hen."

Raise your hand if you prefer Donald Duck to Mickey Mouse. Mickey is incessantly cheerful, but Donald Duck, well…there’s a little more pahos there. Not to mention anger issues. Donald’s first appearance in animation, “The Wise Little Hen,” premiered on June 9, 1934, which makes ol’ Donald 80 years old today.

Mickey Mouse may be the face of the franchise, but it’s Donald Duck and his supporting cast (notably his nephews and Uncle Scrooge), that spawned some of the finest comic books of all time, thanks to the work of brilliant comic artists like Carl Barks and Don Rosa (which later went on to inspire the Duck Tales animated series). All in all, while Mickey gets most of the glory, Donald gets more of our sympathy.

To celebrate the 80th birthday of this most exceptional duck, watch his first appearance right here in Silly Symphonies‘ “The Wise Little Hen.” There’s little here to indicate the greatness of Donald’s future, but his basic look is in place, as is his trademark voice and some of his other characteristics…although there’s no sign of his temper.

Donald Duck, star of the big and small screens, the comics page, and countless unintelligible duck-like tirades, we salute you.

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