Warehouse 13 season 4 episode 7 review: Endless Wonder

Warehouse 13 delivers a stonking episode this week. Here's Jennifer's review...

This review contains spoilers.

4.7 Endless Wonder

What an exciting episode! The pieces of the astrolabe story are starting to come together, H.G. is back, and the gang had dealings with an evil pharmaceutical company. Endless Wonder was really a very engaging episode that exchanged (most of) its usual cheesiness for a bit of drama and suspense.

We start with Pete and Myka checking out a lead on a guy who has gotten much taller in just a few weeks. This episode is great in that it seems to plunge into the story straight from where the last episode left off, and Pete and Myka are wondering if Artie sent them on a goose chase in order to keep them away from the Warehouse. Of course the ping is genuine, but we’re immediately set up thinking about Artie and the problem with the astrolabe. As their investigation continues, they are led to suspect the artifact might have something to do with a heartburn pill that two of the victims are taking. We are then introduced to the Big Evil Pharma Company and Deb Stanley, played by another guest actor ace, Danielle Nicolet. I was a bit dubious regarding having yet another person discover and possibly be recruited by the Warehouse. It’s getting a bit crowded in there, and one more storyline per episode would be overdoing it. However, I really liked Danielle’s character, and I think she did an outstanding job as ambitious and intelligent Deb.

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Using a good amount of charm and not a small amount of manipulation, Deb works her way further and further into the secret of the Warehouse, trying to find a place that has magical cures for very real diseases. Pete is in top form in the process of blocking her at every turn. He goes from giggling man-child, to perplexed one night stand agent, and finally into wise explainer of why the Warehouse should stay a secret, all the while making us laugh. My favourite line this time was him rhyming subpoena with penis. And is he always crowd control, because he’s just TERRIBLE at the whole alternate explanation thing. Also fantastic is Myka’s reaction to finding out that Pete slept with Deb, calling him out as a man slut. I detect more than a bit of jealousy there, and who can blame her? Someone write a boyfriend in for Myka for goodness sake!

Anyway, when they discover that the real thing connecting the victims is a cooking class, only to find Deb was a step ahead of them, they split up. Myka went to find the artifact at the Big Evil Pharma Company’s research and development center, and Pete went to Leena’s where Deb had shown up, demanding to know all about the Warehouse and its miracle cures. While Pete tries to get rid of her, our beloved Mr. Kosan (Faran Tahir) enters and tasks him with explaining the Warehouse to Deb as an alternative to the messy, possibly treasonous official game plan when the Warehouse is threatened by low level government intervention. In the end, Kosan offers her a chance at being a Regent, which she accepts with enthusiasm.  It’s interesting to see that the Regents seem to know all about what’s going on at all times, which begs the question, do they know about Artie and are they keeping out of it?

While Pete and Myka are investigating growth spurts in adults and avoiding blowing their cover with an intrepid Deb, Claudia and Steve have been tasked with discovering more about what Artie is up to. They find out when they catch him attempting to repair the artifact removal detection system on his own. With Steve and Claudia’s powers combined, they convince Artie to let them in on what’s going on, and although we can see that Artie is still anxious about telling anyone anything, lest they be caught up in “an ultimate evil of your own making” thing, we can also see he is relieved to let his team share the load.

I’m loving that our reigning tech goddess, Claudia, has found the Brotherhood of the Black Diamond just through casual web surfing. It seems that all she really needed was time to find the illusive sect, no football necessary. And of course, silly pooh bear Artie hasn’t found a lead with Brother Adrian’s phone number because he hasn’t given it over to the aforementioned tech goddess. Once an address is found, off they all go to confront the villainous Brother. Sort of an anti-climactic confrontation, truth be told.

We see where Adrian has been hiding and what he has been using to break into the Warehouse. We also see that he’s not only trying to dismantle Artie’s life’s work, but also trying to off his loved ones, a natural progression in his attempt to get Artie to use the astrolabe again. Why on earth would Artie let him go? Seriously, I know the writers need him around for further mischief, but they should not have had this scene go down that way. Artie was even wielding a Tesla, which means our good Brother would have been knocked out for a bit and undamaged. I just don’t see the motivation there. In the end, we’re back to square one with Artie cutting out the team, who will do their best to help out and find out the truth anyway.

Which brings us to the epic conclusion! H.G. turns up, having been away looking for that dagger Artie is so concerned about. She’s finally put two and two together and has puzzled out that Artie has used the astrolabe and has informed Mrs. Frederic of her suspicions. Artie goes into panic mode. Now that everyone seems to know at least part of the truth, how will he ever keep them safe?? A question for next time. The preview for next week’s episode shows a glimpse of the Warehouse exploding again, are we looking at Artie being forced to use the astrolabe? We’ll see. Until then!

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